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Priests for Life helped me forgive myself for my abortions - if I had this information 20+ years ago, I NEVER would have gone through with it!  - MP

I just had an abortion four days ago. I have always been pro-abortion my whole entire life. After seeing these pictures I just cried and cried. I regret killing my baby more than anything else in the world. I want my baby back so bad. I have nothing good to say about abortion now. I thought it was okay because my baby was just 8 weeks and three days but it was not. At the abortion clinic I asked to see my ultrasound and I was told that there was nothing to see. There was definitely something to see. If I had seen that ultrasound there is no way I would've gone through with it. Similarly, the doctor did not allow me to view the remains of my baby. He said that there was nothing to see. I wish they would've told me more about the procedure. I was foolish to get an abortion and I would never recommend it to anyone. I got an abortion because of stupid reasons and I feel so ignorant and guilty. I hope that I can share my story and change someone's opinion about abortions in the future.

I have had two abortions and with the last one I felt no remorse until I saw these pictures. I want to thank you for helping me realize I made a very selfish decision and I really need to look over my life and make some adjustments. I think what you are doing is good and I thank you for it.

I had an abortion when I was 20. It took me 4 years to muster up the courage to confess my sin…. Forgiving myself is not quite as easy. If these images had been available in 1974, I am quite sure I would have made a different decision. … I am physically sick at having seen these images but I am positive that most anyone considering an abortion would have enormous difficulty going through with it after seeing an image of two dismembered arms lying on a coin to emphasize the size and perfectly developed little fingers.  May God have mercy on us.

Watch a video of Margaret talk about how she would have never had an abortion had she seen the graphic photos of abortion

I cried so much when I saw these pictures. Having had an abortion myself at 8 weeks many years ago, I have been deeply affected by these pictures.  If anyone is thinking of having an abortion I would say seek help from someone you trust, don't keep it a secret like I did, medical staff do not warn you about the emotional scars you are left with for life, now I want to campaign for these babies right to life. 

I am in my 20’s and I did have an a abortion at one point in my life and have gone to counseling for it and also have forgave myself for it. I think a lot of this information needs to be shown to everyone. These pictures should be shown to girls thinking about this and also the side effects, because I almost died from having my abortion, the doctor did something wrong. I was for it and now I am against it and I always talk to girls that tell me there pregnant and I tell them what happened to me and to think really hard before making this wrong idea.

Thank you for your ministry.  The website is a very needed resource in a world full of lies.  The pictures of abortions speak for themselves.  The result is a life that has ended.  I wish that I had this available to view before making the decision to kill my own child at 16 years of age.   I never questioned what I had been taught and never thought about the procedure.  In fact, they did not even give me details about what would happen with my body or child; maybe because I did not ask.  This brings images forth that never could be imagined by a sane person.  The consequences of sin is DEATH, quite literally; and we must speak out about this sin.  I pray that this will help Christians and unbelievers alike to consider the truth.  May God have mercy on those of us for whom it is too late.  God bless your ministry and each one of you who are willing to provide resources regarding this gruesome practice.

When James was 2 ½ and Chris was 13 mos. Old, I discovered that I was pregnant again. I had recently had a thyroid scan, but the doctor did not indicate that there was any danger to me, although a miscarriage was always possible.

I went home with mixed feelings. I told my husband and he reacted very negatively. This was a bad time for me to be pregnant. What if something were to happen to me because of this pregnancy, and he'd be left having to raise the boys alone? We can't afford to have another kid.

I was scared, overwhelmed and felt like a failure. I couldn't imagine a positive outcome.

All of our friends advised abortion. No one tried to talk me out of it. Not even my husband. His baby.

He took me to the clinic in Denver. I was given a sleeping pill and instructions for the next morning. The next morning he took me back to the clinic and he sat in the waiting room while I changed into a gown, laid down on a table, and was given a hefty dose of valium. I remember hearing a vacuum cleaner sound, as I felt a long , painful cramp. I remember hearing someone crying. Then I fell asleep. I awoke in a separate room, with a nurse telling my to get dressed, it was time to go. I walked out, and my husband drove us home.

I lied about it, rationalized it and justified it for years. I thought that the immediate so-called solution would override any possible future regrets. This abortion would meet my needs of the moment. It would be the solution to my families financial burdens, and my personal energy and convenience concerns.

But in my heart and soul I knew that it was wrong. The abortion that I chose to have not only murdered my innocent baby, it damaged me physically, mentally and spiritually. It was not a solution to my problem.

Because of the physical damage I had to have a hysterectomy 3 mos. Later.

The guilt and shame of allowing my child to be murdered made it much easier to use and abuse myself in many other ways.

Feb. 14, 1999 is the day that I decided to live and come to know God. I have been clean and sober since.

Since then I have opened myself to god's healing love and grace. Through the miracle of the 12 steps I became honest about the past. Through a desire for spiritual healing and growth I sought reconciliation with the lord through the sacrament of reconciliation, and finally forgave myself.

However, it was through Fr. Pavone's website that the deepest level of truth finally sank in. I clicked on the link to see what abortion looks like. I needed to really see it to realize that my own personal healing and sorrow are not enough anymore. It is important for our regrets to be heard and acknowledged as truth. That's when I decided that I could be silent no more.


Thank you for your pictures because I am going to share them with my class to drive the point home.  A child is a child at conception to the point of going home with the Lord; as my son did.  Had I known what [my son] would of gone through in his future, would I of aborted him?  Absolutely not.  Not only did I enjoy him for 16 years but the lives that he touched for God’s glory, will never be the same.  He left his fingerprint on many lives. Thank you for your site.  I hope to use this as a convincing tool so I can imprint the minds of my fellow college students. -- Patty

I was shocked and absolutely astounded to read such horrific things take place such as the D&E abortion.   I was so shocked to see this procedure taking place so late and I hope and pray with all my heart that it stops. I fell pregnant in March of this year and am deeply ashamed to say that I had an abortion at 8 weeks with the pill. I wish I had seen your site before I went through with it I can only pray that god forgives me. I don’t think women are given enough pro-life information but I am sure that this information would have changed a lot of minds as well as understanding the mental problems you will suffer from afterwards.  I really hope you are successful and wish you all the luck with your campaign. -- K A.D, England

It was hard for me to look, but it needs to be done. I am a Christian and do not believe in abortion. I went through an abortion in college with a girl I had planned to supposedly marry, but she thought her [career] was more important. This was in 1980, and it still hurts. …Again, you are doing the right thing-please put me on your e-mail list. -- KW, North Carolina

I am so saddened after viewing so many pictures of actual abortions. Back in the year of 1995 I had two abortions in the same year. Every day that goes by I ask God to forgive me for my sins. I have three children, my daughter is 9 years old and is a special needs child. I look at my children and am very grateful, but I also picture the other two that should have been by my side also. I wish I could turn back time but I cannot. My main message to you, is that I am glad that the advocates are stronger now and picket more at these clinics to try to stop these people from committing these horrible murders because that is exactly what it is. Sincerely – MO

Hello I would just like to thank you for the pictures. I had an abortion when I was just barely 16 years old. I had no idea what it even was or looked like. Now that I am 24 and a mother of two beautiful daughters, much to which I owe to God, I cannot imagine how I did it. I realize that some people do this without thinking twice but not me. I live this everyday of my life. Every time I look at one of my babies I thank God that he gave me another chance. I want to thank you for shedding the light on this matter. Maybe if more girls seen this they wouldn’t choose the road I chose.

Thank you for showing what abortion really is! I am a woman who suffers with extreme sadness and tremendous sorrow for my two abortions. I only wish that I had known about this website before I made my so called "choice"! I am a 33 year old catholic that was mislead by my fiancé...I have had two first trimester abortions within a 6 month window 3 years ago, I feel that I was forced to have. I have suffered with this sorrow for 3 years and I ask for many prayers. I have so much regret and pain in my heart for the murder of my two beautiful babies that I would give anything just to hold there precious little faces in my hands and look into their little eyes and tell them I would give my own life for them just so they my have a chance to see this beautiful world and be able to run and play in it, and to see what the sun and moon looks like and to see the ocean with all the creatures that swim in it! I took all that away just to please a man. And for that I have GREAT REGRET AND PAIN...I do not want anyone to go thru what I have been suffering with. I am now married to a wonderful understanding Christian man who supports me in my desire to help women and men understand the truth about abortions! I want to get started I just don't know who to contact. Can you please pray for me and tell me who to contact so I may volunteer my time to this urgent cause! Thank You and You have my prayers and support!

I am a volunteer crisis pregnancy counselor in Hawaii, and this page made me weep. I am not catholic, but protestant. This site really opened my eyes to the fact that Christians cannot afford to be divided any longer on the issue of abortion! I had an abortion a few years ago, before being married and I know that my child is in heaven now, but the pain and regret is still very real to me. I am forgiven by God's infinite grace and now I use my experiences to counsel others. Thank you so much for proclaiming the truth in Jesus' Holy Name!!!

I had an abortion in 1990. The child was only 8 weeks old. My story isn't really important, but your website is. We can't go back and change our past - but we can ask forgiveness for it, and the choices we've made. We can also help to change the future. I believe that you're website can help. I have an opportunity weekly to meet with teenage girls from various walks of life. I am going to recommend that they (after getting parental permission) visit your website. I appreciate the factual way you present your information - and although they are disturbing - I appreciate the photography as well. I truly had no idea, and even though 13 years have passed, the pain is still very present.

I am at a complete loss for words. I have suffered for many years over having had two abortions, both at 9 weeks gestation. I have to admit that if I hadn’t been told that Jesus has my two babies and I hadn’t been on a PATH Rachel's Vineyard retreat, I think I would be contemplating suicide right now. My heartbeat and breathing rates are sky high right now after seeing the pictures in the galleries. I feel sorrow for the babies and I feel the mothers’ pain. You guys are a Godsend and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage not only to speak out but to also be there for us that were blinded, and you do it with humility and sorrow and without judgment. God Bless you in all that you do and may St. Michael defend you in your battle. I will join this battle.

Seeing those pictures brought tears to my eyes, I never thought abortion was a big deal, I myself had had an abortion and after doing research and viewing what I seen on your web site, I feel regret and if I could stop other woman from having abortions I would. I think if some of them women could see what happens to those unborn children, they would definitely thin twice about what they will do. I was recently on the birth control patch and still ended up pregnant and I am now 5 weeks along and I could not imagine hurting this baby. I hope that many woman will visit your web site or others and see what happens to their babies and I sure hope it will change there thoughts. It is the saddest thing I have ever seen. But it did open my eyes. Thank you.

Hi, I've just lo Please, may the LORD further this work...that people would realize these are HUMANS not cells. I’m so horrified, before coming to the LORD Jesus Christ I had abortions. I’m sickened ...I wish I would’ve come across these photos back then. I just want to be in heaven with God...where there is no more sorrow or tears or horrible, horrible things. Thank YOU God for forgiving me, in Jesus name I pray Amen. I will continue to pray for this ministry.

looked at all of the photos of aborted fetus's and it really upset me, I had an abortion at 7 weeks last month and seeing these photos made me regret it even more than I do. I'm doing an assignment of 10,000 words for college on abortion and this will really help me. Plus I can put my personal views into it. I was really shocked to see what my baby would have looked like at the time, and I feel physically sick at the thought of this. This is definitely something that will stay in the front of my mind forever. I regret it every minute of the day and so wish I could turn back time. I hate myself for doing what I did and advise others in this situation to seriously think about your decision and not do it because you think you’re forced into something. Thanks for reading this email. (age 19)

I am currently writing a paper on the partial-birth abortion ban that is about to be passed. ( God please let it pass!!! ) I came across your site and I will definitely be using my new knowledge and awareness about abortion. I had never seen pictures of murdered babies until today. I wanted to cry- and vomit at the same time. ... I am an only child with the exception of two half sisters- and I could have had more- but my mother had two- TWO abortions. So somewhere out there, decomposing in the ground is two sisters or two brothers. I am sorry that we couldn't get to know each other. Interestingly enough- two years ago she became pregnant and wanted to keep the child- and she miscarried. Granted she is in her late 40s and was high risk. I think that God took that child away from her because He knew she didn't deserve it. Anyway, keep up the great work on your website. It is comforting to know that some people still value human life.

Your website is wonderful. It was so painful to see the pictures of aborted babies, but it was just what I needed to make what I did real.

I’m doing a paper on abortion for a class. I never knew what happened to the baby after an abortion has been done. I myself had an abortion and I did it because I was too young to have a baby at the time but it’s something I will never do again. It touched my heart to see those pictures. I now have a two year old girl and I can say she is God's gift to me. I’m against abortions and I know those are some hard pictures to see but I’m glad there shown maybe that will help stop abortions. I regret that I had to have one but life must go on. It’s tough me to make better choices and not to make the wrong choices.

I have had two abortions. Both before the age of 20. I never knew that it could hurt the baby; I didn't even know that the babies could have a heart beat before three months. But then again, I had never been totally informed of all the details. But all I did know was that it hurt and the pain after wards is awful. I still have nightmares of my other two children being ripped apart and screaming for my help, but I couldn't help them because I was doing it. I wonder everyday what if, and the painful memories and the guilt never leave me. My first abortion was at 11 weeks and the second was at 14.2 weeks. I even seen the ultrasound picture of it. But like I said the painful memories never leave me the sadness and guilt run through me a million times a day. But nothing has ever shook me like these pictures. They made me sick to think that I did that. Especially one with the hands and feet of the 14 week old baby are so well formed. It even had a crease in the baby’s hand. It was so beautiful, almost like it was reaching out. A child's hand reaching for a loving touch. I never could have imagined something so gruesome, so awful. It will only make my nightmares worse. All I can say is that I wish somebody would have showed me the truth before I murdered two beautiful babies. Hopeful someone is out there right now looking at your site to find the truth. And I hope that the truth saves the wonderful life that is growing inside them. If only one is saved then, then I thank you for showing the truth, no matter how graphic. Thank you.

I supported/decided for my sister to have an abortion 3/4 yrs ago, would be better in her situation..2 kids already drug addict...mum has her kids now..3 now not 2 all beautiful regardless of the drug abuse....forgive me ... I feel so sick and disheartened to know my niece or nephew went through that hell...Sherrie

I have long since admired your work in the Priests for Life. I am always amazed at your clear sightedness in the atrocities of abortion and the pro-choice movement. The (your) brilliant yet common sense approach to the arguments used against the sanctity of life is a sure gift from god.  However today as I opened your newest mailing my emotions did a complete turn around. I, without having read the letter, opened to picture included. As a Catholic mother of five daughters I was greatly horrified by the scene depicted on the page. My words cannot describe accurately to you how my heart breaks in sure and utter agony at those haunting pictures. Tears flooded my eyes as I showed it to my daughters hoping to instill in their hearts the cruelty and horror of the act of abortion. I shared it with them because I want them never to forget! Yet what I couldn't share with them was that my tears also fell at the notion that as a young, stupid and uneducated sinful, self-centered woman I too murdered my first child! Oh the agony those drawings brought to my soul!! I quickly tried to remember all those years again how far along I was pregnant, hoping it was well before 24 wks., that I ended my baby's life. And yet I know that it doesn't matter. I murdered her/him as he/she rested within my womb. I can't undo what I have done though God knows I would if I could. I have only my repentance and sorrow to offer Him. And my five daughters who I have sworn to teach the truth to. I had to share with you the impact of this in my life. I will always keep that picture with me. I honestly didn't know what they did - and I am forever changed by the knowledge. I only wish it had come so much sooner.  Regretting her choice, JL

I just stumbled cross your website by accident, and I am crying due to the fact that I have just seen what a terminated pregnancy looks like. I regretfully had a termination in October and have regretted it ever since. I have a 3-year-old daughter at present but I am more then certain that I will never have another one again. Thanks to your site, I cannot believe the size nor the fact that there was a living soul inside of me that had little legs & hands. I saw the picture of the termination next to - I think you guys call it a dime? I never took the time to think what the child looked like, how it had formed. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart. Forever grateful. -- Anita

I speak from experience when I say that if someone told me or better yet, SHOWED me (pictures or video) or showed me a sonogram of the baby, I wouldn't have aborted many years ago.

God bless you for all the work you've done to show the horror and wrong of abortion.  When I was young I had an abortion because I was told it was just a pin-sized blob of cells.  ….  Your work is so very important because you show the PHOTOS which dispute the lies about what really is going on.  The baby's speak from their grave, which unfortunately is a trash can.  I have repented of this horrid act I committed and can only pray for forgiveness and urge others to never do this.    I am joining your fight to get this truth out and have signed up for your email list.  Partial birth abortion is so obviously twisted that it could've even gotten on our ballot is truly a sign that the devil is alive and well in America.    How can we be talk of being a "great country" in America when we are murdering our children?  Thank you for the pictures, it truly shows even at 7 weeks there is a baby.  This is definitely the most important issue. … The pictures must get out – especially the pictures of the babies only 7 weeks, after all, most people know 1/2 term babies look like babies but most people like me didn’t know they actually look like babies at 7 weeks. – Monica, AZ

Your website is powerful. I am happily married and 6 months pregnant with my 2nd child. I have a terrific 12 year old daughter and this one is a son. I must admit, I have had a first trimester abortion in my lifetime. It was because the father used to beat me up, including during my pregnancy so I chose to have no connections with him for my own safety. I was only 20 years old at the time. Then I had my daughter with a kinder man. I have been on both sides of the fence with this issue and I have to say that after giving birth, I could never imagine doing again what I did. I declined my amniocentesis with this one because I could never terminate him even if something were wrong so why bother with a risky test? I have never gotten over my first child and when I see these pictures of what I had done, all I can do is cry and ask for that baby’s forgiveness knowing one day I will have to face him sitting next to God. It is so hard to be carrying this precious child and be tormented by the one I chose not to keep. If only there were a way to give a person this insight before she made her decision. There is something to be said for the old saying "if I only knew then what I know now". Signed - desperately seeking forgiveness

I have viewed your pictures from the sight and myself have had two abortions although have never seen such pictures.  If someone took the time out to show me I would have never done such evil. I am pregnant today and have two other children 10 and 12.  I will never ever, ever even think to that act of murder as an option and I would like to be able to share with others the message I have seen today and spread to others not only does the sight of the babies hurt but the guilt never goes away nor do I think it should. Abortion is a clear act of murder and a job created by Satan. I would love to tell others about abortion please let me know how I would be able to get a hold of those photos and spread them around. – Melissa

I had an abortion when I was 15 and I regret it so much, and I think that you should have such graphic stuff on here, but if your doing this so people won't have abortions then make it easier for people to find this site cuz if I would have known all this I would have my baby right now cuz I was due November 13 2002. so I would have me a precious almost 3 months old baby

I am a life-long Catholic and I had an abortion at the age of 18. I am now 36 years old. Several years after my abortion, I finally went to confession to confess my horrible sin and was forgiven. I truly believe I made the wrong choice, but have made no effort to influence the minds of others who are pro-choice. After seeing the pictures of what could have been my aborted child does it really become real to me. Tears are streaming down my face as I look at them. You are correct. There are no words to express what is shown in those images. Those are babies! How selfish we are as humans to have such little regard for human life.

I think what you are doing is good. A chance for people to actually see what an abortion looks like, will most likely change their minds about a decision that will affect the rest of their lives. I myself made a horrible decision to have an abortion seven years ago, and I truly live with that choice every single day. Had I had the access to these photos then, I could not have gone through with it. I still talk to God everyday for my sin, but still I grieve. For that child I carried was never given the life it deserved. Now, I am married and have a son, and am expecting another baby in a few months, and I look at my son, and I am sometimes so overwhelmed with pain and grief for my lost child. I’ve never cried so many tears, or hurt so much in my heart, than I have for this child. But, I do have to look at the positive thing in my life now, too. My wonderful, healthy son, and the arrival of my new baby. I just wanted to thank you for showing the truth to young girls, like I was, so maybe they will choose differently than I did.

I had an unwilling abortion. Now I feel like I can’t go on. I never seen what an abortion looked like till after I had it. I thought it was just sum tissue not formed. If I had seen those pictures before I would have never went thru no matter what anyone thought. What can I do to help myself and others to stop this murder from continuing?

Hey, these pictures are really, really deep. I had an abortion, and I have since gotten saved and have started advocating for other babies. These pictures brought me to tears. We are killing real people. Oh God save us and forgive us

I have just found your website. I had an abortion many years ago, very early on. I had no idea what the reality of the procedure is. I was very young, and at no time was I explained any of it. I was told it was not a baby, just a mass of cells with no nervous system. I am disgusted. I am now 22 weeks pregnant, and feel the child move every day. It makes me think more acutely what I have done. This time, I never considered an abortion, even though the father has left me for refusing to abort. You should have the same graphic campaign here in the UK, as people have no idea of the reality. I have never before seen pictures like that; the information is not available here. I just had to write and say I am strongly against abortion. I lost a grandchild through abortion and I grieved and cried for days. It is a barbaric murder of a tiny, tiny baby waiting to be born. I nearly vomited when I say the photos. I cried and cried and prayed for God to stop all abortions. I can't seem to grasp how these doctors can do this without feelings. I hope they can't sleep at night for what they have done.

When I saw the pictures on the website I turned it off, but I went back in because I felt that it was something that I, and everyone else, should see. When I was 19 I had the procedure done and went through a very long grieving process. I am now 25 and 18 weeks into my pregnancy. I wouldn't think for a second to do it again or have someone tell me they want to and not say anything about it. I since have turned to a higher power for forgiveness and am now very much pro life. The pictures are a reminder that these are not only living fetuses, but they have souls that were created to be born into the world to pass on knowledge of a better life.

 I really do not know what led me to your site but I somehow knew it was partly because of a choice I made with medical advice years ago----23 to be exact. I was being treated medically. I was advised to medically abort because of the medication I took. They told me that my baby would be born without limbs or maybe worse. Today I suffer from the what ifs---I feel I should of left my pregnancy in Gods hands and I failed HIM AND MY BABY. After seeing these horrible pictures it hurts so much all over again......and I was why did I do what I did? I pray God has my baby with Him in heaven and I thank Him for giving me a son in spite of my choices I made later. I pray God forgives me and that someday I will be in heaven with our Lord and that I may get a chance to make it up to my baby. I want to do something Father to help stop this somehow and maybe I can get one person not to do what I did...let God make the choices...God knows what's best we know very little....For whatever reason I was lead to this site I know there is a reason------I will trust God this time to show me what that reason is....

I must say I usually would not respond to anything that was on the internet but I feel I needed to respond to the pictures of aborted babies. I am eleven weeks pregnant and my mother suggested abortion as an option, because of my age being only 18 going on 19. I am determined to keep my baby. Although, she is not happy about it. I’ve been pregnant before and I got an abortion at about 9 weeks. I didn’t want to go through it then, and I am not even considering going through it now. After seeing these pictures I was and am completely devastated. I was trying to find a way to get her to understand the process and after effect of abortions. The clinics do not allow you to see the things shown in the pictures. Fortunately for today’s technology I was able to email her a copy of one of the horrifying pictures, hopefully this will change her view, and uncaring attitude towards abortion.







About 7 years ago at the age of 21 I had an abortion at 15 weeks gestation. At the time I felt I had no choice. Had I seen the photos I just seen on your web site I wonder if I would have acted differently.  I have always been pro-choice, now I'm not so sure. I regret having an abortion. The mental and spiritual stress if often overwhelming. I hope that any young woman faced with that situation has the opportunity to see pictures like those on your site. -- Teresa

I am almost 21 years old, and I want to thank you for this site. When I was 17 I had an abortion without knowing anything except I was ridding myself of a problem. I am glad that others can now see what it will be to abort their baby and hopefully refrain from doing it. I cried when I saw this site, and I could only think about the baby I killed. Just as Jesus forgave those who crucified him I hope He can forgive me of what I have done. Since I aborted my child, I have changed my lifestyle and my way of thinking. I now believe that if a woman gets pregnant she should have no choice but to have the baby and show others what it means not to use safe sex. I went from thinking abortion was a great way of escape to one of the harshest and cruelest laws we could have in our country.....If I could do it over I would have done it differently, but since I cannot I am grateful for this site... I have made these mistakes myself.  Had I only known then what I’ve seen now I would have never done what I did!  I’ve only shared this with very few people.  I know God has forgiven me and I have forgiven myself.  I never knew what it “looked like”.  I never saw anything.  It was as if it wasn’t real.  I appreciate your site and I will share it with as many people as I can.  This is a horrible thing.  It seems to only be in people’s imaginations that these babies really do exist, they are really human.  The photos on your site make them real and abortion more “human” than just a surgical procedure.  Maybe women should be shown these photos before they have an abortion.  I’ve been pro-life for a very long time, because my faith told me it was wrong.  Now I “see” that it is murder!  I apologize for “rambling”.  I feel very lost right now in the world after viewing your site.  But you’ve done a good thing.  -- Samantha

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