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As a neonatal nurse, I have been part of children's lives that have been through the unfortunate circumstance of premature birth. I have seen children as young as 23 weeks gestation be born, live, and grow to be healthy children. These precious children, even as young as 23 weeks, have distinct personalities and definitely are 100% human worthy of love and life.

It breaks my heart to see these sweet babies, many who are roughly the same size as the ones who I've met, meet such a violent and untimely end. As gruesome as these photos are us just to look at, I can assure you those poor children experienced terrible pain beyond all our comprehension. Infants have the same capability to feel pain as adults.

I do consider myself pro life, but have never been active in voicing my opinion. After today, I think I might start. The biggest thing people can do is educate. It is so important to people to know about pregnancy and fetal development. I don’t think most people correlate the word "abortion" with the images I saw here. I feel like if most "pro choice" people (and anyone else for that matter) really knew what abortion was, I don’t think anyone would be proud to be pro choice. Thank you for standing up for the littlest victims. Hopefully one day people will understand. I know after today, I do. - JM

I agree that abortion has become just a political issue. People are not seeing what abortion really is. I would like some photos of aborted babies of all terms. Pictures speak louder than words. I'm a nurse and work in an intensive care unit. I work hard to save lives everyday and would like to become a part of saving babies lives.

I was sickened by the photos of these aborted babies.  I am an RN…  I was horrified by what I saw on your web site.  I have never seen a picture of an aborted baby, even in nursing school.  How can anyone, Catholic or not, be for this murderous act????  I will never be able to get these pictures out of my head for as long as I live. -- Nancy

Your graphic images are quite accurate. However they miss the thing impossible to print and that is the sound effects which are sickening to hear. As head nurse in a large delivery suite I witnessed only one and then resigned my position. But the memory of that will never leave me. Keep up your wonderful work.

I am returning your graphic images along with my donation. I can testify that a 9 week baby is perfect just like the picture. Please pass it on to others. Back in the 1940's, as a student nurse, I had the opportunity to "scrub" at a surgery for an ectopic pregnancy to save a mother's life. I'm sure it was the only way to do this since it was at a very prestigious Catholic hospital in NYC. In removal of the ectopic tube this perfect 9 week old baby was removed (probably to be baptized). There was no doubt that this was a perfect little baby. Even his little blue eyes could be seen. I don't know if the procedure is still done today but it sure impressed us that it was no doubt a baby and not a tissue or blob as they tell people today. Thank you for your work.

God Bless you in all your efforts for Pro Life. I just viewed the latest pictures of abortions in the first trimester-they were very traumatic to see even for me, a nurse. Hopefully anyone who takes the time to view them will realize the devastation caused to both mother and baby. You are in my daily prayers.



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