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“I was in crisis pregnancy in 2006 and was led to priestsforlife and saw the pics of aborted babies and was IN SHOCK! I had an idea, but to really see, WOW. Today I have a happy healthy child :) Thank God” - CH

I'm a young woman from NY who recently found out I was pregnant. I wanted to tell you your website saved my baby's life and my soul. It’s easy to say abortion an option, until you have to make the decision to have one. I would never be able to take the life of a full grown adult or of a new born. Thanks to your pictures I won't be taking the life of my unborn either. Keep up the good work. - JT

Me being a mother of one and pregnant at this moment looking at these pictures breaks my heart because I thought about getting an abortion early in my pregnancy but looking at websites like this made me change my mind and now I'm against abortions... - Y

I got pregnant at 18 years old and had a horrible pregnancy. My ex was very abusive and left me to raise my now beautiful 4 year old daughter. Raising her alone has been a challenge. I recently found out I am pregnant and the thought of abortion lingered through my head all day all night even in my dreams! I googled info on abortions and came across your page. After seeing the pictures and thinking about the fact that my now beautiful 4 year old used to be a little fetus just like in the pics. I cannot go through with it. I thank you for taking the time to put this info out there. I can't wait to have my new child in my arms.

Our son has on his cell phone, pictures of aborted babies. Around a week or two ago he shared with us something that happened at his place of employment. He was around some girls more or less his age and they were talking about the woman’s right to choose. One was a very strong believer in the woman’s right to choose. He got into a little debate. Margaret Sanger’s name came in. Finally his cell phone was popped open with the pictures of the aborted babies, thanks to God, and he was used to share what pro-choice and abortion really is. One of the girls there was shocked, and she asked for the pictures to be sent to her cell phone. I don't know how they do that, but with modern tech, I guess it can happen. Anyway, another day at his job, the shocked girl told my son that she was pregnant and is keeping her baby. Thank and really thanks to God!

I am 11 wks pregnant and considered having an abortion. I've always been very religious but this was a consideration of mine until now. I can be told how and what the procedure does but never did I really know what it looked like and the aftermath of the child until now. It was very disturbing to see but unfortunately true. I am ashamed to have always been pro-life and considered doing this. I ask GOD to forgive me personally but will say that there was a reason I found this website and it literally changed my heart as well as my mind. I would like to advise to young girls, women that this is not the only option. Every child deserves to be born and live. They are human just like us. We choose as human beings to make love, but God chooses when we create life.

Thank you for your web site! My Fiancé and I have been back and forth about the decision to keep our baby.... because we are not married yet, after seeing your website and the pictures I have no regrets. After seeing these pictures and understanding the gruesome way this is done there is no way I can do it! We both feel it’s a blessing and God will not give either of us more than we can bear.... we are realistic that it will not be easy but we have each other and we can do it! Thank you again.....I promise to inform as many people I know about the realities of abortion I am 28 and I have never been told how it is done what it looks like and I guess until now never wanted to know for selfish reasons..... It makes it easier I think but everyone should know.

I found out I was pregnant with my second child...I lost my first to miscarriage...well I wasn't prepared at all for being a single I was 8 weeks pregnant looking up things on abortion....and I came across this site...and saw what would happen to the child inside me....because of your site, the pictures the information and everything..On September 5th I had a beautiful little girl...healthy as could be! Thank you for making this site and putting the pictures up....I will be spreading the word about what good you do for the aborted babies.... Thank you so much again! -- Amanda and Graclyn

A young woman had planned to have an abortion, but saw our regular Stand and Pray group, praying in front of Planned Parenthood, and one member was holding a picture of an aborted baby, and she decided that she could not have an abortion. She has had the baby. -- Sella

[My boyfriend] wanted me to have an abortion, so much that he threatened a few times to leave me if I didn't have one. I had been pro-life, but I didn't know too much about unborn children. So I did my research, including looking at pictures of live and aborted unborn babies online. This only strengthened my decision to not have an abortion. I tried to share this information with him, but got nowhere. But after a lot of pressure from my boyfriend…. I continued to research what unborn children looked like, and especially what they looked like at the age mine was…Luke was born at 27 weeks 2 days, and spent two and a half months in the hospital. But today you could never tell he was a preemie! … I have never yet and never will regret for a moment my choice for life.

I was truly considering abortion … I have never seen pictures or been told anything of abortion before I stumbled upon your website. I have several friends that have done it and another that was also considering it with me! After seeing this stuff I will never get an abortion! I had no idea it was that horrific and I can't wait to show my friend (who is considering an abortion) these pictures and I am definitely having her come to this website. I have realized even if I doubt my ability to take care of this child financially, abortion is not the way to go. I must work hard and take care of it the best way I can. You should definitely make a myspace page for this because several people would stumble upon it even if by accident. Thank you for taking the time to research this because you are truly touching lives!

My name is Amanda.  After seeing pictures like the one on your website, I decided against abortion. I had always been indecisive about abortion when it comes to women that have been raped, until I myself was raped and became pregnant. I am now 5 months pregnant and do not regret my decision to keep my baby. The images that I saw online when I was deciding what to do made the procedure very real to me. I visited Planned Parenthood and was shocked to find that they did not educate me about the procedure at all! They did not have diagrams or anything. They told me how many weeks I was and sat me in a room with a counselor to talk about the emotional side affects of abortion, but I was not told about the procedure at all. They gave me a small pamphlet that described the difference between the types of abortion and that’s it.  I went home and educated myself online about abortion and after seeing the photo's, decided against it. Although my baby was created in a very forceful and hateful way, it is still a life and I thank all the people like you who make abortion real so we can know what we are actually doing to our bodies and our babies. I thank God every day that He gave me strength to get through this rape and carry this baby and I know that I'm doing the right thing. -- Amanda

One of my [coworkers] told us that she was pregnant.  She brought up abortion......Well of course I talked to her about it!  I explained all of the truths I could to her, then showed her the Priests for life website.  I showed her the photos of what her baby looked like in the womb as well as an aborted baby at her baby’s age.  She was disgusted at the photos but didn't say much.  I  kept praying for her and her baby.  She didn't end up having the abortion and is still pregnant,… and she told me that she has 3 more months to go and this baby has me to thank for being alive! (Of course I know it's God who's to thank!)  That it was the pictures that I showed her that made her rip up the abortion papers that are required to be filled out before an abortion!  Now, I share this story not out of any pride...But to let everyone know that these photos change lives!  She has had an abortion before, and was really seriously thinking of having one this time too!  Until the photos of what abortion is!  Praise God!  Thank you Fr. Pavone and Priests for life for your unwavering efforts to save lives and promote the culture of Life!  -- VN

I was scheduled to have an abortion just before Christmas 2006. My ex-boyfriend was the one who wanted me to do it, I never wanted to. After I saw the vivid pictures of aborted fetuses on your website it totally made me grow a spine and take charge of my life, my body and the fate of this unborn child. I cancelled the appt at the clinic the day before and I am happy to report I am now 4 months pregnant and as happy as can be!!  Thanks for showing the pictures of those precious angel babies. Although they are a horrible reality check for most people they do help save other babies lives.  -- LH Thank you so much for having your site with all the pictures. As sad and graphic as some of them may be they were real eye openers to me. Who am I? I am a mother of four a wife and someone who was considering making a very terrible choice. I was thinking about having an abortion behind my husband’s back and everyone else too. I was actually considering it. For nothing other than selfishness and fear. I was looking on the internet to see pictures of babies in the early period, so that I would not feel as though I was making a bad choice. I was trying to justify that it wasn't a baby. Just tissue. My God how foolish and stupid was I for even thinking about this. I feel very ashamed that I would even consider this. When I was younger I had an abortion and I never saw these pictures or have I ever thought too much about what I had done. From time to time I would feel guilt and have asked for forgiveness for what I have done. But today I know the truth and the pictures made it a reality. I will not ever make that terrible choice again and I will no longer support anyone’s right to choose. It was just so sad what I saw and God bless those poor babies and their mothers too. It was really painful to see those poor babies. I will pray and ask God to help me with all me fears and have more faith in him. My husband would be so upset if he knew what I was considering. So again thank you for your sight. God bless you, God bless me, and God bless all the unborn babies! – Julie

I just wanted to say thank you for those graphic pictures. I have had abortions and I am pregnant again...and I decided that I need to see what I was doing to myself and my unborn child....your web site changed my mind about my thoughts about this "medical procedure."  I really thought that it was just a fetus and it was ok until after 3 months but now I realize that no matter how small..a fetus is still a child.  I have to make up for what I have done and it will be a long and painful journey..but if I had not come across your web-site I would still be using abortion as a method of birth control....[as many of my friends it is nothing...just a doctors visit... they say] I will be sure to let them see the truth behind what is really going on..thank you again!!!

I never believed in abortion but now that I got pregnant I had to know exactly what an abortion was. After seeing all the pictures on your web site I realized I can't do that to this little defenseless angel inside me. One wrong won't be fixed by doing another. I'll fight for this baby and face the world for it. Hopefully God forgives me for my mistakes. He put this little baby inside me for a reason and I'll let it be his will. – Lisa

This is probably kind of odd, but I just want to tell you thank you for the images. They're horrifying and I can't believe anyone could ever do this to their child; hopefully someday they won’t be able to. I say thank you because it took images as disgusting and unfathomable as these to make my fiancé realize what abortion actually is and it took seeing these horrible images to make him stop pressuring me to abort my, our, baby. Thank you so much, the pictures displayed here, as gruesome as they are, may have just saved my unborn child's life (as well as my own, because I know I couldn't have survived having an abortion). Keep informing people of what abortion really is, and the real horrors of it.  Thank You -- AB

Hello, I visited you site today. My college professor assigned me the topic of abortion for my final exam paper and I was skeptical about writing on such a touchy topic, I am the mother of two beautiful children, both of who were unplanned and came at the wrong time. When I found out I was pregnant for the second time I was upset and even thought about abortion. Someone dear to me showed me your website and I cried for an hour. To this day I still get tearful when I look at my four month old son. I almost made the worst decision of my life. I wish everyone could see these pictures and hopefully change lives. I have talked to several people who are currently pregnant and few even thought about abortion, I asked them if they had seen pictures and they said no and I showed them, they had the same reaction to me. I do not think that thought will ever come up in my mind again. The gift of a child is so precious, if one doesn’t want the child themselves they should consider adoption not abortion. There are so many out there who want children and can not have them. I am going to provide a link if it is approved by you for people to visit.

I considered an abortion when I fell pregnant with my son, I visited your website and was physically sick. Now when I see these images it makes me hug my 8 month old precious baby boy a little bit harder. Please find attached a photo of my son, who without yourselves would not be here.

A friend of mine recommended me to your site because I told her I was going to have an abortion on this coming Friday. I couldn't help but to just stare at the innocent babies that were killed. Just a couple of hours ago I was saying to myself "I wish I can just get a sign to whether this is a good idea or not". I am 3 months pregnant now and I am actually going to go through with this pregnancy. Thank you.

Thank you so much for your website. I am 14 weeks pregnant and my partner wants me to have an abortion. ... so I thought about it. I got on the internet trying to see how much it cost and I was lead to your site. I wanted to see what happens and what they look like at 14 weeks. Thanks to your site. I am not going to do it. I already have 4 beautiful girls... But you know what, God does not put more on you than you can handle. I am unable to commit murder. That is like killing my own children at their age. This is a remarkable website. Everyone should see this site before they consider having an abortion. Everyone needs to see this to determine if they are able to live with themselves after doing this.

Oh my goodness, when I looked at your website, of the precious little babies that have been murdered, I cried so hard. I'm still crying. To think that I had the thought actually cross my mind of getting an abortion. I just had a baby 4 months ago by emergency c section, and pregnant again. Seeing those pictures really changed my mind. I'm only 18 and having a hard time dealing with everything, but those pictures helped me decide. Then I read the story about little Malachi, it tore me to pieces. I started bawling. I'm so touched by how some people care. Thank You SOOOOOOOOOO much. I know the choice for my little peanut is life. Thank you again. Thank you from the depths of my heart, ps...I've included a picture of my little boy if anyone would like to see him.

When I came across the pictures in your site I was horrified!  I feel so stupid, I had an abortion a few years ago and I never thought it was what it is. I know generally what happens of course but I never would have thought it was so ......, I can't even describe it.  I wish I knew then, I wish I could've seen what I was about to do.   I found your web site trying to find a clinic for 2nd trimester abortions.  Thank you, I will never consider doing that again and I wish I never had.  I have to remember that as hard as things are, that won't make it any easier.  I will try to look harder for the good things and if you might just keep us in your prayers.  I guess you saved a life tonight, maybe mine too. -- Tanya

The images I saw were so violent and cruel. What I don't understand is how someone can say it's not murder -- the child has a heartbeat. About 2 months ago one of my friends wanted to get an abortion and we got in a big argument and I showed her these pictures that I found on your site. I told her that this is what she was going to do to her baby. Thank you for putting this info out there I know that it has changed so many lives and given many lives.

I just want to say that your site has turned my thinking around. I wanted an abortion because I already have 4 children and it will be very hard to have another, but after I saw the pictures of Malachi and there is NO WAY I could do this to my baby. Thank you so very much for caring about these babies because if it wasn't for you and your site I would probably be getting an abortion this week. I am 11 weeks pregnant and I am still struggling with this but I now know I cannot murder my child!

It’s late evening and I have a dilemma, decided to look up these pictures and how heartbreaking it is to see these poor innocent lives being ended. As you can probably tell I’m 2 months pregnant and involved with a man who has become very uncaring towards myself and my baby. At this point I am confused as to what solution to take. It’s so difficult being a Catholic and knowing what the Bible says, but how could I do this to a child? I just wish there were easy answers to all the questions and doubts I have. I know I conceived this child in love, but is love enough? After seeing these pictures, it gives me some more things to think about. I just hope God leads me in the right path. Thank you for sharing these pictures so that we all could see what abortion is really like.

Thank you!!! I have just gotten pregnant for the second time … I am saved but was thinking about abortion because I didn't think I could handle it. This site is a LIFE SAVER. If more people could actually SEE and not just hear about it, abortions would decrease greatly if not cease! I'm going to believe that God can bring me through this pregnancy because HE will never leave me nor forsake me.

I am a 24 year old woman from Mobile, AL, and I want to thank you for the work you all do to help the fight against murdering innocent children. I was able to use your pictures to persuade my confused sister not to kill her unborn baby. I have legal custody of the baby girl now, but I will do the best I can to let her know how brave her mother is for going through with her life. I hope that my sister looks at her and realizes she made the right choice, & will one day be able to take good care of her on her own, but either way I know she made the best decision, and I can thank you all for helping me to help her. I will continue to believe that people are going to one day see the horror and discover the realities of abortion. A child should never be murdered, and yet we’ve made it legal. Thank you for working against that. You are so wonderful in my eyes.

Thank you for a great site! I cannot express the gratitude to your organization as my wife and I almost aborted my daughter. She is now 14 and healthy and fit and I cannot say how glad I am. We might have gone through it had it not been for organizations of your type. May I use the abortion pictures you have posted on my website? Kind Regards and keep up the good work. Never give up!  P.S. We have two children and love them both dearly. Five years ago we both turned our lives over to Jesus Christ and our life has been much better since then.

I have just seen your pics on abortion and partial delivery abortion and I cannot believe how cruel and callous it is.  I am pregnant by 7weeks and the guy I was with wanted me to have an abortion saying it’s not a child yet or anything at all, after seeing your site there is no question about it, I’m keeping my baby.  Thanks for giving the reality to me and many others. – Lorraine

Today I saw the pic’s on aborted fetuses,,,I was appalled and disgusted. I’m 8weeks pregnant and thought about having an abortion. NOT ANY MORE!!! I thought that it would be tissue, but I can clearly see a small human being, and could not consider killing my baby... Thank You

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