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My heart hurts just thinking about these terrible pictures. - SJ

I wanted to say thank you to the group who performs the burials. I have always believed that everyone needs to have a proper burial to put the soul to rest. I am so glad that a group does this very kind-hearted yet difficult task. Thank you and your group for caring and not throwing these children in a dumpster only to end up at the city dump. I wish I had the finances to do something similar. You are doing the Lords work. - Eric

I let my children look at the photos of abortion and they thought it was awful how anybody could let that happen to a wee baby. They said people should show pictures to the schools.

These pictures brought tears of sorrow. How can any human being butcher a baby like this? It is beyond my comprehension. May God have mercy on us, the supposedly most civilized country in the world.

My Pastor had told me, in a discussion about National Health Insurance that "Life is the central issue" but I never fully internalized what that meant until I saw the pictures.  I agree, America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion.  I believe we will be under a serious judgment of God until we put an end to this despicable practice. 

I don't think that there is anything more difficult in this world today than to view these photos.

Truly tears stream down my cheek seeing these children. It hurts so much how we have fallen so deeply into depravity how could one legalize this evil. Sometimes I feel that innocent blood of these children cry out vengeance upon this world, how we can not see the devil and his works in all this have become so blind. This evil must stop, the battle line has being drawn and the war between good and evil has just begun, let's see who wins.

Seeing the pictures of babies that never got to grow up makes me sick. It makes me want to cry. Every baby should have the chance to live a life and have the right to grow up and become something. And I would never think twice about keeping my baby thanks for your website. 

I am angry, sad, disgusted, want to help in some way and don't know what to do to stop this from happening. Thank God, I live in a small town in Oklahoma and do not see or hear this happening where I live. Eva in Oklahoma

These images have affected me very much.  I am so saddened at what people will do to human life, most especially life of a beautiful unborn child.  I will do what ever I can to assist you in this matter.  Of Lord Jesus, may these little ones be with you in loving arms.  Amen. – Fr. Allen

It makes me sick to see these beautiful angels torn apart and thrown away like nothing!! 

I cried as I forced myself to look at some of the pictures you have posted up.  With all of my heart I want to stop the killing of these innocent children.  I am going to post a link to your website up on my blog.

I used the images on your web-site to show abortion to my friends in Italy! Some still think that it is a personal choice that has to be protected by law but I don't give-up! I hope these picture will be seen everywhere! Keep doing what you are doing, my dear friends!! - Paola

I will be haunted for the rest of my life by the images that I viewed but I am grateful that you have the guts to have a site like this. So that maybe some people that are considering abortion can look at it and see that those babies are as human as the rest of us and to abort is to MURDER!!!! – Amy

Aaww that's so sad! I saw those pictures of aborted babies and I think it’s seriously unfair. Those children never even get a chance in this world. It made me feel so bad...especially when I saw their little fingers!

I looked at the pictures of abortion and was horrified!! How can we elect public officials to office that support abortion and the woman’s right to choose? How can we ask God to have mercy on us and bless our nation, when the almighty dollar comes before a human life? My heart breaks for these babies in these pictures, but I also take comfort in knowing that they are now with a loving God who I believe has loved and hugged them in His everlasting arms.

After viewing the pictures my heart was broken. How can anyone say that these children are not life? Why would anyone pass this law? And if it just has to be that way, why wait until the baby is fully developed. There are people who pay thousands just to have a baby to love and these people are killing them. If these women have the right to decide to get pregnant why shouldn't these BABIES have the right to live!

These images are enough to make my stomach upset.  I'm glad I got to see them so I know what abortion really is.  I feel really sad.  I hope these mothers of aborted babies come to realize that this is wrong and repent and speak up that they regret their abortion.

The photographs of the aborted babies will remain with me for the rest of my life. I will offer my prayers for your work in bringing to light the terrible crime of abortion. May we all stand together and bring this tragic loss of life to a definite end. May God bless all those poor children killed by abortion?

I truly believe that if every American really knew what goes on during an abortion they would have a different point of view. Somehow this graphic explanation of these procedures needs to be visibly explained to the world.  Only then would the 'little people' win this battle. 

I only wish that the graphic images you have in your picture library could be in every newspaper and on every channel.  I would like to see a giant image of that small torn apart body on an easel next to President Obama when he speaks at Notre Dame.  If his address without questions is considered a dialogue I would like him to explain his votes and actions regarding Planned Parenthood and Abortion.  I only wish that your images would appear each time he looked into his teleprompter.  …Whenever I visit your site I cannot help but cry and feel the pain and tears of Jesus Himself.  Thank you and if there is anything I can do to help please ask me.  - Al

I wept and I wept as I looked at all the precious children on this site.  I am deeply impacted by your desire to expose this hideous element of the human race.  I work as a midwife and have not before now, looked at pictures of aborted children.  I will be praying for unwanted, preborn infants in a new way.  May we understand while there is yet time to repent and receive healing for our Nation.

While answering email through Facebook this morning, there was a picture of an aborted baby on my wall.  I googled abortion pictures and your website came up.  I am so shocked and saddened by what I have seen.  I have never seen anything like this so graphic in all my life.  I want to help stop this from happening.  This is murder.  These babies are little angels.  I am a mother of two and am totally against abortion.  I'm sorry, but these doctors and all involved who do this are monsters. How could you live with yourself and have the blood of these little precious children on your hands?  God have mercy....  Can you just imagine how many babies are being raised in heaven?  Thank you for opening my eyes to the real horror of abortion.  How can God bless America?  Respectfully submitted, Kim

I wept for more than 50,000,000 lives brutally ended.  Just as the world could see the reality of the Nazi death camps by looking at the pictures, I feel this is the only way the world will take heed.  Even the Jewish holocaust was denied when people could see the pictures but they are the ones who remain blind. The images are truly heartbreaking, the torture that these little ones are subjected to is unimaginable, we can take meds for aches and pains but these children get nothing, I can't bear the thought of this and it cries to heaven for vengeance, thank you

Hello. I am a fifteen year old girl and all these pictures are mortifying. Why would someone want to kill such a beautiful creation? Better yet, God’s creation. They have no right to kill these deserving babies. More needs to be done about this craziness. Watching the video "hard truth" was heart breaking. Just to know that these babies are just being killed and forgotten and people think it’s the mother’s right. What about the baby's right? The baby has a heart, a brain, moving parts, even thoughts. Even though we cannot monitor the movement or thoughts as much as we would is an amazing process that needs to be left alone. Abortion probably hurts more physically and emotionally than vaginal birth...I just don’t think I will ever understand why it’s legal.

These images make me sick. The abortion holocaust is similar to that of the Nazi holocaust. My Mom almost lost me to a miscarriage, but God saw fit to spare us both. I wish, so much, that women who are considering abortion could see pictures of their developing baby in the womb, the baby that they are carrying under their heart. I cry every time I see photos such as these. We have sunk to the absolute lowest point. We disgraced the American flag the day we legalized mass murder. The founding fathers of this nation must be rolling in their graves, for they never envisioned such evil. They never envisioned a child being ripped apart, limb from limb. They never dreamed of the day when the womb would become a war zone. We have the gall to point our finger, in the very face of God, and tell Him which one of His children we will or will not allow to be born. And on top of all that, we actually have the nerve to wonder why God is mad at us. One of these children could have found a cure for cancer. Instead, that child was cruelly butchered, and then thrown in a dumpster, like everyday trash. Instead of being treated with the love they deserve, these wee ones are hated, stalked, preyed upon, despised, and butchered. We block out their screams with our hands. We go to church, cloaking ourselves with the title of Christian, singing hymns of praise to God, yet heartlessly ignoring the cries of pain of His children. Yes.....we have sunk as low as we could possibly go. The Nazi Holocaust is now over. How many years will ours continue?

Oh wow! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these pictures! It made me really believe how bad abortion was. I mean I knew it was bad to begin with but I didn't know this is what it does to these poor babies!

Thanks Fr. Frank for the page on graphic pictures especially the 24 week baby. My wife and twin brother were born at 24 weeks. I really always thought I was pro-life but this picture really hit too close to home. -- Paul

I was taken aback, heartbroken, sick to my stomach, angry, emotional and speechless looking at these photographs. I have never believed in abortion. There are so many beautiful people out there that can't physically have babies and would love to adopt. I thought murder was wrong and illegal. Don't murderers go to prison?

I am speechless. I am pro-life and these images confirm how words can explain how disturbing those images are. To think that they are photos of real children - killed before their time...I don't know.

These photos are so very hard to look at. How I wish those who think a woman should have the right to choose abortion would look at these photos. The problem is they do not want to see actual images. They want to think abortion is just a merciful way to take care of a problem pregnancy. How sad! I can't even imagine how someone can think abortion should be legal. I can't understand how physicians and nurses who work in the abortion industry can live with their conscious. I hear arguments that a woman who is raped or gets pregnant from incest should not have to carry the baby conceived to term. How can an even more terrible wrong make something all right? I wish there was some way to get President Obama to look at these images. Maybe then he could see the evil of abortion. We must continue to pray and take action as we can. -- Betty

I don't think that there is anything more difficult in this world today than to view these photos. I'm sure many think it is too morbid to show these pictures to the public. I have to agree with Father, how are you truly going to know what abortion does to a baby unless you see it with your own eyes. It is absolutely horrible to face but it is the truth. Many of us were taught that a fetus it not a baby, not a life until after the mother has passed the first trimester. This is what I was taught. It's not true.

These pictures brought me to tears of sorrow. How can any human being butcher a baby like this? It is beyond my comprehension. May God have mercy on us, the supposedly most civilized country in the world. – Wayne

Bravo! These are some of the most disturbing photos I have ever seen. You are to be praised for making them available as the only way to stop this killing is for people to see just what is happening to these babies. – Phil

I believe "Baby Choice" should be allowed to get up on the soap box, for she has a powerful truth to convey.  Thanks for sharing this powerful, tender picture with us. … I would like to copy this picture and let Baby Choice speak ... I wrote this poem to go with her picture. Little Teacher oh so small tells the truth best of all. Though aborted a little teacher is she captured on film for all to see. She screams of injustice. She shouts of pain. Her dead little body warns, "Save others from the same!" Her burnt little lips cry out to us, "Bring this holocaust to an end. You have the power. Where have you been?!" -- Pat

These images have brought me to tears. Dear Father Pavone, never stop your work. Always, my prayers and best wishes. My daily prayer for all those who have had abortions, for those who anticipate, for those who perform and for those who assist ... may they all see His Light of Truth and may their heart be soften. Don 

First let me say that I was crushed to see the pictures. I’m the 'to each his own' type of person and I think that now I’ve seen the pictures my whole outlook has changed. Why would any one want to do this to a life? I am a mother and all I want to do right now is go and hug my children!

It hurts me so much to see that the fellow man does these things to a human being it is a very painful procedure and it is a partial reference of man at his worse. It hurts me so bad! I can’t believe this is going on who would allow such things? What can we do to stop this?  Please, whoever should view this, take it for what this is murder at its most gruesome...please help! - Frederica

I only wish that the graphic images you have in your picture library could be in every newspaper and on every channel.  Thank you so much Father for your work to end abortion. Whenever I visit your site I cannot help but cry and feel the pain and tears of Jesus Himself. Thank you and if there is anything I can do to help please ask me. …I would gladly give my life to save even one of His precious sons and daughters from such a death. … -- Al

Hello, I am a cradle Catholic and have always been pro life. I am horrified to see these most gruesome photos of these poor helpless babies that have been murdered. I cried when we as Catholic Americans elected this current administration. They along with the entire House and Senate should be forced to view these pictures before they begin the debate on the FOCA bill that is upcoming. May God have mercy on us all.

I saw you on EWTN this evening and just want you to know that I agree with you 100% on your new strategy in using pictures. People probably will be outraged but too bad, those horrific images hopefully will wake up those in denial and haunt those with the hardest of hearts! God Bless You for your Courage and Perseverance, -- Carol

I am an African woman from Swaziland and I read what you wrote about abortion. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the photos. I totally agree with what you say. Abortion is evil and against God's word. …. I support what you do and may God bless you.

I have only seen the photo of little hand with dime...but that’s enough. Thank you for all you do!.. I saw it on Mass Resistance website in Mass....Yes...people MUST SEE THE TRUTH! -- God Bless, Pamela

I have had a lot of friends who have committed this act. I wish that they can view these photos.

Dear Father Pavone, I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at a event in Wilmington NC on April 16th and I thank God for your ministry. I have seen the images of aborted babies before and I am deeply saddened by the senseless destruction of my brother's and sister's. After your talk I had a dream. In my dream I went to the local abortion mill and asked them to give me the dead babies so I could give them a proper burial. -- Brian

I watched your show on EWTN, and heard about the gallery of pictures of abortions. I have always been pro-life, and have always believed that life starts at conception. But it's like you said . . . seeing it brings the whole issue into focus, with startling clarity. I could only look at the pictures of abortions from the first trimester. The ones from the other trimesters were too horrifying to me, just in the thumbnails on the index. I have two little boys, and even their ultrasound pictures didn't make the reality of their complete humanity as clear as the abortion pictures did. All the little arms and hands and feet. God have mercy. I sent an e-mail [to my family and friends] with a link to the gallery, because everyone needs to see these photos. May God bless you, and all of your pro-life efforts. May they bear much fruit. -- Joy

When you look at the pictures of all the abortions it literally breaks your heart.

I'm sending this to everyone I care about, not knowing whether you are pro-life or pro-choice. I watched a show on TV that said there was a website with pictures . . . pictures of fetal development throughout pregnancy, and pictures of abortions performed throughout pregnancy. As you can imagine, the pictures of fetal development were wonderful, showing babies at all stages of life in the womb. The pictures of abortion were difficult to look at, and I didn't look at them all. What was startling was that the babies in the "development" pictures and the abortion pictures looked the same. The abortions weren't a "mass" or a "blob" - they were feet and hands, fingers and toes. Wherever you stand on the abortion issue, please look at some of these images. They tell the story - and it's a story everyone needs to know. Both sides of the abortion issue make their arguments daily, but it's all words. Pictures don't argue, or coerce, or put a "spin" on anything. They just are. These are photos taken at medical facilities, with medical documentation, if you want to read it. These are documentary photos - not propaganda.

I came across your web site and could not help but weep. What an incredible reproach on this nation for all the innocent blood shed, the total disregard for human life. My husband and I pastor a church and my question to you is," Is there a way of getting bigger pictures of Malachi and some of the other aborted babies, to use in our church as a tool of ministry, a tool of repentance for the shedding of innocent blood, a tool of alternative methods such as adoption instead of abortion? May God continue to bless you and may He continue to endow you with boldness and strength to take a stand against such heinous acts against life. -- Carole

I cried when I saw this web site. The pictures of those precious babies. Who in their right mind would reject the most precious gift God could give? I have always been against abortion, It's MURDER, no matter how you look at it. How sick of our country to pass a law to allow this to happen. …I want to take the time to thank you for this site….Thanks again, and good luck with getting your message across. -- JLW, Ohio

My name is Sarah and I’m from New Zealand. Last year I started a prolife group on bebo (like myspace) its definitely had its abuse! …I now have a poll up ASKING people if they've ever seen an aborted baby and majority of them google abortion and leave comments saying "OH MY GOSH I NEVER KNEW" "THATS SICK" etc... I REALLY feel this is one of the best ways of getting through to our young girls (and guys) who NEED to know this information.

Upon hearing of the recent decision by the Supreme Court of our land, I decided to do a search on the internet "partial birth abortion procedures". That search led me to your web site. I want to thank you and your organization for having the courage of your convictions, and the conviction of millions of other citizens in our country, to publish the pictures. As the saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words", these pictures speak volumes. Please continue your work to protect unborn babies from destruction through this legalized murder. Again, thank you for the work that has been done to produce this site, and please continue in your mission to provide burial services for these children, and to stop the murderous acts that makes the burials necessary. -- Kathleen

My name is Emily and I came upon your website after searching the web about abortions. I am still in tears after looking at all of the gruesome photos. I think it is great that you all have put this on the internet for people to see what these babies look like after an abortion. It is very difficult to look at, but I think it's necessary. People don't realize that these little babies are being brutally murdered. A lot of people just brush this topic to the side. And even those who get this done think what they can't see can't hurt them. Any person that I ever come across down the road that is pro-choice I will refer to your website. Thank you for what you all are doing!!

In my pocket I will have your website stating to go to graphic images as it has changed my life. Wow! I was able to give your website out once and many others made positive comments. Only one turned her back to me. Please make sure that Graphic Images will be easy to spot on the site. I would like for the people to be smacked quickly as I was when I went to your site for the first time. – Dianne

This is sick, can't imagine how this can go on in our civilized country....

I have always been an advocate of defending the defenseless but I was never aware of how truly gruesome and horrifying abortion really is. Your site is, to say the least, very informative. I wish that every woman that is pregnant and considering this horrid 'option' was required to view and read everything contained on your site. No woman with any kind of heart or conscience would be able to continue with this murder. I hope the American public realizes the horrible practice (aka - murder) that they have allowed to happen for so many years and steps up and says 'No more!' before this new administration leads us even farther into the social abyss that we are in today.

Looking at these pictures and seeing how brutal and barbaric abortion is provokes me. I feel that the so-called Catholic politicians who enable these deaths through 'pro-choice' legislation should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church as co-conspirators in this killing.

Truly saddened to see these images of such suffering by these innocent children, they had the right to live and their civil rights were ignored, all types of abortion is the taking of human life! Abortion must stop now! America had better wake up and recognize abortion for what it is infanticide. Medical Science mission is to preserve life and not to take it. Americans need to see these images before they go into the voting booth and even consider voting for politicians who are pro-choice (anti-life)!

These need to be on a full-page ad in every newspaper across America asap! I would get these everywhere before the FOCA vote this week. I made a small donation but will pray for your work.

Dear Father Pavone, I had the pleasure of hearing you speak at an event in Wilmington NC on April 16th and I thank God for your ministry. I have seen the images of aborted babies before and I am deeply saddened by the senseless destruction of my brother's and sister's. After your talk I had a dream. In my dream I went to the local abortion mill and asked them to give me the dead babies so I could give them a proper burial. -- Brian

I have had a lot of friends who have committed this act. I wish that they can view these photos.

After viewing this abortion photos I promise: I will give all my life for Jesus. I want to give all my life against abortion. -- Laurie, mother of three children

I have only seen the photo of little hand with dime...but that’s enough.  Thank you for all you do!..  I saw it on Mass Resistance website in Mass....Yes...people MUST SEE THE TRUTH! -- God Bless, Pamela

I am an African woman from Swaziland and I read what you wrote about abortion. I couldn’t bring myself to look at the photos. I totally agree with what you say. Abortion is evil and against God's word. …. I support what you do and may God bless you. I just really wanted to say thank you for making it public and throwing some light on a dark area that was previously shadowed by my lack of understanding. -- Grace

I've never seen anything like this in my life.  I cannot believe what goes on in this cruel world.  The look on some of those babies faces -- I cannot imagine the pain they went through it hurts me to look. -- JT

I have just viewed the images of God's beautiful, innocent destroyed children!  As I am writing this, my eyes and my heart are filled with tears.  In so many of the pictures of the children, their sweet tiny hands are reaching up, as if to say "please, please help me…I didn't need to see your pictures to know abortion is wrong, but I think these are images we all need to see.  I am so outraged by what I saw, and even more outraged that you are not allowed to show this to the American public, when I have to sometimes switch the channel so my baby girls won't see an improper or suggestive commercial!  God Bless You as you continue your valiant fight against this evil!  May victory be ours in the days to come! -- Teresa

I first saw the photos of the babies today.  Among my tears, while my breathing came to an audible level, I could only think of the only other time I was this overwhelmed by sheer cruelty.  That one other time was when I viewed pictures of the cruelty visited on the poor defenseless human beings in the death camps at Belsen, Auschwitz, Buchenwald and others.  We have death camps now, all throughout our society - in our towns and just down the block.  We need to know that.  Thank you for the pictures.  God Bless you.  Kindly and with heartfelt thanks. -- Joseph

Thanks for having this site.  I made my dad who had been a life long pro choice man sit down and look at the children who were murdered with his support.  He told me to stop and he closed his eyes after a few pages.  I truly believe that the Holy Spirit will use those images and burn them into his head the next time he says that he is pro choice.  I am going to print off several pictures and carry them in my purse so when I run into anyone who is pro choice I can show them exactly what it is that they support.  You are doing good work!!  God Bless -- Connie

I just looked at all the pictures on you abortion site, and it used to never bother me to hear a few of my friends talk about their abortions, until I looked at your web site..Now I am so angry!!... -- RT

I think that since this website is here a lot of people should realize what they are doing is wrong and cruel.  This website made me feel so different about abortions. I never knew what it really looked like and now that I do I am disappointed with anybody who feels it is the right thing to do. -- GC, Virginia

Hello my name is Julie from TX. I looked up Partial-Birth Abortion Ban on the internet and I happened to come across this website. I am seriously disturbed by the photos in here but I am more disturbed that there are people out there that could do these horrid acts against sweet precious human babies…..I want to thank you for having this website and for sharing the details of how this is done and to bring it to reality for maybe some who have never truly known what all happens in an abortion. I will pray for everyone on the staff of this website and I know that GOD will prevail and those who have hurt His babies will never stop paying in the lake of fire. Thank you so much for al that you do.

Hi, I have always been against abortions…..I would never think about having an abortion, because I consider it murder. I just wanted to know about it,...and when I saw your website, I started to cry, its so sad all those little babies, I think that if the world saw this site, then maybe there would be an end to abortions. I think the pictures on here could change a lot of people’s minds about abortions.  -- Sherry

Needless to say, your website has changed my life. -- MF

I wanted to say thank you for putting your ads on Relevant Radio….Today I came to your site (because I remembered your ads on the radio), and watched some of the horrific videos... I hope more people can see what you have on this site. May it convert many hearts to welcome and value all human life!!! -- Mara

Truly, I am speechless. As a Christian mother of four, I’m so mortified. Please know you’re supported and I stand with you in the case for life. -- HC

Hi I just saw your website it was so painful to look at the pictures. … Your site is truly a blessing and I hope every one who is considering an abortion will run across this site. -- JH

Never did I think an aborted CHILD was so far advanced, I was never pro abortion but now I am definitely against this wicked execution. -- JT

Oh my Goodness!!!, I cannot believe people are allowed to abort their children at such a developed stage (22weeks ), those pictures really, really shocked me. -- Carl

I have been an advocate of life issues, and have been linked into Priests for Life for several years now.  However, it wasn't until I received your newsletter today that I finally had the courage to look at the photos online.  I just couldn't bring myself to do it before, knowing how moving they would be.  But I am glad I finally did.  It invoked an inexpressible passion for what I already knew to be true, and deep compassion for those who are still in caught in the lie.  We cannot stop until our culture changes radically to protect each and every life.  I am so thankful for all the resources you provide; your impact is immense!  Keep up the good work.  You are in my prayers.  -- Nicky

I volunteer for a local pregnancy center for women in crisis pregnancies- thanks for your work- and those images of the unborn dead - absolutely compelling and heart breaking- those beautiful children, made in the image of God, with gifts and callings, would have brought joy and laughter into the lives of some fortunate parents - birth or adopted - the Holy Spirit deeply grieves over their loss. God Bless them and you for the work you do – Elizabeth B.

I…..heard about partial birth abortion. I looked it up and came across your website. I was shocked, I didn’t even know it was happening. I was even more shocked when I read about the procedure, and I can’t explain about the pictures. I just cried.  People need to be more educated about this subject and I’m glad you have this website. -- Jerry

I was 17 years old when I got pregnant; I was on my junior year of high school. I tough an abortion was my solution, but I couldn't do it. Now my beautiful daughter is 11 years old, and looking at those pictures and looking at her now, I thanks God I never did. I wish I can do more for other young girls that are thinking about an abortion, is not a solution it just the beginning of a big problem that is going to hunt you for the rest of your life. -- Angela

I just wanted to say wow...I stumbled across your website by accident and it just brought tears to my eyes I couldn't believe what I was seeing. -- DeLaina

I just wanted to respond to what I saw on this web site. I'm hoping that your are trying to promote life through these pictures. These pictures are disgusting and brought me to tears. I hope you share this around the world and help people see what they are doing to helpless miracles. -- Lisa G.

Thank you for your website. It’s truly a blessing to have this available so people can see the truth about abortion.  – Dee

This WEB site is not only one of the most “Saddest” thing that I have ever seen, even as a man, it also is NEEDED! It has never ceased to amaze me how people, adult people can commit “MURDER” of human life that was made by our God. These helpless children are people too. I truly believe that even at seven weeks, God has given them a soul. For one to think that an unborn child is nothing more than a blob, or just a mass of cells, is utterly amazing. They are Gods children from the time of conception!  Father Frank, keep up the good work. I will promote this WEB site as much as I can. Keep walking in Gods service. -- Rev. D., KY

Your web site needs to be here to show what its like to kill babies. Maybe it will reach enough people and abortion will slow down and hopefully stop. We are taught that killing is wrong and to commit such a crime means spending your afterlife in hell, do these doctors that help women kill their babies not under that they are helping commit murder? …Thank you for your web site. I hope you reach a lot of people and touch a lot of hearts like you touched mine. -- JM

Thank you for your commitment to such tremendously important work. The photos terrified me and I did not want to look at them. But I had to; I needed to know and to "see" as you challenge people to look, because it has been too easy for me to sit on the fence or fluctuate in my opinion. Through being responsible, educated and fortunate, I have not been in the position of an unwanted pregnancy. But goodness; these images are crucial and heartbreaking.  I can not believe that people are too stupid to realize that this is a human, a tiny soul -- one picture that made me lose it was this perfectly shaped arm and hand with pink and plump fingers saying this to me if I was to survive you would have been charmed, you would have been charmed by my sweet smiles and my tiny hand could grasp yours as a tiny hand shake but now that I am gone you would never see me other than this lifeless arm. That picture babychoice got to me -- I touched the computer thinking, sleep now perhaps you will find peace where chaos forms and I couldn’t do such a thing. I am outraged that they could torture a little piece of humanity --Did it deserve such a death -- who could do such a thing?? I wander what the abortionist thinks when he/she holds an infant member of his family and to see and hear life could no one but a madman not listen??? Troubled, sad and confused.

Thank you God for this WEB Sight to show the TRUTH.  A wonderful web site. I wish everyone could see the abortion photos. Thank you.

I wish everyone who is contemplating abortion could see these [graphic pictures]. I can do nothing but cry when I see those precious little things. They look like they have been torn apart by wild animals. Perhaps they were?

Your website is wonderful. I wish that everyone considering an abortion would visit this website. I believe that the information provided by this website would help to save lots of babies from being murdered. I totally believe that graphic images should be shown to people to get them to realize what they are doing when they have an abortion, and if they still decide to go through with it, I believe that they should have to look at the precious baby that they aborted. I would do anything to stop the killing of these poor babies, and I’m glad to see that someone else would too. Thank you so much!

Dear Father Frank, thank you for opening my eyes even more as to what those poor babies suffered -- it makes me all the more happier to know now why I chose to tell my old social worker that I would not abort my children, as gruesome as those pictures are and believe me those pictures will haunt me for the rest of my life. I would protest abortion in anyway that is legally possible, people may not like what they see but it’s not something to be enjoyed much less to be admired it is deplorable that we should have allowed this evil atrocity to even happen now.  I am so glad there is a site like this, that way maybe someone can look on here before deciding to go through with one. I wish the doctors had to show the woman pictures of what the baby looks like at the time, and then what it looks like when they get an abortion.


The way I look at it, there is no other way to stop it! If people can’t stand to see those images, that means they prefer to be in denial AND if they’re in denial nothing will ever be done about it. I can’t even put into words what I felt looking at those horrible pictures. It sends fear through my whole being at the wrath that God will bring down on this world for allowing such a thing. 

Thank you for your efforts to reveal the barbarism of abortion. As I looked at the images, my heart broke for the children and for the judgment of God that MUST come upon America because of the brutal destruction of this innocent life. I don’t know if you get hardened after seeing these images frequently or if you heart breaks again each time. But whatever the cost you paid here, thank you for getting the word out of the reality of what is happening.

I … turned my television on to EWTN and heard the speaker talk about abortions and to go to your website, so I did. Your website is something I think everyone should be told about in our parishes and homes. It is sooooo vivid and such horribly sad pictures. Your web pictures of these abortions, as horrible and vivid as they are, need to be seen by America.... by the World! Catholics and Protestants. I believe if more people visualize what abortion truly is and how horrible it is...some people need to see pictures.... they can’t visualize without them....they would not have an abortion, more people would be involved in stopping abortions, praying more to stop abortion and writing and insisting that the Congress stop allowing abortions. You are doing great work. God Bless All of You.

After viewing the on-line photos of aborted babies on your web site, I nauseously encourage you to continue to fight for the right to show abortion on national television in spite of opposition. God’s word tells us that the truth will set us free.  I thank all of you and Fr. Pavone who continue to fight for these innocents who can’t protect themselves!  I just wanted to say that I think this is a good thing for people to see. There is a living human being in the stomach and it should have the chance of life. I don’t believe in abortions and maybe the people who are thinking about one should see this site first. Maybe then they would hopefully have a second opinion. Adoption would be another option.

Thank you for your website. I am so disturbed by the reality of abortion and yet people have no idea how awful it is. Your website can open peoples’ eyes to it. Thank you for your continued work.

Thank you for making these horrible and shocking abortion photos available for the world to see. Unfortunately, those who advocate abortion use lies and misinformation to deceive people from knowing what an atrocity this truly is. The irony is, doctors and nurses know all too well, yet they choose to participate anyhow. Keep up the good work. May God bless you and help you save some innocent lives!

Thank you for your wonderful website. I am afraid that it is only by showing people the true horror of abortion through your visual images that they will finally turn away from it. I hope these messages can reach the people who need to see them the most. 

I want to thank you for the courage to put the abortion pictures on the web. I have forwarded the page to everyone in my address book. Maybe ONE life will be saved. Thank you again for all you are doing.

I thank God that you have this material on the internet! The American people as a whole need to see what they are advocating, because they do not know what they are doing.

I am so thankful to God for all your organization does. I strongly support your idea of showing the public what abortion is…the murdering of real human life not tissue. I know some people are afraid of showing these pic’s but unfortunately people want to deny. It is so easy to deny what you can’t see. Also I was linked to a site that showed an 8 week or 10 week old baby moving around in the womb it made cry. I think that would be the best tool when you look at that baby moving you can’t deny it no one can deny that is a real vital life. I am so sad with you that so many babies are killed everyday.

My prayers are with you in your fight against Abortion. If more people saw the graphic pictures, I am sure that there would be less Abortions. I pray our Blessed Mother will be with you in this fight to end the death of so many babies. 

Thanks for having the courage to print pictures of the actual abortion. We need to be able to show people the truth.  I followed some links to your site and I enjoyed the picture of the hands holding the baby. I’ve often wondered if the photographer is pro life. I also looked at your photos of aborted babies. Using the money in most of the pictures had me thinking of a slogan to each one..."BLOOD MONEY". Please continue the long warfare of saving the lives of the living.... born or unborn.

I saw your commercial on TV and wanted to see what the website had to say. I applaud you for what I have seen and read so far. I looked at the pictures of abortion and partial, and read many of the mother testimonials. Thank you for the commercial, the website, your knowledge, your compassion, everything you do to support God’s precious

I was looking at your website and the abortion images, and they are very sad to look at. I am pro-life. I just wanted to say that my husband and I support Priest for Life. I hope and pray that these images will be broadcast soon on TV. We need to witness to people that abortion is very, very immoral and wrong. God Bless you and all people in the world that are for a culture of LIFE. I will continue to pray for you and the end to abortion.

I applaud your efforts and implore you to continue. A recent visit to your web site has reminded me of the horrors in our midst which largely go on un-noticed. In Australia we too have blood on our hands as our unborn children are massacred daily. I thank God for people like yourselves who can see beyond the lies and work to expose this darkness to the light of truth. I pray for God’s blessing on your work. Please pray for us in Australia too. It’s a David and Goliath struggle but we know who won! Courage!

I thank you for your prayers, and I also would like to let you all I really also love the web site. One of the smartest things you all could have done was to add the pictures. There are still so many people in general who have not seen the picture of an aborted baby and therefore think that the baby is not yet alive.  The abortion pictures were hard to take but it is a good reality check. I am glad there is this great organization that can help pro-life movements around the country and elsewhere.

Thank you for your bravery in posting the abortion photos on your site. We ALL need to see them. It wasn’t until a year ago, at age 48, that I woke up and realized how horrible a crime abortion really is. I wish I had these photos in my possession when my daughter-in-law (then single) came to me for advice when she was considering abortion. I regret not speaking up and telling her that killing is so morally wrong. That’s the guilt I will be judged by God for. I offered her and my son the pros and cons of life and death and left the decision up to them. They kept the baby, thank God! Somewhere, there is a young girl looking at your photos. You’re changing a life - and saving one too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

PLEASE keep up the GOOD and HOLY work. As stated on your HOME page - Abortion in America will END ONLY when America SEES what Abortion really is. GOD BLESS!!!

Father Pavone, I am so glad that Priests for Life will publish first trimester aborted babies on its website. Maybe it will shock enough people into realizing that these tiny beings are indeed human, and babies! On reading your column, I thought of the good, brave people of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform who run the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP). They, too, are making everyone aware that all unborn children have the right to live by displaying huge photos of aborted first trimester babies on the side of their traveling truck/van. I honor and admire these courageous people and the work they do, especially when they are challenged by hostile students on college campuses.

We are proud there is a web like this and hope the people who NEED to see this - will! GOD bless you all and keep up the good work.

This website is touching and scary all at the same time. I feel that if the people who are thinking about having an abortion could see this site before they decide to do it, their would be a lot of children still alive.

Though it was very heartbreaking to see these photos of aborted fetuses, I have to applaud you for your work. It is sites like this that are needed to show people the brutal reality of aborting fetuses. Thank you.

God bless you all for what you all do. I am not married neither do I have any kids. I will love for God to bless me one day. Continue to let your light shine for Jesus because he is so worthy to be praised! Those pictures really made my heart sad abortions grieves the Holy Spirit. God's compassion for us we can’t even comprehend. I am believing that God will convict the hearts of those that want to have abortions. Thank you and God bless.

I am very impressed with your site. I am a college student at NDSU and wish that somehow, all could have a chance to see the horror of abortion. I am a member of Collegians for Life, and could use any advice on spreading a pro-life message on campus that could reach the whole student body, and not just those who already share our view.

How can people kill these babies? They must have no souls and actually think that this is good for the baby. Would you like to be burned alive? Would you like to be cut up alive? The babies are living things and I don’t think that the abortion doctors and people who have abortions realize that.

These pictures are shocking but I wish women thinking about abortion could see these before make up their minds. God bless you for developing this web site.

I think that those photos of the fetus who were aborted is disturbing, however the people who allow this to happen are sick and disturbed and need to get help. Those babies did not ask to be created and then have their breath sucked right out of them.

I saw the photos of the babies. My heart is broken for those poor children. I know they are in Heaven, with our Lord, but my heart is broken for them, since they did not even get a chance to live their lives. They had no chance … I am appalled by the people who perform these murders and the parents who request them.

I would like to say that the abortion pictures were just sick. I am not insulting whoever put them up, as they do serve a purpose. They show those who have heard of abortions and know the basics (person gets pregnant, baby is killed) but don't know the disgusting details. Now I realize why those who protest abortions do so.

Thank you so much for showing these pictures. I never knew what an abortion looked like and now I am horrified! I am doing research for my church on What your opinion on Abortions are, and there are a lot of people who think you can have an abortion depending on the situation but I think that is very wrong. If the person can get themselves pregnant then they can be responsible enough to take care of the baby. Everyone is "sugar-coating" abortions because they think that it will be hard for the person who was raped to live with the baby as a reminder, but it wasn’t their fault or the baby’s fault so don’t punish the baby! The will be making a mistake or sin, just like the rapist!

Please always keep your website up for the world to see. I’ve linked to your photos page from my personal web site. I hope people will look at the photos and change their mind about abortion, if they support it.

Dear Fr. Pavone, God bless you mightily for the terrific work you are doing. I will be passing this along to as many as I possibly can. You have the courage to stand up in defense of the unborn, and as a result, people are changing their minds about being pro-choice. That’s WONDERFUL! Keep up the GREAT work! This is one example of how the internet can be used as a tool to do God’s work, even though some use it for sinful things like pornography. I’ll definitely be sending it to the other priests on my email list to whom I send the weekly priestly prayer.

Why don’t they understand that this is not necessary!!!!!!! Thank you for your website. My regret is that I did not research this a long time ago.

Hi, I would like to thank y’all for letting these pictures be viewed online. I think it will help more people change their minds and hearts. When I saw the aborted baby pictures I wanted to cry. It is so sad. Before I came to this site, I couldn’t fathom what an abortion looked like, but now I know. Thank you for having this web page.

I came across your website whilst doing some research into the pro and anti arguments for abortion and I would just like to say that it has really opened my eyes that this goes on in the world! I was shocked! Terrified! Amazed that this is how life is being treated. I am a Muslim, and to have an abortion in Islam is not allowed. The only reason it is allowed is if the mother's life is in danger. Obviously some women go ahead and rid themselves of the life inside but there is the belief in Islam that these ‘babies’ they did not want will rise with the mothers on Judgment Day and ask the whole important question - Why? Maybe then they can answer. May God bless you for your continued hard work. I pray that abortion is deemed illegal. Only then will I, along with millions, be happy.

I am a Buddhist from Dallas, TX and I have always been an ardent supporter of a women’s right of choice in matters of pregnancy, although, I have not supported abortion as it is against my principals. Also, I have not delved into the gruesome details of abortion, as it was not "my issue". In recent times as the near-term and partial-birth abortion debate is getting more mass media coverage, it rekindled my interest to find what the debate is all about. What I found changed my views of abortion forever! This abortion has got nothing to do with women’s rights. It has got everything to do with an unborn child’s right to live! For me, it plain and simple, and it fits my definition of murder, regardless of what the current law says about it. You are absolutely right, words can never do justice to this heinous, unspeakable, horrendous and most cruel crime perpetrated upon a yet to be born human being.

I just saw your website and I can’t believe a mother could do this to their unborn child. A baby is so helpless especially in the womb. A NORMAL mother should have the instinct to take care of their child. I didn’t know that even at 7 weeks you can still tell that a fetus is a baby and not a fetus. I would never have any type of abortion. I was 16 years when I had my first child. She is now 11 years old. I also have a 9 year old and a 3 year old. Even if a mother can’t take care of the baby they could save his or her life by putting the baby up for adoption. To see these pictures make me sick. It’s just so sad to see their little hands and feet and faces. They would have all been beautiful children. I don’t think God intended this for his children or he wouldn’t have put these babies in these women. I know you probably feel the same way and have heard of all this before. But after seeing all those pictures I had to talk to someone. I hope my daughters would never do this to themselves and most importantly my grand children. I will teach them the right way of life. And my son will know also about the importance of life. Hopefully he will never tell any woman to make this mistake. Because that is all it is. A Big Mistake! See everything turned out for me and it can for others! There is always a way to save a baby’s life. I just hope more mothers would figure that out. Thank you for listening. God Bless!

I just viewed some of the pictures on the website. I find it intriguing that so many have an American quarter in them (for size comparison I presume) - this shows that the irony of "freedom" in America, among so many other ironies and sickening thoughts, I won’t even begin to mention them.

I have always been against abortions and always will. I am 20 years old. I don’t think I ever will understand why they do it. The doctors and the mothers. Everyone who is involved. I have viewed your site in hopes to learn more about the wrong that is going on and I have. I wish I could do more to stop abortion. I know if I ever had one wish, it would be to end this terrible murder. I appreciate all that you are doing and hope you will continue on educating. The story of baby Malachi has touched my heart where he will remain.

I went to your talk today for teens about abortion at St. Mary Immaculate in Plainfield. You really did a great job. One thing for sure is that you were right in saying that the pictures of the aborted children really make an impact on people.

I guess the pictures really are a necessity. At one time I thought people in general were sharper than they really are. I was just a young kid in 1973, but I never had any misconceptions about what abortion really was. Anyone who has ever run a vacuum cleaner, cut up vegetables or seen what salt water can do to a car should have known that we’re talking about a gruesome procedure here. I think a lot of people were lied to and even more just shut their brains off so they didn’t have to deal with it.

I seen the picture you have on your site I think it is wrong to have a abortion you are killing a innocent child our baby and the story about Malachi is so sad who would do such a thing if you get pregnant it was for a reason so deal with it. Don’t kill it. Could you please keep me updated on what happen out there and you site will changes people mind before they have an abortion.

I can not believe these abortion pictures. This is unreal, anyone who would do this to a little baby has the right to pay for what they are doing, and they will when they answer to God. If you can not accept the responsibility of having a child then you should not have sex. How could one person be so cruel so a harmless baby which has done nothing. This is so unreal I could not stand the thought of abortions and now that I actually saw pictures of how it was done and what the baby looks like just makes me sick, this should be stopped. Very disturbing images. I thought images of war were disturbing but what man does to an unborn child raises questions as to our (man's) sanity. To think that these images were of beautiful little children. Innocent children. It makes me almost embarrassed to be a human being. What have we come to? May GOD forgive us all for allowing these atrocities from taking place.

I applaud you for putting these pictures out there for the public to see. Most people think abortion is just a mass of tissue that is removed, but these pictures show the true story. It is MURDER. These are perfectly formed human beings that are being killed.

 [In the May-June 2003 newsletter] the picture of "Behold your neighbor at only 8 weeks development" showed me the truth of the reality of life in the womb.

I cried so hard when I saw these graphic images. I would like to know, how can people do abortions. I feel so sorry for the doctors that do these abortions. They are going to hell aren't they? I hope that they make abortion illegal. I am so sorry for the innocent children. I want children in the near future and I am so against abortion on any level. 

I did not look at the images on your web page (I do not need to). I already can imagine I would be seeing. That is horrific enough. Thank you for creating the webpage. If it even saves one life, it was worth your work. I have forwarded your webpage to all I know and have requested they do the same. I can only pray that it may, in turn, change the minds of a few pro-choicers out there. Thank you.

I am a mother of 6 and grandmother of 3 and I always have felt abortion was murder. My husband and I chose to have a large family and never, ever have regretted it. To us, babies were and are miracles. As hard as it must be for all of you who do this work, may God forever hold you in his hands, as the mystery of abortion for those who have been pro choice and for those who just don’t care; now they can see the murders that are being carried out daily. No one has the right to take another’s life for any reason. Our laws state that. Yet our laws permit these murders... why... maybe because it hits home that some of these parents of the aborted babies are their daughters or sons??? How terrible it is for these lawmakers to allow murder in its worst form to take place daily on innocent children. It should have been mandatory that before these imbeciles could pass such laws, that they saw the actual results of their handiwork. Now how do we get these laws undone? I am poor in terms of money but so wealthy in terms of the finest riches in the universe; my husband and I have all our children and grandchildren around us. I will pass this site on so others can see what pro choice really means. Thank you for giving us the truth.  

Thank you for the work you are doing. I finally got up the guts to look at the photos of the aborted babies. They made me cry. I plan to print some and put them in my notebook-just in case someone wants to know what this "tissue" looks like.

I just wanted to say.....when I saw these photos I cried and became angry.....I can't understand how someone could do this to their own child. I am a mother of four and I have always been glad that I don't believe in god people need to wake up and realize these are human beings living human beings you can see their heads faces and arms and hands and feet and legs....such precious children ....children who never asked to be born....I must say if anything this has touched my heart to the fullest and has made me glad of my choices I have made. I'm sure any woman that has gone through this and sees these photos will never let that happen to them again ....god bless those little angels I know most of the abortion places don't want you to see this stuff cause they don't care but I'm glad there are sites like this for someone that may have had an idea to get an abortion but has changed their minds...god bless you and keep up the good work (dohiya) peace.

....Holocaust in Miniature. May God be with you in the fight to show what sort of 'Final Solution' these abominable 'procedures' really are!

How sad to see mutilated aborted bodies of God’s most innocent. Thank you for the courage and willingness to do what you do.

Thank you for posting these graphic images of the torture of abortion. As I sit here weeping for the unborn and begging God to forgive us His creation for such abomination, I am also thinking of how much the public needs to see these images. How can we "save the whales", "save the earth" while we torture our pre-born children. God have mercy on us!

I don’t know what to type. I am sickened at the sight of those deceased children. How can abortionists sleep at night? I wonder if they have any children? How can anyone be pro-choice? I am not pro-anything. There shouldn’t be a choice regarding LIFE. Abortion is legalized murder. Thank you and may God continue to use you [all] for His glory.

I viewed the pictures of aborted babies. I know how bad abortion is and my heart felt torn out of my chest to see children treated this way. If we lie down to "know" a man or woman, we have accept the responsibility that this brings. Children do not decide or choose us, we on the other choose them. Either to have them or not to have them. Although a woman has undergone an abortion, God still loves her; God does not love the sin, nor will He tolerate it. Abortion is a sin...just like gossip. People often "choose" what is sin, but God CANNOT and WILL NOT tolerate ANY form of sin in any of our lives. Please know that God loves each of matter what decision(s) we have chosen. Please turn your life over to God and allow Him to minister to others through the personal testimony God will give to you to help other in the same situation.

My abject horror at seeing the pictures on your site is only tempered by the prayer that they will help pro-abortionists to "see the light". I have never understood how anyone could end an innocent life like it was an insect. It is a shame these pictures can't be posted on every PCAP wall in the country, in every clinic, in every place that uses the euphemism of "Family Planning" as an excuse to murder. Life has become so invaluable, it seems people don't even bother with birth control anymore - just wait until after the fact and abort. If we can supply condoms and birth control pills to 12 year olds, why can't we show them these pictures?

There is no way that anyone with a child can look at these photos and not understand that abortion is murder. There are those of us that looked at them as I did, many years ago, thinking that these were just scare tactics and somehow it did not apply to me. But the truth is that it is murder. People kill their children and the law accepts this. Yet a woman can be arrested for harming her unborn baby by drugs and alcohol. I join with you to plead the Lord come, and until then He strengthen us to fight the good fight on behalf of the children who cannot fight because they are as yet unborn. May God have mercy on our souls. Humans are sick and depraved without the love of Jesus. Thank you for your courage to show the truth.

Many thanks!!!!! The pictures of the abortions are terrible, but worse is the fact that they happened.

There are some things that you just can't put into words. I have lost loved ones, and I have grieved. I have had one miscarriage before my children were born, but the grief I feel for the precious lives in these photographs is beyond description. I had no idea this went on. I still cannot believe that this happens every day in plain view of the American public. Too many people have closed their eyes and didn't want to know the gruesome details. I completely include myself in this group. I still would not know if I hadn't seen the debates over partial birth abortion on C-Span yesterday between the senators from Ohio and California. I spoke of these to a friend and he found your website. Elections have been overshadowed by promises of not raising taxes, mud-slinging, and so many other frivolous things far too long. I feel that I have had my eyes opened. And as I send this message through tear blurred eyes and an aching heart I pray that God has mercy on us, as a nation, for turning our backs and closing our eyes. And the only comfort that I can seem to find right now is knowing that He was waiting with open arms and received each loving soul as its suffering ended and it awoke in paradise. Please keep educating people.

I think your website is horrible but great at the same time. It is horrible that someone would ever even think about doing something like this to their unborn child. It is great that you are reaching out to people to show them what really goes on behind closed doors at places like this. These are images that these clinics never want us to be able to see. People need to see them so less of this murder will happen. Thank you very much for this site that you have put here for me and others to be able to view.

I am sitting here in complete shock. What has our society come to? This is in no way a humane procedure. Could you imagine if this were a dog? Animal rights activists would be appalled. I wish I would have never seen this, but so glad I am now aware.

I came across your site when my 4 yr old daughter wanted to see what babies looked like "in the belly". We marveled at the shots on the home page. When I saw you had pictures of aborted babies as well, I had my daughter leave the room and I proceeded to look at these. More people NEED to see what the end result of the politically correct term "terminated pregnancy" means. It only affirmed my pro-life stance. My daughter summed it up when we were looking at in utero pictures when she said, "Wow, Mom, a baby has eyebrows and everything like a real person."

I want to thank your organization for your work against abortion and share a story with you. My son who attends the local public school was asked to write a paper on protesting. The teacher wanted to know what would make the kids want to protest. ....... He came back with a paper written about abortion! I had spoken about abortion with him a couple of times and showed him the famous photograph of the baby in the womb reaching out and grasping the finger of the surgeon. I told him we don’t "choose" to kill our babies in our family. Also, he asked me about "partial birth abortion" and I showed him a chart presented in Congress of what it involves. But I don’t protest abortion like I should do...It was the most sophisticated paper he has ever written. It was so nakedly innocent and true - using logic from his mind, a knowledge base I did not realize he possessed and pure love and mercy from his heart. Obviously, he has heard the message from you pro-life folks clearly and has put all the pieces together. I thank you for this. So much of parenting when it comes to moral issues is a loner's experience. I’m sad to say, not even our church challenges the immorality all around us effectively. That is not the case with abortion; you folks who have dedicated your efforts to public education and have gotten through to a kid in my house. You have touched his mind and his heart. And he got an "A" on his paper from his liberal teacher, to boot. You have come up with a technique that works. Show the pictures of truth. They are painful to see but we must see them to understand the consequences of immorality. Immorality has terrible results. It is not limited to abortion - all immoral behavior leads to pictures of great suffering and victimization. The church should show pictures of the ravages of sin in all its forms to make people understand why we have "old-fashioned" rules governing our behavior.

And I feel that photo’s should be shown on this topic. Frankly, this should be part of schools sexual education courses. . . if they still allow that in the classroom these days. We need to quit sugar-coating reality in our great nation.

I am a 40 year old mother of two beautiful teenage daughters and I say that this is one thing that they should show in sex education. This just took my breathe away. You hear about it on TV and to actually see it first hand like this just sickens me. We as a society need to do more than just pray about this. How those doctors can live with themselves or to go home and look at their own families knowing what they did today just ills me. Thank you for this site it is something that all teenager boys and girls should sit down and look at.

I feel sick to my stomach and I have a big lump in my throat right now. I want to cry for all these babies that have been murdered. I want to thank you for this web site I am sharing this information with my children as soon as I can. I hope to instill in them that only God gives us life and only He should decide when to take us with him. To all the women that regret having done this to their babies I just want to say that your babies are in heaven right now. Be happy for your baby because he/she is receiving all the love that No one here on this earth could possibly give or understand.

Just a short email to tell you how much I appreciate your web site. I sent it to our minister some time ago, he was so appalled at what he saw he could hardly believe his eyes! He, like so many others had never seen actual photos of aborted babies. He hopes to do a televised sermon on it someday. So far the networks won't allow it. He has had many programs shut down for trying to give such sermons. Their reasons? It would offend too many people! It is ok to show us the filth, sex and trashy language but nothing about God or abortion. Keep up the good work and let us all pray for the babies and the return of Christ to set this world in order.

I think your website is wonderful. Everyone that had input should be proud. The reason I was searching for a site like this was for a research project on abortion that I have to present tomorrow. No matter how many pictures I see of partial birth abortions or any other one for that matter, I will never not feel sick to my stomach. God's blessings on you.

I viewed some of the pictures of these aborted blessings from Heaven I could only see a few because it makes me weep from my soul to see such horrifying things being done to innocent little children from God. If people were treated like they treated others, society might be somewhat more compassionate than they are today!!! Adults wouldn’t stand by and put up with their arms, legs and heads pulled off...............God have mercy on us all! God bless you for all that you do, a fellow believer in our Lord Jesus.

I have to thank you for putting the images of what abortions truly are on your page. I had to see for myself if it was true or not, whether or not it was just a "cluster of cells" at six weeks gestation, as I have been taught in school. Apparently it’s not. Thank you for putting this out in the public. People need to see this and to wake up to what abortion truly is-infanticide.

I just wanted to say thank you for showing these innocent babies dead from abortion on this site. More people should be aware of this and me and my friend are going to make a website about abortion and put fliers up at school and on the Internet. I have always felt this way about abortion I think it’s wrong, unsafe, and should be illegal. It takes somebody extremely sick to be able to do this to an innocent child. I don’t care if you were raped, molested, or just aren’t ready. I believe that everything happens for a reason and even something as bad as rape can result into the most beautiful gift that god gave us, a baby, and to think that it would make you happy to kill that piece of survival you got from your injustice makes me literally sick. Thank you for your time to make this website. I appreciate this so much. I am catholic and I go to church every Sunday and I say my prayers every day before I eat and when I go to bed and every time I even whisper a prayer I will make to pray for these unfortunate children. Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you for putting a website out there that was graphic and not sugar coated. I looked through most of the pictures (BEFORE I WENT CAREENING TO THE BATHROOM) and instantly I started to cry. I wish that people really knew what they were doing to their children when they get an abortion. I am casting no judgment on anyone who had an abortion but you really need to repent and ask GOD for his never-ending forgiveness. May the Lord bless and keep you.

Well what can I say, I am in tears here, my mother was due to have me aborted when I was 12 weeks gestation, there were several reasons for this, one was her age, she was 39 with two grown up daughters, two was my mother and father were going to part when the two children had left home and three she had a coil still in place, and the doctors advised her to abort me, as I stood no chance of living any how. But my mothers faith was too strong to abort me, so she decided to let "nature take its course" and if I was to be I would be, and here I am, I was born with the coil inside my placenta, and it didn't harm me at all(praise God) I'm so glad my mother didn’t listen to the doctors, it took her a while to get used to me, but she and my father loved me dearly once I was born, I was there miracle baby, I'm just so sorry that other mothers don’t give their babies the chance to win them over like mine did, yes it was hard for her but she has a beautiful daughter and granddaughter now, and she would have had neither if the "professionals" had talked her round. It is some comfort to know the little ones pictured on your site are safe in the loving arms of Jesus, and wanted and received by Him. Thank you for you’re site, continue to do this Godly work

How do you get these photos and how can you bear to take them without crying?

I went to your website, and was amazed at all of the information concerning abortion. The graphic pictures made me cry. I myself, was adopted, and I thank God that I wasn't aborted. I wish more people would adopt children. To think of all of God's little ones that could have grown into adulthood, and who might have become doctors to cure the AIDS virus, or cancer. I pray that abortion will stop someday.

I am 60 yrs old -have never seen an abortion - got the link -from a message board I cried - little lives lost - didn't know anyone buried these children - I am Christian - was so touched -by your pictures and work - wish all could see them -it would be humbling -it is murder god bless you

I cried when I saw your pictures. The murders of beautiful, innocent, human children, condoned by the ones who should love them more than life itself, their mothers. What could be sadder? We see a little, God sees it all. How he must weep.

Thank you for showing us the reality of abortion. These images are a powerful tool. I’ll keep you in my prayers. God have mercy on us!

Hello! I attended a banquet recently for the Delaware County Pregnancy Center, a Christ-based pro-life organization in Del. County, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia). After the banquet, I began to search the web for pictures of abortion, and was stunned by what I found. I was so moved that I wrote a poem called "The Unloved" in memory of the children who have been silenced by this evil. Please keep up the work you are doing, the public NEEDS to know the truth of what is happening everyday.

The Unloved

O tiny child without a name
What happened to you so?
Your little body ripped apart
Without remorse or woe
Formed by God in small perfection
In the likeness of Him were you made;
You had in you the fullness of life
A life that would soon fade
O tiny child, who has forsaken you?
Who could treat you with such disregard?
Your fragile body was devastated
And the pity, it was not hard.
Defenseless, you felt the invasion
Your bulwark penetrated
All you can do is embrace the pain,
For your brief life is hated.
O tiny child, the deepest sorrows
Accompany your flight above
For yours was a fate sealed in the womb
A child who was unloved

I just want to thank you for making those pictures available. I think that mothers who do this to their babies are taking the cowardly way out. Like my saying, "you made your bed, now lie in it." Again thank you for publishing those photos. I think you are doing the nation a great favor in letting the nation see what abortion is and what it does.

I just saw the pictures of the babies that were destroyed by abortions and I must say that they are truly an inspiration for anyone who may be thinking of an abortion. If these pictures don't change their mind, then God have mercy on them. My heart went out to these lost babies and I only pray that they are back home with our Blessed Lord where they belong.

I just wanted to express how glad I am too have found many people that believe in the same thing I do: abortion is murder. I didn’t realize it as much until after I reviewed your website. I feel this website could change many minds about abortion. Please keep doing a great job in showing abortion is wrong.

My God, I looked at the pictures of some of the abortions. It is horrific, sad and heart breaking. It brought tears to my eyes. I couldn’t finish the dumpster collection. I saw one. That was enough. I can’t believe it but I looked at the salt abortions and then partial abortion. How in the Lord’s name can anyone perform these abortions. I looked at partial birth abortion but had to cover the page and go back. Do pro-choice people see these pictures? Maybe they should hand them to them as we mothers have our baby's pictures taken so proudly. I am a grandmother and it just sickens me. My daughter has 4 boys. When I see them again I will give them an extra kiss and hug and thank my daughter for having these joyous children. God bless your work. Physically I am unable to attend the march in 2005 but I’m sure there will be TV coverage.

I want to thank you for doing this research to make this website possible.

I just wanted to let you know I found the photos posted on your site to be quite an eye opener. I consider myself to be Pro-Choice, but with limitations. It sickens me when I see photos of the babies that were 3 months old and up - it is amazing how much they look like a real newborn baby. That was something I never realized until I saw it for myself in your website. I do not believe abortion passed the 3rd month is morally right and wish it would be made illegal. Thank you for posting these things - although some may not WANT to see them I think it is good for people to realize and know how brutal abortion is. I hope this will make people think twice…

Many adults do not know how abortions are really performed. The pictures are worth years of talking. I no longer have to explain the moral decay of our culture. What is the difference between these pictures and the pictures of the Jewish Holocaust? No one has answered me yet!

How dare we take the position of Almighty God and choose whom we want to kill and whom to live. I am very disgusted with the photos I have seen. May God have mercy on the souls of the women and doctors who have decided that death of a baby was more important than life!

Praise God for Priests for Life! To show the brutality, destruction and the blatant disregard for these innocent lives will convict any pro-"choice" person who has eyes to see. I wonder if the Pro-abortion crowd would wrap any of their euphemistic language around one of these grisly pictures attached to it? I’m not holding my breath. Looking at the array of disturbing photos on this site certainly reminds me of the links between this current holocaust and the one where six million Jews were murdered by the Nazi’s in Europe. Planned Parenthood doesn’t have a leg to stand on. -- A Protestant Against Abortion

I am just so sorry for those poor babies and for the mothers who didn't know what they were really doing. Even though it is hard to see those pictures I know you have the right heart in showing them to people and am so glad some lives have been saved because of that. What else could anyone think when they see those photographs other than this is the body of a murdered infant? It is so horrible and yet it has to be seen by some in order not to be ignored.

Through tears, I have enlarged and looked at each photo. I printed some to always have with me. I must say I am deeply broken. A photo of a 10-week abortion was particularly striking since this would be a fairly common time frame for an abortion. A request for her to go to your website and look at the pictures will be in my rebuttal. Liberals love the language of victim hood and they tend to throw out a few emotional comments designed to convince the public that traditional minded people are out to oppress them. I believe we must use their own public commentary against them -- answering each and every assault (on every subject) with truth. And I believe that every child of 10 or 11 should see these photos. They are graphic but not gross. They are real babies. Maybe some kids would think much harder before engaging in casual sex.

These are some sad pictures.

I have never been so disturbed by anything in my life as I was by the photo galleries of the aborted babies. I have never believed in abortion, but had absolutely no idea that things of this nature are allowed!! The D and E procedure is the same thing as committing murder!! They deliberately stab the child in the skull and suction out the brain matter, it is so appalling I cried when I saw the images. Only God decides on life and death, and it is not for the so-called human race to make these decisions. Keep up the good work and maybe someday soon there will be no such thing as abortion.

These pictures hurt to look at knowing there are people out there who want babies and we want to destroy a part of us like this. I wish they would put these pictures up in my high school cause girls brag about having abortions. That is the weakest way out of responsibility I can think of and it should be outlawed. How is abortion any different from murder in the first degree???? I am glad you have web sites like this cause it makes you think it isn’t right but most people only think about how a baby can hurt their lifestyle.

I was disgusted at the pictures I saw on your sight and I cried for the little babies. I pray one day any form of abortion will be illegal. Animals have more rights in our country then unborn babies and it makes me sick.

I never knew that people can be so heartless as to kill an innocent child... It is so heartless that I cried for them.

Like others who have viewed your site, I have to say thank you. I thank you for having such dedication to the pro-life ministry, for having the courage to go to abortion mills and find these little ones, and for putting their pictures online. As crazy as it sounds, I have been looking at your website for hours on end during the past two days. I am nauseated, I have a horrible headache, and my whole body feels limp. I can’t stop looking at these pictures. I want to look at them long and well and make sure I NEVER FORGET THE UGLY FACE OF ABORTION. ...."We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Even as I read that card, I didn’t see our battle as anything more than a fight against flesh and blood. But, have mercy on me Lord, the nature of our battle only became clear to me after seeing these pictures.  "Planned Parenthood," "pro-choice," "women’s rights" sound so beautiful, don’t they? But THIS is what those words mean! Lord God, NEVER let me forget that this fight is against great and evil powers, against a spiritual wickedness SO great that the most powerful men on Earth would not have a chance with. Dead child after dead child, creation after creation, so wonderfully and fearfully knit in the mother’s womb are tossed out like old garbage.  How long and wide and high and deep is the love of Christ that this is simply and mercifully forgiven! How awesome and majestic is our God that he forgives even this sin. For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom His whole family in Heaven and Earth derives its name. That family includes the precious children who have died and the women who chose that end for their children. Certainly, God has made even them in His image and sacrificed His only begotten for them. But I did want to thank you and let you see the emotions your website elicits and the fearfully wonderful experiences that were made possible by your dedication and love. We have so much more work to do. I tire to the point of death and with no end of those who see His Creations of the beautiful Earth, of children, of Christ and the Word and find it all unimportant, boring, erroneous, fallible or not worth losing their life for.

I was doing some research for a paper I'm writing on the fact that abortion is the murder of a living being. I'm a Christian and I've always thought that abortion was wrong, but never really realized the atrocity of it all. Seeing your website has really opened my eyes. I responded to many of the images in a way that most 19yr old college students might...with rage. I can't describe how angry it makes me that people condone and fight for something so completely horrible. I appreciate your website and the insight that it shows on this practice. Ben

I have never seen anything as heart wrenching as those blessed little lives and that is what they were until they were murdered. Patsy, KY

I pulled this website up because I had to do a research paper on abortion. The statement about "America will not reject abortion, until they view abortion", how true this is. The images that I saw made me sick. The picture of the aborted baby with its tiny little hand stuck up, made me almost pass out. How any women could do this to a precious gift that God has blessed her with is beyond my comprehension. I feel that if any one that is considering abortion sees these pictures they will have to reconsider, and thank God that there mother made the decision of giving them life.

The photos are very moving...Honestly, I have never seen stills as those. I had to stop [because] I started to cry at seeing those children like that.

I viewed your website, and wanted to comment on the images of the aborted babies. First I'll tell you I'm not really either pro-choice or pro-life, I'm sort of stuck in between. ... I'm torn on the issue. I'm writing you because I viewed the images of the abortions, and I saw that many of them were shown as being rescued from the garbage and given a proper burial. I commend you for your commitment to your beliefs. Even though I'm not pro-life, I do believe that no living thing … deserves to be disposed of in such a manner. I think it is amazing that people go and rescue the babies and give them a little casket and a service and bury them. Like I say, I may not agree fully with your opinion, but I can agree and see that the aborted babies are not just medical waste to be tossed in the garbage. No tiny creature should be laid to rest in that manner. So, I appreciate your conviction and dedication to your beliefs. Good luck with your cause and bless you for sticking to what you believe in.

I was looking at some abortion related websites and came across this one. I am appalled at the images on the site, it's really sad to see and not something that the public has a chance to see often, women certainly aren't shown those images when visiting clinics about an unplanned pregnancy...I had to force myself to look at the pictures but I think everyone should so they can be informed about what it is about. Best of luck to you.

Thank you so much for having the boldness to show these pictures. Too many people are fooled into believing that it's a piece of tissue that doesn't feel anything. Please keep on spreading the word.

My heart is broken, as it should be for the sin of Abortion, as I look at the pictures. May Jesus Christ have mercy on us. On behalf of the world may I thank you for what you do. I am a senior citizen and live in a very small community but my prayers do help. I have 5 children and 6 grandchildren. May Jesus Bless You & may His Mother intercede for you. HH, Canada

We are so grateful for Priests for Life allowing us to publish those amazing photos! The photos have had such an impact on our subscribers and family. It is a true testimony of life!...Thank you again for all your help and may God continue to bless the work of Priests for Life! The Catholic Standard and Times, PA

I just wanted to write a quick thank you for the graphic images of abortions you have provided on your site. I am a home schooling mother of 6 and a part time professor.... One of the courses I teach at [a University in Canada] is Developmental Psychology. I will be using these images in a future lecture on the prenatal phase of development and the reality of abortion. Thank you!

I never knew just what an unborn child looked like. I would think that if anyone saw these pictures of a child at just a few weeks old they would never do such horrible things such as an abortion. I have to say that I don't think anyone realizes what they are actually doing when they abort a child. So sad, so very sad. Your site has opened my eyes to something that I never really thought about. I wish everyone could see what I just saw. -- From the State of Georgia.

I just happen to "stumble" onto your site because of a friend who was pregnant and suddenly "isn't." She didn't need to say anymore. I am horrified at the thought that such precious babies are discarded everyday, every hour, every second. May God grant you the strength you need to continue this work. I know it isn't always an easy road to travel, but maybe if one person at a time is touched, then just maybe precious little Malachi will not have died in vain.

While it is disturbing to see these images, they need to be seen by everyone who feels it is ok to do this. Even those who are against abortion need to see them to make them fight all that much harder to stop this. Thank you for having the courage to post these. If they are removed post them again and again and again. Never ever ever give up your fight, I won't!

I am a naturopath, 63 years old. I am also an ex soldier and seaman and most consider me to be pretty tough. These photos sickened me and I am still shaking. -- Gary, Australia

Looked at the photos and did not know an abortion was [of] an actual baby. It was sad. Thanks for showing me those. I never wanted to have an abortion. I will tell those who want to come to this site and to choose adoption.

I am a divorced mother of 3 children and visited you're web site today. I cannot believe the pictures I saw. I am sitting here heart broken and tears running down my cheeks. I never believed abortions were the right choice and now after seeing what I just did I can never imagine anyone wanting to do such a thing. I pray to God everyday for the children I have. The relationship I had with their father was not the best but I thank God everyday for my children. My prayers go to all the little innocent lives that have been lost. I also pray that somehow this can be put to an end. May God bless you for showing us what it's like and hopefully changing minds of many parents to be that think they're not ready for parenthood.

My heart is touched to tears by the photos of precious babies whose lives were taken from the world unjustly...Blessings upon your ministry to the "least of these [Jesus'] brethren"!

I heard Father Frank Pavone on Fox News this morning. Then I went to your web site. Thank you for the work you are doing. Where are you allowed to publish your pictures of aborted babies?? These pictures need to be in front of the eyes of every American (adults)...Again thank you for the work you are doing. -- MJZ, Virginia

I have a 4 month old little boy and I was very close to getting an abortion. I was in the office looking at the ultrasound and by God's will I didn't go through with it. I am so shocked by the photos. It was hard not to cry. That is murder, just pure murder. If only every one could see those pictures even the women that are considering an abortion, then I am positive that every one's thoughts would change. People need to take responsibility for their actions. I am so glad that there are people out there that are unafraid to show it for what it is. Thank you very much for what you are doing. -- Cori

I am in shock looking at those photos. I would never even [have an abortion] without looking at pictures. You're right about all those pictures even knowing they have gone to heaven, those babies are speaking. A human life is so precious. People don't realize how precious of a gift it is.

First, thank you for your website, I hope the images of these poor babies touches many people. I do not know how it cannot. The mere conception of abortion certainly is an issue that makes my skin crawl, but to see those tiny hands and tiny feet breaks my heart. Since abortion continues to be a legal practice in our country, I pray that those poor children do not have to suffer long when they are being aborted; and of course I pray for our country to wake up and see the inhumanity of this awful act. We can all pray in reparation for abortion. -- JT

God have mercy on us-these photos wrenched my soul. How could a sane, rational person look at these photos and still utter the words, "Pro-Choice." A more appropriate term is "Pro-Death." Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen. -- ST

This is a very good site. I can't believe how people can do this to a baby. They are so sweet and helpless. There is no reason for all these babies to die. There is always someone who would want the baby. Those pictures are so sad because they are just tiny babies. They are not just tissue or cells. -- KK, Texas

I read that story about Malachi and I hate that people can do that just cuz they don't want to be a mother. I am a high school student and when I was in the 8th grade I did a report on abortion and how wrong it is and I really hate it. -- Tasha

As tough as those dead babies are to look at, the people who killed them are not going to go away if we ignore them. They are going to keep killing as long as it is legal and profitable. I am not the slightest bit religious, but I agree with the Church 100% on ending abortion. This website is a great way to get the message out, but unfortunately it does not reach enough people. -- Dave, Illinois

Thank you for your website. It is very much needed...God sure is patient!...These babies are being ripped apart, like a wild animal does to its prey. The pictures are worse than a Hollywood horror movie!! It is murder. Thank you again for your website, hopefully it will help more people realize the horrors of abortion. -- RY, Oklahoma

That is the most awful thing that I have ever seen in my entire life. I was never for abortion and would like to give this to people who say they are pro choice. -- IO

I can't say anything. I'm sick that people would such a thing to a life. -- Stacy, Ohio

The photos on your website are awful. I can't believe that we live in a world where this is legal.  Thank You. -- Jennifer

My girlfriend wants to have an abortion.  I am not agree with this but she said is her body and that she can do anything that she wants with it, after seeing all this pictures of aborted babies, I am feeling like I am leaving my own flesh and blood to die and on the hands of the one that created him or her. -- JC

Thank you for your website, and your work to show us what a horrific thing abortion really is.  It took me several tries to force myself to go thru all the abortion images.  I felt I had to do it to honor these little souls, and to pray for each.  I'm not ashamed to say I cried like a baby all thru this experience.  As a matter of fact, I'd be ashamed if I hadn't!  Dearest Jesus, save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy.  Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners.... I pray that the Peace of Christ be with each one of you at PFL, I will remember you every day in my prayers.  +Peace, -- Bob, Oregon

I have seen everything on your website and it absolutely horrifies me to think that women can do that to their babies. How could you give up a life like that? There are so many other options than an abortion….The time that I have spent with my nieces and nephews is just so wonderful.  I wouldn’t give it up for the world. I think you should keep this website on no matter how many years it would take for people to actually realize that an abortion is to me and many other people - murder. I absolutely love children and to see images like this hurts but it definitely made me realize that a child’s life is just so precious and fragile.  Children are everything and if they cannot be everything to someone that is thinking of abortion than they can be everything to the millions of people who cannot conceive a child.  Abortion is not the answer to what they might call "a problem"… there are many other options like adoption. If you cannot love your baby than someone else can. To the people involved to this website thank you very much you sure have opened my eyes and millions of other peoples. Maybe in this effort one we would be able to stop abortions from happening so keep up the website. One day the world will change and they all will realize that this is murder. Thank you so much a trillion thank you’s to all of you with this website. GOD BLESS you and all of the precious babies who have never had a chance. GOD LOVES YOU  -- FW, Pennsylvania

The abortion pictures available on your web site say more than a million words about the killing of unborn babies.  I asked my two Arizona Senators, and my Arizona Congressman, to enter all of the abortion pictures available on your web site into the Senate permanent records and the House of Representatives permanent records. I ask Senator Sam Brownback to enter all of the abortion pictures available on your web site into the Senate permanent records as a part of his bill.  I ask Senator Brownback to ask a member of the House of Representatives to do the same and enter the pictures into the House of Representatives permanent records.  -- JD

The pictures that you provided that I have seen are so disappointing because to see how people would kill an innocent life just because they made a mistake. -- RN, New JerseyWhen I came across this website those pictures made me sick to my stomach.  I don't see how anyone can say that they are not human at that age.  -- Megan I’ve had all the disturbing images I can take for one day, one week, maybe one life.  I’ve been printing out photos from of aborted babies to include in my [to be] “Vote Life 2004” poster, some of them 37 weeks gestation, and I feel empty and ill. My very soul aches for them. Satan does rule the world. -- JW

We definitely believe in showing graphic pictures!!!  There’s a panel truck driving around Sioux Falls with such’s upsetting many people!  They ‘need’ to be upset!  Abortion can’t just be a ‘word’, or ‘choice’ or ‘denied’ when a person actually ‘sees’ what abortion is!  We firmly believe that all politicians should see very graphic videos of abortion...including partial birth abortion! It’s time to pull out all the stops.  Time to leave no stone unturned.  Time to tell it like it is. Time to ‘show’ it like it is.  Seems like it’s time to ‘talk their language’!!!  -- Tim and Mary

I have been pro-life since 1973 when I saw and heard Dr. and Mrs. Willke speak at Kent State University in Ohio.  Back in those times, the graphic abortion photos were shown as part of pro-life presentations and speeches. It did not take long before the pro-abortion forces realized how very powerful and effective those pictures are. They quickly got them banned, by painting a very ugly picture of the "mean-spirited and unsympathetic" pro-lifers. They quickly launched a campaign which said that the photos were much too graphic and could be psychologically harmful to any woman who had had an abortion -- it just wasn't "nice" or "Christian" to show the pictures to women who had had abortions, or even to those who were contemplating abortion. AND..........the pictures might scare children who saw them. The pro-life people became the villains.   I am so glad to see that you are not intimidated by the pro-abortion forces, and that you bravely show the truth. It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. And they also leave the pro-abortion people speechless to defend abortion.  I wish these pictures could be reference material in every library and library branch in the U.S.  -- JW

I just came across your website, and was moved to tears. I cannot see how anyone can look at those pictures and still try to justify abortion. I just can’t understand how the doctors can be so heartless. They are the ones who see these babies up close and personal, and yet they can still perform these horrific acts. Their hearts must surely have turned into stone. I shudder to think of the wrath God has in store for those who abuse the innocent. I am not a Catholic, but I am so very grateful for your website that puts the truth out there. Everyone in America should have to look at those pictures before they vote on Election day.  Thanks, and keep fighting the good fight. -- Dara

How can anyone support this after seeing what it is?  I am appalled at our nation, and the murder taking place.  I cannot quit weeping, for the innocence lost.  My God have mercy. --  Ashley

Those little aborted babies are like the liberated Nazi camps.  Makes me so deeply satisfied to have joined the Catholic Church this Easter. It is the only church that stands for Life unequivocally. And how touching that the local diocese has buried these little children.  Thanks for making this so public. Shame on our society. -- Bette, CA

Tell the world.  Tears just flow from my eyes to just see and know what these innocent babies, who were not asked to form in their mothers bellies, to be just thrown out with the trash because of poor judgment. I understand that it might be in the interest for the mother’s health, but Jesus died for us, we should do the same for our children. They are little gifts from God and should be treated that way. Thank you for opening my eyes to see first hand what our world has come to. You are doing a wonderful thing! God Bless The Little Ones and God Bless You!!!!! -- Stephanie

The wonderful thing about these photos, although they engender the deepest sort of sadness, is that they provide real images for the reason we instinctively recoil from the idea of removing a child from its mother's womb. Thank you.  How can a helpless child the size of a dime be a threat to anyone? – Caryl

The image of the tiny hands and feet not only disturbed me, it moved me to tears.  Please know that your website is one that I will share with any girl I come across who may be considering abortion.  -- Amanda   

I just want to commend you for all you are doing for the preservation of life, especially the unborn.  I started to look at those pictures of aborted babies, and it made me sick, so after viewing a few of them, I had to exit quickly.  I think if this nation saw what happens during an abortion and that these babies are a living human beings, abortion would be cut down dramatically.  God bless you and all who are working with you.  Sincerely, -- Barb, PA

I want thank you for all your help in fighting the battle for life. Thank you for not shying away from having photos of murdered unborn babies. I don't think you ever get a realization of how bad something is, until you see it.  I have seen three terrible images. The Holocaust, the brutal murder of Emmett Till, a 14 year old boy beaten to death for whistling at a white women…and in our own time, abortion. How ironic is it, that we still fight a battle for civil rights? I think every generation has its battles, abortion is ours...and as we…remember Emmett, and the tragedy of our court system, we need to remember the murdered unborn baby.  But keep fighting the good fight, 100 days after the murder, someone decided not to give up her seat to a white man...her name was Rosa Parks.  May the Lord deliver you May Mary keep you always.  Amen.  -- Emily

I am shedding tears of sorrow as I write this email.  I have just seen a selection of photos of aborted babies and I cannot comprehend the horror of what has been happening.  I will pray for the babies and for their parents.  -- Rachele

I recently visited your web-site.  What intense photos you have in your galleries.  I was very moved by the images I have seen. -- JT

...those picture of those innocent babies broke my heart…brought me to tears.  I think every woman considering abortions should be shown this pictures. -- Janet

I really believe that we can do something about abortions and with such graphic images.  I am extremely prepared to support you. Thank you for all the information printed on your site. I am truly against abortion. -- Katherine

I think that though your photos are deeply disturbing, they need to be seen by every young person in the world. -- AR

I was genuinely fearful to view these pictures. I knew they would make me physically sick, and that I would cry too hard for comfort. I would not have looked except that Fr. Pavone kept talking and talking and TALKING about those who remained silent being guilty. Then came the parable of the Good Samaritan.  I am certain … that few hearts could withstand the assault on the mind, heart and soul that these photographs would wage. These pictures are crucial.  I think we are a society whose sense of morality and sin is severely compromised and dulled. We are visual, the images are necessary to change hearts and minds. I think we are more likely to respond when we SEE. It seems as though someone must be trying very, very hard to NOT have pictures like that seen. – Mary

Thank you for showing the reality of abortion, ugly as it may be.  Today I had the opportunity to be a part of the Life Chain in our community.  I have never done anything to actively participate in pro-life causes.  It was a long hour and a half, but I will be back next year.  I'd like to hold a poster with your website written boldly on it, so more people can see the horror of the pictures you shared.   I thank you for all you do to defend the defenseless. – CM, Texas

I was overlooking your web site, and I was in awe. I cannot believe what goes on behind those closed doors during abortions. I like your web site because now it can show people what abortion really looks like, and everyone needs to be aware of it. -- Heidi, NY

I could not believe what I saw. How can a mother do this to her child, my heart hurt when I saw think of how God "s heart hurts? We must put an end to all of this murder. – Carol

I believe that these photos and descriptions should be sent to every person out there so caught up in their own lives that they are willing to take an innocent child and do such an inhumane thing to them so they can see what they are truly doing to this child. I am 500% against abortions. I love life, and no child deserves to be treated with such misuse. I am proud to say, I am Pro-Life. – Jennifer, Ohio

Until I saw the images on this website, I was ignorant as to the pain an embryo or fetus goes through. How can such an obviously inhumane act be allowed to go on in our society? These pictures haunt me, and although I wish I had never seen them, perhaps it is a good thing that I am no longer naïve on the subject. – Kaitlyn

It deeply saddens me that there are "self respecting doctors" helping women murder innocent children...the same children that are our future, the next Doctor that finds a cure for AIDS or cancer...the next Einstein.   This is a website ALL women need to see!  I have linked this site to several friends, Keep up the good work! DT, Arkansas

I showed articles and pictures to our 16 yr old daughter and 14 yr old son. I am praying that they will never put themselves or a loved one thru an abortion. They were saddened by the horrible sights. – Mary

These pictures are like looking at pictures of the holocaust. God’s heart must break at the horror called abortion. Anyone who calls himself a Christian has to be moved into action when seeing these images, more need to seem them to know the truth. – Deeply Saddened, Adele

I’m glad this is out in the open. If the pictures won’t convince certain people that abortion is murder, then nothing will. They have their heads in the sand. Abortion is murder. Tom, CA

My first reaction to the invitation to view the pictures was to shy away from them; I had seen them before. I looked anyway. To be honest, I hate the way the little hands and feet have been positioned on your coins, these images make my stomach turn - but I know that these babies were denied the basic rights and freedoms we so often take for granted. I also know that money makes the abortion mills go 'round. I will show these pictures to my two teenagers - they have seen abortion pictures before, but it was when they were little, and maybe a little refresher course will be good. – Sandra

Why hide the truth about abortion? Whenever a sensational murder occurs in the media, we can't be spared the goriest details because of the so-called "right to know" thrown at us by the media; over and over. However, whenever we hold up signs of aborted children, we get chastised as insensitive. Well, that shouldn't stop us, and the truth must continue to be exposed. – Larry

I would like you to know how much your abortion pictures moved me. I am an 18-year-old college student and I was completely speechless when I viewed the pictures of abortions. I at first felt incredibly sick to my stomach, and then tears began to stream down my face. I showed a few of the pictures to my roommate who was also disgusted. I am totally against abortion and I swear I always will be. I wish there was a way to make other young people like myself see the horrors of abortion. I will pray for you, and for and end to abortion. Thank you for raising my awareness. God bless! – Christine

I have been tearfully looking at these pictures of the babies that have been aborted. I have never seen anything like this. – Michelle 

Yes, Father.  Pictures of the bleeding, broken bodies of aborted children should have been posted everywhere and brought to every pro-choice/abortion meeting or gathering long ago!!!   Thank you for having the courage to show visually what happens to our babies whose lives have been aborted by their mothers. -- Sister Jane de Chantal

Everyone needs to read this and see the pictures.  So that they will realize what is really happening to these Children who have a right to live. -- Theresa

I am sitting here in front of my computer, stunned at the pictures I just viewed. I have never been so horrified as to what I have just saw.  What are we doing to these poor innocent children?  How anyone could see those pictures and still have one or perform one is unbelievable. – Tina

By all means we should show pictures of abortions being performed as often as we can and wherever we can, even on street corners if need be. Certainly this kind of action will convince many that the practice of aborting babies is sinful, if not sick and disgusting! Some will criticize the practice but I wouldn't let the opposition try and distract you from doing God's work! – Nicola,

I didn't know that abortion was so graphic. I cannot believe that the babies are alive when this happens. Any woman choosing to have an abortion should consider her options before throwing away the blessing of life that God has put inside her. -- Rachel 

Upon reading your website I think both amniocentesis test [which led to miscarriage (a lighter term excuse of doctors for abortion)]; and abortion must be illegal in any view you will look at it. To the doctors who perform such a horrific act, I'm glad your mothers are all sane to give you life but unfortunately you are putting it to waste. To the Priest for Life organization, thanks for the amazing work you are doing and keep up the good work. God Bless! -- Cristin, Australia

Those images are very hard to look at. I can not believe that abortion is still legal.  Children are all a gift from God. I do not judge anyone that has had an abortion because I know that God will be the judge of them. It's so sad that those children had no choice. I hope that anyone that is considering abortion will come across this site and see the images you have displayed and change their mind. I'm sure this site has already saved so many innocent children's lives. Thank you for letting people know the truth about abortion. -- Kristin E.

I read an article in my local paper in which an editorial praised the courage of certain politicians who had the courage to defend abortion. at the end of her column it said to e-mail her with a comment. I wrote her and asked her to go to your web site and view what an abortion looks like.  I added that, if after viewing it you remain a supporter of abortion, you really must examine your conscience and ask yourself why it does not bother you, I never got a response back. How surprising! The paper by the way is the Hartford Courant. keep up the good work, God Bless. -- John

On another day, when I have time to cry...I will be brave and look and share them with others. (I have already started to pray for the children in the photographs that I can not now bare to view). -- Andrea

Hi my name is Anna and I’m from Australia.  I was in tears seeing the abortion photos. Every mother wishing to go through an abortion should be made to have a look at pictures like these!!!  You are all doing a great job!!!! Keep it up I’m sure you have saved many lives.

Hi, I just found your site and have to say the pictures tell a lot.  I'm the webmaster for Justice for All: Students for Life and just wanted to ask if we could post some on our website. -- Eric

I am so glad that you have the site that you have.  I would like to thank you for not being afraid to show people what really happens with abortions.  It is so sad that in the USA we can even allow such horrific murders of babies, infants and fetuses.  I hope young girls from all around that even think about abortion will visit your website.  -- Julie L.

It's heartbreaking to know that little baby Malachi cannot receive his first food, his kindergarten photos, first Holy Communion, Confirmation, or even enjoy a beautiful wedding.  To be denied these most cherished moments of life is an abomination to humanity. Our unborn children must be protected by the Department of Defense. I cannot believe that liberal politicians can face the day knowing that this should be an acceptable procedure.  Those are not doctors in those clinics, they're butchers. May God Bless you and I ask your prayers for me.  -- Catherine

Subsequent to logging on to the e-mail addresses found in your March-April publication, I failed to continue my lenten fast from alcohol. Upon receipt of your bulletin today, I reviewed the abortion photographs and had to make myself a martini. After that I forwarded the pictures to every one of my e-mail addresses.  Tomorrow I will continue my lenten fast. -- CB

After seeing all these pictures and movies I found in the internet I am convinced that there is such a thing as Satan. Many years ago I left the Catholic Church and lived as an atheist. But now I realize that there really must be something like good and bad or God and Satan. He is all around us!!  Thank you for your great work! -- Margarete from Germany

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