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My testimony of conviction: I have written to your organization a few times. Usually, it was to sort of protest against your work. Over all, I believe abortion is murder, but I was pushing to keep abortion legal for those few people who are pregnant, planned pregnancy but have a medical problem where their lives would be in danger: the rare case. I've seen the graphic images on your website, but I guess something wasn't quite registering between the images and the suffering I've experienced and seen, so I always wanted to keep abortion legal for all those in extenuating situations. But, one night about a month ago, God brought things into perspective. I couldn't get the word “dismemberment” out of my head. I was under great conviction and couldn't sleep. I talked to my priest about it and eventually went to confession. How could I not see that one of the reasons abortion is wrong, even if it is to save the mom, besides that the baby is made in God's image, but that you are dismembering the baby and not treating the innocent baby as a human being? How could I not see that? All I could say to God was that I was so sorry. This is my testimony that I wanted to share especially cause I've probably done enough damage picking on your organization.

I used to be a pro-choice person but was seeing many pictures and stories of women who had aborted their child and regretted it… and even those who were born alive. Since then my friends and I have been silently protesting our views and trying to help these gifts from God. I believe that seeing this, like myself, others will learn that what they do in these clinics is wrong.

I am a recently confirmed Catholic who has always been teetering on whether or not abortion is acceptable or not.  After seeing photos of babies burned, and hearing the women speak of their experience at the clinic, I knew that in all of
abortion's existence; it is wrong - wholly wrong. … DD

I have never considered abortion and I never will.  My husband however never understood what abortion is and what it actually does to an unborn child.  I showed him your site and he has completely changed his mind on abortion.  Your site is heartbreaking to me but I hope that it continues to save many more babies. - TM

The pictures of abortions made me sick!! I was pro choice. I now see no other option then life..thank you so much for the graphic nature, it really hits home. If I can share this with just one other person and change their minds as well, maybe one life can be saved.. - JT

For the first time I viewed the graphic photos of aborted babies. I was moved to cry and pray. I am pro-life and have seen other pictures but never like these. My daughter sponsored a person who joined the Church and who said she was pro-choice. My daughter asked her to visit your site and look at the photos, which she did. She told my daughter that she cried her eyes out -- and became pro-life on the instant. – M

I have always believed that an early abortion was just removing a mass of tissue. I realized after looking at this site I have been so wrong. Thank you for showing this to help people understand innocent children are being killed no matter how early the procedure is done. I will share this information with everyone I know. - Julie

The saying a picture is worth a thousand words is true.  I cannot tell you, or you probably already know how I feel. About 2 weeks ago I was pro-choice. Now two weeks later after visiting this website and liberty ministries, and reading the story of Roe vs. Wade, I am now PRO-LIFE.

Watch a video of a woman who was converted from pro-choice to pro-life by viewing the graphic photos

I saw Father Pavone on Mother Angelica last night and just wanted him to know that using photos of the aborted babies does work to change people’s minds about abortion. I was discussing abortion with some men I used to work with, of course I was the only one against it. I took a pamphlet I had gotten years before from my church and showed it to them the next day. They all agreed with me after looking at the photos. They were horrified at what abortion really is!

I want to start off by saying I stumbled upon your site due to a bulletin posted on MySpace. You see, I had wanted to find the video showing the abortion being done in real life and thus came to your site. I'm not sure what one could consider my views to be. I know abortion would never be an option for me. I could not live with myself if I ever went that route however I figured that because I don't know each persons situations it would be wrong for me to judge them if they chose to have an abortion. Just because it is wrong for me it may not be for them. That has changed now. How could abortion be right? Those babies were all so perfect and so tiny. Little lives waiting for their chance to grow and become something wonderful. My heart breaks for these innocent children and I cling tightly to my children and appreciate them all that much more. I look at my wonderful children and wonder how anyone could do that, could strip the child’s right to live and to strip the world from knowing the child and loving the child. I thank you so very much for your website and will pass it along to anyone and everyone I come into contact with.

I wrote a blog last year and posted it on my website with a link to the pictures on your website. I know that many people who read it didn't say much, but one girl told me that she always viewed babies as a "sack of cells" when very young, but after seeing the pictures of babies aborted at 7weeks, she changed her mind! If only one person listens I am happy. -- Sarah

I always thought I couldn't really have an opinion about someone else having an abortion, as I never knew their circumstances... I also work at the Children's hospital here, and see so many sad situations, and I would never wish death on any of my wonderful kids that I work with, but you see how neglected and abused they've been all their life because their mom was raped or mom wasn't responsible. HOWEVER- I've changed my mind. I happened onto your pictures, and bawled the whole way through... We've had babies as small as one pound born to us, and their parents and families pray, and trust, and just want the baby to live, yet perfectly healthy babies are ripped cold-blooded from the womb. I'm devastated. The pictures really opened my eyes, and I am now COMPLETELY against abortion. I would rather open my home to those babies and take them in myself, than to know they were killed. How is abortion NOT considered murder? Anyway, I just wanted to thank you, and share some of my thoughts. Thank you for your time, and God bless your efforts. -- Jessica

Thank you so much for the pictures of aborted babies on your website. I have always been Pro Choice, until tonight. I have to admit, I was ignorant of the methods used or the fact that abortion can take place so late in the pregnancy. I have a 5mnth old son who I love dearly, after viewing those photo’s I think I love him even more if that’s possible.  I am still thinking that it is ok to abort if the child is going to be severely deformed etc but even as I write this my mind is changing. Maybe only nature should decide if a child lives or dies, choosing a gentle passing instead of the barbaric methods I saw tonight. I'm so torn in my thinking now, but I’m so pleased that I am actually giving this some thought and not ignoring the issue as I have been. Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth. I am an adopted child myself and now I am so grateful that I am here today.  I honestly hope that your work reaches more people like me; I can assure you that I will be spreading the word about your website in my own home province in New Zealand.

I want to start off by saying I stumbled upon your site due to a bulletin posted on MySpace. You see, I had wanted to find the video showing the abortion being done in real life and thus came to your site. I'm not sure what one could consider my views to be. I know abortion would never be an option for me. I could not live with myself if I ever went that route however I figured that because I don't know each persons situations it would be wrong for me to judge them if they chose to have an abortion. Just because it is wrong for me it may not be for them. That has changed now. How could abortion be right? Those babies were all so perfect and so tiny. Little lives waiting for their chance to grow and become something wonderful. My heart breaks for these innocent children and I cling tightly to my children and appreciate them all that much more. I look at my three wonderful boys and wonder how anyone could do that, could strip the child’s right to live and to strip the world from knowing the child and loving the child. I thank you so very much for your website and will pass it along to anyone and everyone I come into contact with.

I always thought I was "pro-choice"...... I thought that different situations made a difference on what choice a person makes.  As for myself, I believed that one should take responsibility for one’s actions.  I’ve had a couple friends who have had abortions, and I’ve been fully supportive. Now, I’m regretting my support [of the abortions].  I would give anything to stop the pain and suffering of those people/ babies. I have now changed my opinion and belief.  I think such graphic images should be shown to the public. It’s the truth!!  If I can help, or make any kind of difference, please let me know!!!!!! – Kaite

First off, I am a mom of 5 kids, 4 here with me....1 with God.  I have to convey ...which I doubt words can...this is a website I wish many could see.  I was born and raised a Southern Baptist.  I do not believe in abortion for myself....but really sat on the fence re: pro-choice.  Now it is election time.......I felt that there should be a separation of church and state.  Well let me tell you, after viewing this website...........I now can say I am 100% anti abortion….God Bless you for the work you do and God bless all those tiny souls.  Peace and blessings. – AP

I have to say that I have been living in ignorance.  Let me start off by saying that I commend getting this information out there. I am currently going through the RCIA process to become Catholic. ….  I have notoriously been able to see pros and cons with the two sides (of anything) and normally just float along with the masses. Well, float no more.  My RCIA sponsor recently had a "baby shower" for the Women's Care Center here in Fort Wayne Indiana. ….  Just tonight, I got out the tri-fold that was handed out at the baby shower by one of the parishioners at my church.  I stumbled upon this website and it took me a while to conjure up the nerve to click "pictures of aborted fetus".  I did, and I'm changed.  Mind you, I've never felt strongly about anything, I thought ignorance was easy. Didn't have to pay attention, didn't need to care. How could I have lived a life that way?  How could I be sitting around enjoying life and abusing free will when COUNTLESS children are being maliciously murdered EVERYDAY.  From this point forward every single day that I complain, every single moment where I think I have it rough, I will be thinking of the pictures on that site and I will be thanking God that I have lived. That I was given a chance, and God will continue to give me chances.  The poor children on your educational website aren't that fortunate.  But that's not the end for me. I feel a calling to be involved. I feel a calling to actively be pro-life. I feel like I have to get out there and do something, because this cannot continue.  It just isn't fair.  – MJ

Until this exact moment, I have been pro-choice. I found your website while looking up fetal development. (I am about 6 weeks pregnant.)  When I say I was pro-choice, I should clarify that I was always pro-life for me, but didn't think it was my business to tell everyone else what to do.  The photos of aborted babies changed me. I was shocked, but most of all saddened. As I cried, I said a little prayer for each baby I saw, and told him or her that even if no one else on earth loved him or her, I did… This is my twelfth pregnancy - I have had nine miscarriages and have two living children. I sobbed and grieved each of my miscarried babies, even the ones that left me at only 4 or 5 weeks. I was deeply affected by each child I lost - how could someone do that on purpose!!  Thank you for changing my opinion on abortion. I wish you could publicize your site more so people can see what REALLY happens. For me it was always sort of abstract, and not real. Your site made it real! We need to make it real for all the other pro-choicers in the world!!!!   -- Rose, MI

I have always been pro choice.  More of a "keep your laws off my body." After….viewing photos, I have definitely changed my mind.  Until one sees the results of an abortion the "Truth" cannot be known.  I have a 3 year old daughter and your pictures hit me like a ton of bricks.  I found myself wanting to stop looking at the pictures, but at the same time I needed to see the truth to change my mind.  Church this Sunday will have a new meaning for me.  You have helped me in my spiritual journey.  – Lindsey

 I visited this site for the first time while doing a research paper in college about abortion. Of course the topic is broad, but while I surfed the web and found your website, I found out that a man named Father Frank Pavone wants to show images of abortion in public. I read his argument and totally agreed. I wrote my paper on that subject and received a 125, the highest grade the teacher ever gave out. It made her think on so many levels. And on that day, she became pro-life. So thank you all for helping the world be a better place one person at a time. God bless you all for the work you do. Love – Danielle

Thank you for your website. I have been a pro-choice man for most of my life. I never realized how awful and tragic abortion really is.  I have been living in a cloud of illusion. When our daughter was 16 she became pregnant. We discussed the situation and agreed that abortion was the way to go. What a horrible decision! Our daughter was never that same. Having that abortion was an absolutely horrible mistake and has ruined our daughter and caused us as parents much grief and tremendous guilt. Your website shows abortion as it really is, gruesome and horrific. There is nothing good about it. Our daughter is 22 now and still struggles with her (and our) decision. I went from being pro-choice to very pro-life. For me that is the only choice. … Thank God for websites like yours that show the true reality of abortion. – Ed

 Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for making these images and videos available for everyday people to see.  Although they are extremely graphic, I think it is necessary.  I was pro-choice all the way before viewing these and even had an abortion when I was 17, I’m now 29.  If I had known then what I know now, I can surely tell you I never would have done it.  I had noooo idea what actually went on and I am very disturbed that this goes on.  It’s just barbaric!  Sure there are situations where the babies may be better off not coming into the world w/drug addicted or violent tempered parents but this is not the way to go and I believe more people need to see the realness of abortion!  So thank you and I will help spread the word!! – Jen

You have opened my eyes to the horror of abortion, I will forever fight it and never shall I support it. – Ashlea

This site that you have has truly opened my eyes...I used to believe in abortion and in fact at one point in my life had one. Regardless, you have shown what doctors don’t tell you, and definitely do not show you.   It breaks my heart and soul.  And also repulses me.  I cannot believe how precious life is, and what a gift it is.  I am blessed today to be pregnant once again, and in a position where I can and will raise this baby indefinitely...even if I wasn’t I would never think the way I was in the past.  It sickens me that this "abortion" or removal of mass tissue as they call it can even be legal?  It is more then sad, and I will grieve for every single one of them babies...and their mothers, cause apparently they don’t know the truth.  Once again, thank you for allowing anyone on to your site to show the real horror of this...tragedy...I will forever stand behind the facts that abortion is murder and a torture at that. -- Sincerely, Brittany

I am a 29 yr. old mother and wife.  I truly believed that abortion was totally up to the woman.  After viewing your website I am so sorry for believing that.  How in the world can someone do such horrible things?  I think everyone should see the effects of an abortion.  My God, how can anyone live with their self after doing this?  The pics were just too much for me. I couldn't even look at all of them.  Maybe if these women could experience the pain of wanting a child and not being able to have one they will change their minds.  It's a blessing to conceive and have a child. The blessing I pray and hope for again everyday. -- TH

I just wanted to say that I had accidentally viewed your web site. Let me tell you that I had once strongly believed in pro-choice, but after reviewing this website which had brought me to tears for all those babies, I am all for Pro-Life. I just recently found out that I am 5wks and 4days pregnant this is my third pregnancy and my second child. I can not imagine me doing this to my baby. Don’t get me wrong I had an abortion about 2yrs. ago and that was the hardest decision I had to make. I did not want to do it but I really had no choice. I cried and mourned for my child for a long time and still do as I tell my story. I just want you to know that I will try to recommend people to view the website.

Hello, I am 23 years old and pregnant with my second child. I was searching online for pictures of babies at my week gestation. Out of curiosity I clicked a link to your page. I was absolutely horrified by what I saw. I am now 28 wks pregnant. I saw pictures of babies that have been burned to death by saline, chopped to pieces and suctioned out of the womb, and many, many more horrible deaths for these children. I always considered myself "pro-life" but like many others I was confused on how I felt about pregnancies resulting from rape and even confused about a mother having a choice if she new something could be terribly wrong with her child. I know now that those children should have had the same chance at life as the butchers who killed them. I don't think abortion is right for any woman at any gestational period. Although I was against abortion to begin with your website has reassured me. I have those pictures in my head and always will. If God didn't want you to get pregnant you wouldn't have. If there is no way you can handle being a parent PLEASE consider adoption before abortion. My heart is broken because of these pictures. I could never dream of anyone being so cruel. I read what someone posted about your website and I liked it a lot. "I kill a newborn and I go to jail for murder. I get a degree, kill a child, and get paid." Where is the justice? Where is America's heart? Where is God? People have closed their eyes and hearts to what God has given us. We are killing our most precious miracles. These children, thank God, are far away from all the harm that could have come to them. These babies walk with Jesus now and I am thankful. I will recommend your website to everyone that I meet who is pro-abortion. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to see the evil that is happening to God's children. God Bless you and all you are doing.

Up until I visited this site I had been pro-choice. I thought that I would do an Internet search to see exactly what an abortion entails. After seeing the images on your site, there was no decision to be made. I figured that whatever hardships having a baby at this time would bring me would be far easier than living with the guilt I knew I would never rid myself of if I was to get an abortion. The pictures had such a powerful effect on me. They helped me to be strong and realize that this pregnancy was made possible by God and if it wasn’t meant to be, that was His choice, not mine. I trusted that He has a plan for me and that He wouldn’t give me anything I couldn’t handle. As I sit here typing, my beautiful baby boy is alive and kicking inside me. As I said in the beginning of this letter, I am not sure what brought me back to this site, but viewing the pictures again made me so happy that I did not take that path. It only re-affirmed my decision and also made me realize the value of your site. It has saved me a lifetime of therapists, anti-depressants, and overwhelming guilt. THANK YOU.

Hello, I was surfing the web, when I came about your site. I am a person who doesn't believe in abortion but I do believe in people making their own choices. But after I have seen the pictures of these innocent angels, who had never even had a fighting chance, it really gets me MAD, I could swear and cuss up a storm but it’s more then that now. I think these women who have abortions should be shown what comes out of them, small human beings. In regards I support your site and I support Life not abortions.

I’m 36 years old and I live in New York City. I was introduced to your website after hearing an interview with Kerri Caviezel on the EWTN Network (Global Catholic Network). Personally, I’ve never had an abortion. I know people who have, some are family members. I’ve always been indifferent towards abortion because I really never knew what it entailed. After browsing through the website and taking a look at some of the graphics, I can truly say that I am so Pro Life. As I clicked from picture to picture, I was devastated to know that these babies actually have little eyes, hands, feet, etc. When I was younger, I was always told that babies are not formed when they are aborted. Well, your pictures sure proved them wrong. I am so horrified and saddened that this is a form of birth control for many women. I wish that they could see what I’ve seen. The pictures posted on the website are so essential in getting the message out that this horrible act needs to stop and that there are other options. I want to thank you for this website. I will definitely pass the word. God Bless You All!

I want to thank you for the pictures . I was all for abortion until I saw them. How any one could do that to a helpless child is beyond me. If I can help in any way please feel free to e-mail me and let me know.

I think this is an excellent website. It tells the brutal truth behind abortion. Most people try to disassociate themselves with the details and just say, "it’s the woman’s choice". This tells the details. My husband was one of those people who say let the woman decide but after he reviewed your website with me, I believe he has changed his mind. The disgust that some of these doctors do.... even in late term, it’s horrible. When my husband hears the word abortion....I believe these images and stories will forever be in his mind.... Heartbreaking...

I would like to say thank you first and foremost for showing me the truth. I was searching the web tonight for an article and somehow got directed to your sight. Being the curious person that I am I continued on and viewed the images of the aborted BABIES. It tore my heart out to see these tiny little helpless children dead because no one would give them a chance at life. I was a person who believed that abortion was ok for certain reasons like to save the mother and things like that and now I can't say that I even believe that is ok. I was always told that in the first trimester the fetus does not look like a baby at all and when I was pregnant and I was shown images of what the fetus looks like it does not look anything like the images I have viewed here tonight. Those are babies not fetuses they are human beings who deserve a chance at life no matter what their handicap may be.  Our world is so caught up in our children being perfect that we forget that no one is perfect and that every child deserves to be loved and given a chance at life. There are so many people who are unable to have children and would love to adopt a baby. I think that before a mother is going to decide to abort her baby that she should view these images and read the testimony [of] Jill Stanek. I am against all types of abortion now for any reason. I have always felt negatively against partial birth abortions and the delivery abortions, that should not be called abortion it should be called Murder. I am starting an email tomorrow and going to circulate these images to everyone I know to hopefully help at least one mother make the decision to giver her baby a life not death. Again thank you for showing me the truth and for changing my life so that I may be able to help save a baby’s life.

I am a 23 year old college student. I found your website while searching for a research paper on fetal rights. I looked up the term partial birth abortions and your site popped up. I looked at the medical diagrams and was sick to my stomach. I read the testimony of the doctors who performed this procedures and I started to cry. I have always thought of myself as liberal, and have even boosted about being pro choice, but to see these things and read those articles has honestly changed me. I thought I would right my paper to convert more people to my way of thinking and your website has converted me. I just wanted to say thank you for keeping up with a great website and provide accurate information.

When I was a bit younger I always thought that I would have an abortion if I didn’t have the money to look after a child. As I’ve got older I started to think that it would be wrong to have an abortion and now I have seen these pictures I know it is wrong. Thank you for opening my eyes. Now I know that even in the early stages of pregnancy there is a child there and not just a collection of cells.

Hi, I have just looked at the pictures on your site and am in a state of shock. I am a 35 year old married woman with a 10 year old son. Like many others I knew abortions were not pretty but nothing prepared me for these pictures. I have always believed abortion was the woman’s choice but which I personally don’t agree with and would never ever have considered. After looking at the pictures my views have changed. This is a barbaric act and anyone who sees these pictures and still agrees with abortion is not human at all! I cannot find the words to express how I feel and how disgusted I am. There are so many women who cannot have children and could have given these babies the love they deserve. Even at 7 weeks I was amazed to see tiny fingers, toes and even an eye. These photos should be shown in schools throughout the world and to women who are considering abortion as an option. I really can’t believe what I have seen -- it is deeply upsetting and moving. I would plead with women to think about what they are doing, look at all the options and see exactly what abortion involves. Not a pretty sight. No child deserves to die in this way. May God bless them all and keep them safe in heaven.

I came across your site when looking for fetal development pages. I’m currently 23 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. When I got pregnant with my first child, I thought about aborting her because her father left me. It was by the grace of God that saved her. She brought me to The Lord. I met and married my husband and we are now expecting another child. I never knew the graphics of an abortion. People talk about it as if it's something simple, painless, clean and easy. After searching your site, this is clearly not the case. I’m so glad The Lord spared my children by speaking to my heart. They are precious although sometimes hard to care for. But God is always there to guide, protect and provide our needs. I always thought that a woman had a choice whether or not she had an abortion. I entertained the thought when I found out I was pregnant with my third child. Our son was just nine months old. My husband, a firm believer in God, said no to my request to abort. He told me he felt God had a purpose for this child as he does every child and that we had to give this child a chance at life. I was skeptical and did a lot of praying. I was confused and couldn’t understand why God would allow my children to be so close in age. I felt like abortion it was the right thing to do so we would be able to give more monetarily to the two kids we already have as well as the obvious, an easy way out. God once again intervened. Today, I’m 23 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby girl. I wish I knew about your site earlier. Although I didn’t have an abortion, it would have preventing me from entertaining evil thoughts. May God bless and protect you and your team. Together you can save lives for His glory.

After viewing the images in this website I no longer believe in abortion. Abortion kills babies it is not a mass being removed from a woman’s body. My grandson is a preemie five months old, his twin died. I saw little feet as big as my grandsons. It hurt me deeply to see what I saw. I thought about a close friend that had an abortion just because she was irresponsible and couldn’t face her family.

Just looked at pictures...I am truly disgusted! ...This is truly murder. More people need to view pictures like these then maybe they will understand how wrong this really is. I was pro-choice up until I just saw these pictures. How wrong I was. Sincerely and God Bless -- Chris

I never would have an abortion. {I have 3 children}. I thought if other people want to do it that's up to them. I no longer feel that way after those pictures. The tiny, tiny, lost friends.

I have been a pro abortion catholic...... After seeing the pictures of what it exactly was, I nearly cried thinking I supported this awful murder. I ask Jesus my Christ to forgive my past way of thinking. I finally "get it." This is pure murder. I pray that more people will get to know what it is they are supporting. -- My Shame.

I have always felt I was definitely pro-life personally, but felt that others should have the right to make their own choices.  After being at your website, I am 100% pro-life!  No Exceptions!  God Bless you all, and God forgive us! – Becky

Thank you.  I can't stop crying and had to stop looking at your website.  I have completely changed my views on abortion and now am against it.  How is it that I, as a 30 year-old woman never knew what an abortion really looked like?  Those innocent tiny bodies are ripped apart?  We would be appalled if we treated animals like that but we do it to humans all the time?  Why aren't high school boys and girls (if not younger) made to look at these pictures when in sex ed classes?  I know I never saw them until I saw your website.  I am absolutely horrified at what it entails and if I had known this, I never would have taken the topic so lightly.  I thought it was just like a lump of silly putty until the very end.  How stupid am I?   But, sadly, I think a lot of people don't see it as a life when in a mother.  I am blessed with two children and until being pregnant with them never knew there was a heart beat so early on or that they are moving from the get-go.  Why is this all such a mystery?  When I got my first ultrasound I thought “why don't they tell young girls that it's a LIFE not just a ‘fetus’?”.  By calling it a “fetus,” it sounds unimportant.  My beautiful daughter is only 5 months, but I will show her the horrors of abortion in the hopes that she will then be scared out of sex until she is married.  I can't imagine never having met my beautiful children due to a selfish decision on my part. I will say my thank you prayers tonight that I was never given a chance to make a horrendous mistake in my youth.  Thank you for your website and for simply being honest.  I think more people need to look at the reality.  -- Kim, PA

This site makes me so sad. I have 2- going on three boys and if I had millions of dollars, I would adopt or foster as many kids as I could love at once. I cry for these babies. I know they hear inside the womb and feel and get excited. I know because I have carried three now. My boys are my life. They will see this site. This site will affect me forever. I have always been pro-choice, but have always wanted to be a mommy so that would not have been an option for me. Now I may have changed my mind completely, I am pro-life because of what I have seen here. This site is very sad, but thank you. – Beth, MO

I was looking for pictures of babies in utero as I am pregnant, when I came across your website. I didn’t know whether to look or not, I didn’t know if I could handle it. I’m so glad I did. I’ve gone from pro choice to pro life in a heartbeat. These pictures should be shown in schools and to anyone considering their right to terminate a precious life. Keep up your good work! -- BK, Australia

I am writing you to let you know that I am so hurt right now.....truly my heart hurts beyond belief. I cannot believe that this legal after seeing the pictures. I have completely different views about this and I will do anything I can to discourage anyone that I know is even contemplating this act. I am so angry with the clinics for not showing the actual procedure to the potential patients.  I think a lot of minds would be changed and a lot of couples that actually want babies would have the great opportunity to become parents......once again I think it’s horrible that I have seen these and I do feel bad about the pictures being taken of the innocent babies but at the same time I feel like I came across it for a reason. – SM

Until I looked at these photos, I considered myself to be pro-choice. I will never be able to look at the abortion issue the same. This was a wonderful reality check for me and I thank you very much for making these photos available so that people like me can personalize this issue and see it for what it really is. – Aimee

I looked up these images to decide whom I would pick for president. I decided it was my duty as a human being to give the issue as much thought as possible and the fact that President Bush is for banning abortion all together gave me an uneasy feeling. I now know what the right decision is because of your website. The images brought me great sadness and I know it's my duty to pass this on. I want to thank you for your efforts and your dedication to speaking for the ones that as you quote "can not speak for themselves." Keep giving these lives a voice, they never had a chance to experience the things that make me happy to be alive and that is what saddens me the most. I want everyone to at least experience this wonderful place we call earth, it maybe tough at times but it is a blessing to be able to walk these grounds everyday and breath this air and say I am alive. I can not say the same for these poor souls. Stay strong and we will follow..... -- JP

I have always been against abortion and could never murder a child of my own, but I have always thought that a woman's body was her own business and that if a mother was going to be strung out on drugs or abusive to a child that maybe a child was better off not being born at all. However, to see these images and to read that these unborn babies are murdered and disposed of like insects or trash is horrifying to me. How can a person live with themselves?  Thank God that there are wonderful human beings in this world like your organization that are doing the right thing for these innocent babies. May God bless you and keep you safe as I keep you and these innocent beings in my prayers. – Joan

I have always believed that abortion is the woman’s choice and should be left that way.  We all have our own views on what we think is right and wrong and I have always believed in the freedom of choice, after all, what we decide to do with our lives we have to live with the consequences.  After viewing the photo galleries on your web site how wrong could I be. How can anyone justify aborting a child that is capable of living outside the womb let alone one that is 4 - 5 weeks gestation.  I don’t shock very easily but what I have seen has brought reality crashing down to me, everyone has the right to live and these unborn babies cannot control their own fate.  Websites like yours should be used widely in schools especially in Britain where we have the highest teenage pregnancy statistics in Europe, perhaps if young people could see the shocking facts for themselves they would think twice before having unprotected sex or having sex at all.  Another question that springs to mind is if the unborn child has severe disabilities and would have no quality of life, is abortion really the answer?  Your web site has most definitely opened my eyes to the ethics of abortion.  – Joanne

I looked at the pictures of aborted babies at 7 weeks old. I was sickened. I have always been against abortion but thought in certain extreme cases a woman should have the choice. My opinion is changed. Abortion at any stage is clearly murder. I hope these pictures make it into the public eye everywhere. People need to know exactly what abortion is. I can tell you that most people do not realize that babies look like this when aborted. Please get these pictures out into the public. I pray to God that abortion will end. – Penny

A friend forwarded your website.  It was so powerful and gruesome, and beyond words.  All these babies thank you for revealing what this horrible procedure actually involves that most of us don't really know.  I forwarded your website to a friend who has always believed in Roe vs. Wade.  She was so disturbed by it that she has totally changed her way of thinking!  Thank you for making this available. – AM, California

I have to say that my whole outlook on abortions has changed after what I just saw. I am in tears and feel horrible because I have friends that have had abortions and some of their outlooks are, for example, ''I am only two months it’s just a ball of blood its not a formed baby."  But after seeing these images I have to show them so they can see how wrong they are….I am so happy to see that you show the truth so many young girls unfortunately do not get to see these pictures when they are sitting in the abortion clinics….. I am 22 yrs old and if I or my friends would have seen these images we would have never even considered or let anyone of our loved ones have an abortion. God bless you on all your time and efforts put into this website and to day you made a difference in my life and now I will try to make a difference in someone’s life.  Whenever I hear someone saying they want to have an abortion I will give them this website. – Rose

I was online researching abortion for an upcoming research paper when I came across the site, Thank you so much for sharing the pictures as well as the written information.  After viewing the site my views on abortion changed a lot. I really would like it if you could send me some of the pictures that you share with us online.  I would really like to share them with my college classmates.  I’m also interested in sharing these pictures with some of the young people in the high schools.  Again I want to thank you for such an informative site.  -- Gail, Mississippi

I have always believed that abortion is the woman’s choice and should be left that way.  We all have our own views on what we think is right and wrong and I have always believed in the freedom of choice, after all what we decide to do with our lives we have to live with the consequences.  After viewing the photo galleries on your web site how wrong could I be. How can anyone justify aborting a child that is capable of living outside the womb let alone one that is 4 - 5 weeks gestation.  I don’t shock very easily but what I have seen has brought reality crashing down to me, everyone has the right to live and these unborn babies cannot control their own fate.  Websites like yours should be used widely in schools especially in Britain where we have the highest teenage pregnancy statistics in Europe, perhaps if young people could see the shocking facts for themselves they would think twice before having unprotected sex or having sex at all.  Another question that springs to mind is if the unborn child has severe disabilities and would have no quality of life, is abortion really the answer?  Your web site has most definitely opened my eyes to the ethics of abortion.  -- Joanne

OH MY GOSH. I just read your entire web page. OH MY GOSH is all I can really say out loud. You need to get this message through to as MANY people as you possibly can. I have seen articles and read about abortions before-but I still felt like it was the woman's decision to decide of whether or not she wanted to give birth to a baby. My mind was changed TODAY because of your web site. I can't tell you how much you touched me and turned me around in a full circle. Thank you. I will definitely share this message with other women I know.

Your website has completely changed my views. I, personally, did not believe in abortions, but I felt it should be left up to the woman. Now I have realized that the "glob of tissue" the abortion clinics often talk about is truly a human being. I will pass information about this website along to everyone I know. Thank you so much. You have saved more unborn babies’ lives then you’ll ever know.Wow. I know that these pictures are very graphic, but they certainly have changed my mind. At first, I thought that abortion wasn't that bad, but now I am totally against it. Those babies did not choose to be born, and are suddenly killed. It is wrong, and I don't see how anyone could agree to do this, as well as allow it. These pictures are sickening, but should be shown, because they are stronger than words, and show what is really going on every day.I have been a pro-choice believer my entire life until someone shared your web-site with me. I was first shocked then sickened by what I saw. God, how could I have been so misguided my entire life? I actually believed it was not a baby. I actually believed a first trimester abortion was fine. Boy did you open my eyes. I believe that God worked with me today to show me the right way. I have often wondered if I was wrong but always dismissed those thoughts until I saw these photographs. Several of my pro-life friends told me to pray for help in seeing how wrong abortion is. I have prayed but with yours and God’s help I found this site and now I see. I am 30 years old and a mother of two children. I always thought this was a woman’s issue and never considered anything but the choice. Now I see it for what it is...just plain wrong. Thank you so much for this site. You have reached at least one person.

Thank you for making those graphics available. I used to think that I supported abortions, but after seeing those pics, I recognize what a fool I have been. I’ll be praying that you get the message out there.

Hi! I saw your web page about abortions. Before I saw it, I believed that women had the choice to have a baby or not, I would never do this but I still believed this. I am so upset about the images I saw today. I have a 2 year old daughter myself and my mother is 24 weeks pregnant. When I saw the picture of the 24 week old aborted fetus I was in shock. I thank you for having this page and more people need to see things like this!!I stumbled upon your website during my first pregnancy with my wonderful baby girl. I was actually looking for in utero photos, and found the abortion pictures instead. What can I say? I use to be very pro-choice, provided that it was done within the first 3 months of pregnancy. However, after viewing your website, images and descriptions of abortion procedures - I have completely swung to pro-life. Thank you for helping me to realize (although I have never considered doing it myself) what a terrible, terrible thing abortion is. There is no right way to do it, murder is murder. It sickens me to think that anyone, especially the mother, could think of ending the life so ruthlessly. Adoption has always been a choice, and from what information I have gathered, there are literally millions of infertile couples who would be more then willing and able to provide these poor, unloved and unwanted children a good, safe, secure and loving home….I congratulate you on posting this very important and disgusting information on your website. I will pray with you to end abortions and attempt to help those considering abortion to examine your website and choose pro life.  Thank you once again. – Karen

I am writing to tell you that although I consider myself a Pro-lifer, I was always a little frightened to give up the "right to abortion" for all women. I always feared that if a woman got raped or was a victim of incest, that she should be able to choose to "terminate" the unwanted pregnancy thinking that she had suffered enough and going through a pregnancy such as one that resulted through unspeakable horror somehow justified this kind of abortion. Now after seeing these images, I am not so sure. I actually felt like crying looking at these poor, unwanted babies thinking of how they must’ve suffered. I now know that all abortions are wrong. I always knew abortion was horrific but seeing these images really opened my eyes. I have always known abortion was murder. I will never forget those pictures and will be sure to pass on this website to others. Thank you for opening my eyes.

The images on your site upset me so much. It is hard for me to comprehend this. I used to believe in abortion and I don’t anymore. I am so glad I don’t. Those pictures will stick with me forever. I wish every woman that thinks abortion is the answer could see these.

I have been "lurking" on a bulletin board at It is a "support" board for women considering abortion. I usually don’t post on that board, but something compelled me to on Monday. I posted your website link to the photos of abortions at various stages of life. I must share what one woman posted after she had viewed that link. (This particular woman is the "host" of the bulletin board.) Here is the text, unedited:

I felt strongly about answering this because I was struggling to find the wording I needed in the last two days to start a thread. A poster named Peter Koz posted a website link recently and I made the mistake of looking as well. Well, I have to be honest I have changed my view on abortion after viewing these pictures. Something broke inside of me. Like you, I feel some of these sites are into it for shock value and maybe doctored up and so forth but after looking I can’t deny what I see or what it did to my heart. I am like you in that I needed support. I stopped at the church down the street from me on my way home and spoke at length to a priest and poured out my heart. I can say I understand what you are feeling and what you are saying. I still feel like the woman here need support and since I have been through this same ordeal and in similar situation I still would like to continue hosting this board and helping and supporting and sharing with everyone here. I will hope that everyone here will PLEASE respond to me and I will be looking forward to reading. Thanks

Wow, was I surprised to read that. Shortly after I had posted the link to your website, it had been pulled by the I wasn’t sure if anyone had even gotten a chance to see it. I cannot tell you how ELATED I am that this woman (THE HOST!) saw this and has changed her view. The link is still not there and I have been banned by to post on that particular board anymore. (I used an alternate name to post that site, but I still can post with another name and have done so.) I thank you for your site and the wonderful work you do. I’m trying to do a small part. May God bless you all.

I am so saddened and mortified by the images that you have on your website.  I know of abortion and partial birth abortion, and I am appalled that such practices are considered humane in any gestation of a pregnancy.  I like someone else on your commentary was looking for pictures of babies at certain stages of pregnancy.  I guess curiosity got the best of me and I clicked on your website.  I sat in shock and horror as I looked at the pictures.  I was crying when my husband walked in and he was just mortified as he saw what I was looking at.  I recently had a miscarriage, and I was 11 weeks pregnant.  I looked at the pictures and I was saddened that women who God has blessed with the ability to have healthy beautiful babies would do those kinds of things to such beautiful precious things.  I used to be flip-floppy about pregnancy by rape and other things of the sort, but now that I seen the pictures on your website, I am no doubt a bout it a PRO-LIFE 150% NO MATTER WHAT kind of woman.  Thank you very much, and I am saddened that this still continues, and probably happened a few times in the time it took for me to write this letter to you. -- Ashley and Lance

I'm 25, white...from a middle class family in NY. Before seeing this site I was 100% pro choice...thinking that no one person or group had the right to tell a women what she can or cannot do with her body. However after seeing these photos, I can honestly say I have changed my opinion. If more people saw the end result of their decisions, I truly believe they would think twice. Quick thing. My fiancée is going through pre-mature menopause at the age of 26, and is therefore unable to bear a child. It sickens me at the number of dead, discarded children sitting on this web site alone. To me, this is just a sampling of millions of healthy children that could have been adopted by truly loving people like my fiancée. Please keep this site going.... Thank you

I was totally pro-choice before seeing these horrifying pictures and reading the different stories. These are CHILDREN, they are people! I can’t understand why people are doing this. I sit here and question what has happened for this to be a legal practice in our wonderful nation, and around the world. How can people be so accepting and tolerant of this? I do not condone pro-life activist murdering the doctors who perform the abortions or setting off bombs in these clinics; two wrongs do not make a right. But I seriously do not understand how this can be taking place day in and day out. Can it ever be put to a stop? I mean, even if it is made an illegal practice, will it just go back to being performed in nasty hotel rooms and dark alleys? Why can’t these mothers understand that they don’t have to do this? Why don’t they understand that even if they don’t want the child, then there is a loving, deserving family out there who would go to all lengths to adopt!

I had always been "Pro Choice" until I stumbled upon your website. I feel so ashamed, I never really knew. Thank you

I just wanted to let you know how this website has changed me. My whole life I have been a "good" Catholic. The only issue I really had with the Church was that I didn’t really agree with her views on abortion. I never really viewed abortion as a "church" or "government" issue. I believed until recently in the right of a woman to choose. I believe that God has been trying to get my attention lately on this issue. I don’t know what made me visit your site. I am thankful that I did. The visit has changed my view and has changed me forever. Thank you Father for your hard work and know that you are making a difference. God Bless You. And I can now say I am praying for an end to abortion. It is our duty as Catholics to defend all of God’s people.....Born and unborn.

I came across your web site through a link from The Catholic Faith web site. While some may find the abortion images offensive, I have to thank you for posting them. Allow me to explain.  I am a life-long Catholic and I had an abortion at the age of 18. I am now 36 years old. Several years after my abortion, I finally went to confession to confess my horrible sin and was forgiven. I truly believe I made the wrong choice, but have made no effort to influence the minds of others who are pro-choice. After seeing the pictures of what could have been my aborted child does it really become real to me. Tears are streaming down my face as I look at them. You are correct. There are no words to express what is shown in those images. Those are babies! How selfish we are as humans to have such little regard for human life.  From this day forward, I will never condone an abortion, regardless of the reason. The next web site a search for will be a pro-life organization where I can get involved. Those pictures have changed my life. I hope to never have to see them ever again. A few weeks ago I received a phone call where a lady was taking a survey asking if I was pro-choice, pro-life, or in between. I answered somewhere in between. If I had only known what I was saying. I am a young mother of two. I had my first at 19 and my second at 22. With my first I wasn’t married yet, and actually considered aborting him. Something inside my stomach just wouldn’t let me, I don’t know why because at that time I was pro-choice. After viewing your site I am no longer undecided on any of it. I am saddened. I am thankful I took responsibility because my children have made me who I am. They are beautiful. I am sorry I have been naive in the past. I am pro-life for the future. Your web-site is a good thing.

I know that God hates abortion. It is an abomination and I can't help thinking that He will not tolerate it much longer. I can't imagine that God can continue blessing this great nation while we continue to participate in the torture and murder of millions of his children. Although the pictures are very unsettling I believe that they must be seen. As long as the pro death movement can continue to cloak themselves in the lie of women's rights and use terms to cover up what an abortion is, they will continue to get away with their holocaust. Thank you for standing up for the rights of God's children. It is heartening to see the work of His people in getting the truth out there. The truth shall set you free. I am a student [in Utah.] I had to choose a topic for a paper, and I chose D&E and Partial Birth abortion. Before finding your website, I believed that these types of abortions were okay to use. However, when I saw the grotesque pictures and read through the various pieces of writing, I was amazed. I now believe that abortion of any kind should be banned, and anyone who completes an abortion has murdered a human being. Thank you for showing me the atrocities of abortion. – JD

I thought that you would like to know that you have changed the mind of at least one person with your web site, me. Although I have never had an abortion myself, I have always thought that it should be a woman's right to do what she wanted to her body. Today I stand corrected. Thank you for showing me the truth. I will pray for success in your fight against abortion, and for all the children who die every day. Thank you and God Bless.

Wow, I could only get through a few of those pictures before having to turn away. They make a very good statement, and I think that if they were better publicized, many more people would be against abortion. I think those are some of the most graphic images I have ever seen. I used to be sort of pro choice, at least in the matter of rapes and such, but now I am sincerely reconsidering. Thank you.

Dear Father Pavone, I agree entirely with you and others who believe that people will not stop abortion until they see abortion. I am a survivor of the culture of death. My babies were not. When I began to fully grieve their loss I felt a strong need to see what I had consented to do. The websites that feature photos of the aborted little ones brought to light what I had been brainwashed into denying. I now attend prayer vigils outside the Presidential Women's Clinic...and participate in Respect Life. I have done a little sidewalk counseling and I know the impact a photo can have. I would like to suggest a national direct-mail flyer or pamphlet that would show photos of the horror of abortion. What do you think? Years ago an evangelical Christian group direct-mailed videos of the life of Jesus to residences throughout the U.S. Surely flyers or pamphlets would cost less. God bless you and all at PFL.

I’d just like to say how informative and good your site is. Up until now I've been indecisive on the subject of abortion, unable to decide if a foetus could be considered a person, a living thing. After seeing these images I can see that they are living and that they are living people with little souls and I am now against this horrific procedure.

I wanted to relay an anecdote from my own life about how your organization has changed one mind (and that is how we’ll win this battle, one mind at a time). I have a dear friend who is very "pro-choice" and I said: "Do you think there should be any restrictions on abortions?" The answer was no. I happened to have my laptop available and said: "Have you ever seen what an abortion looks like?" The answer was: "No and I don’t believe it’s a baby until at least the 3rd trimester." I accessed your website and showed her the pictures. She was rightfully and truly horrified about what this REALLY looks like. And, she started to cry. She isn’t "pro-choice" anymore. Thank you again and God Bless you and your organization.

I have looked at the pictures on this site on aborted babies and I started to cry. You see, me and my husband do not have children as of right now and we may never. I have always believed in freedom of choice but after seeing this, I have to say this is just murder and I cannot believe the government is letting this go on. I am a firm believer of GOD and I would pray this prayer -  I hope for the sake of his grace and mercy that he for gives these women for this and the doctors that perform this everyday. May GOD have mercy on you all. I cried after seeing their little fingers and toes. I mean who are we to decide to take one of GODS little creations. I thank GOD this is one sin I do not have to get forgiven for.



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