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May 19, 2010 - a day I will never forget.  I thought I knew what abortion meant. I’ve done the walk for life, seen the images of a baby on the posters, etc., but nothing could have prepared me to see the graphic photos of aborted babies.  I watched in horror as the images crossed my computer screen; too grotesque to believe.  My mind kept saying, “Shut this off,” but my heart said, “How can you just shut this off when this is really happening all over the world every second of the day?” My view of abortion has forever been changed and I believe my life has forever been changed.  My heart has not stopped hurting for these innocent babies that have been brutally slaughtered at the hands of those who should be protecting them.  I firmly believe if these images were presented to the public in some way, we could put a stop to abortion.  If we could get these images on TV, we would really be able to stop some abortions.  The images are very, very powerful!  I was already pro-life, but after seeing these images of slaughtered infants, I am more determined than ever to win the battle, not just fight the fight.  I am going to take on the enemy head on and use whatever ammunition God puts at my disposal.  Joanne

Every time I see the images of aborted babies, I feel such sadness and my heart aches for these children.  I am going to do all I can to make people aware of this tragedy. I am more committed now to the pro-life movement to end abortion and to make as many people aware of what they can do as well.  Sharon.

I was touched by this pamphlet distributed in church and agree that we must expose the graphic horror of abortion. Many of us Catholics, who are admitted pro-lifers, myself included, become too casual over time in response to prolife movement/abortion. This image brought tears to my eyes and clear conviction of the urgency of this matter. I am currently working on music to background of a pro-life film created by our parish ministry. I urged her to show slides of actual aborted babies but she was told by our priest not too. Please continue to urge the bishops to encourage our priests to this. Julie, MS

Yes, I've been saying it for many years. People who see an abortion will automatically know it is wrong.

Dear Editor

I recently had the experience of viewing on line photos  posted by an organization called "Priests For Life" on their web-site. They are a pro-life national group dedicated to ending abortion. The photos were stark, and absolute, and not for the timid. I am an 80 year old pro-life anti-abortionists and I cringed at these displays of unborn infants actually torn from the safety of their Moms womb and many pulled apart piece by piece, some actually beheaded.

One video shown was especially powerful, depicting an adult hand caressing an infants hand, entitled " Raise Your Hand If your Against Abortion" as the image slowly rises on the screen to dramatic background music it becomes all too apparent that the infant hand is not connected, it was from an innocent victim of that terrible act of abortion, sometimes masking under the tile of a Woman's Right To Choose?
All my life I have been active with youngsters through my parish, I worked with Altar boys, scout troops, basketball teams, even a boys choir. I did love and enjoy every minute of it. Today these youngsters are sanitation men, policeman, firemen, all useful citizens of our society. I am saddened when I think that so many potential useful citizens are being systematically eliminated by our nations new culture of death.

My wife and I raised seven children ourselves, and we have thirteen grand children. and four great grandchildren. We wondered together why the Catholic media doesn't do more to alert Catholics to the evils of abortion. Why not print these images for people to see and realize what is happening out there? It has been documented that young women actually cancelled their planned abortions after viewing these images, and chose an alternative method instead.

Your paper would be doing a great service to all involved, but especially those frightened and confused young woman seeking to terminate their pregnancy. You would also be helping to convey the powerful message, that abortion is not a simple exercises in innocent family planning as pro-abortionists would have us believe.

John B.

My hat is off to you! I volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center in Harrisburg, PA and I also participate in the Washington march. I agree with you that America needs to be re-awakened about the horror of abortion and your new visual campaign needs to be done. This will probably anger many people and I greatly admire your courage in standing up for what is right. You have been an inspiration to me. I have always been pro-life but you made me see how important is is to actually get involved. You are in my prayers and God bless you.-- Joan

It is very troubling and extremely heart-breaking that humans are capable of such horror. -- Tammy

I am an 18 year old Catholic female. I have ALWAYS been pro-life. Thank you for sharing these images so that they are available to the populace. They are horrific but they must be seen. They can change the heart of a pro-choicer, they re-affirm the opinion of the pro-lifers, and they can convince the undecided towards the pro-life stance. I have seen many violent or gory scenes in movies and previews and am not one to get queasy easily, but when I saw those images I literally cried. They are the most horrific pictures I have ever seen anywhere. It is mind-boggling that politicians and ordinary people can support such a terrible thing. They must see these pictures, and I am praying that one day everyone will see the light and realize what an awful crime abortion is. If the entire world were pro-life that would be a wonderful thing. And these photos can help change minds one by one, bringing us one step closer. Again, thank you

I would like to express my gratitude for Priests for Life for this mission to protect the unborn. I am too a Pro-Life, and I have used some photos of the aborted Babies and I have uploaded it on my friendster. I want to communicate to my friends the evil behind this abortion and hoping that they will not do such. And that by doing so, they may also be informed and inform as well their friends to be a pro-life as well. And pray that this will be stop. Thank You so much for reading my email and GOD Bless. - HR

I have posted a link on one of my blog sites to your website and with your permission used a couple of photographs to illustrate the horrible act of abortion in this country. I am a life long Catholic and I will make this issue known to as many people possible until my final breath. God has made it clear to me through the Holy Spirit that it is a mission in my life that is of the utmost importance. -- Kent

I am a Highway Patrol Officer, and have seen all kinds of serious injuries to people, by negligences, accidents, and on purpose, but for the life of me cannot see how a human being can do this to another human being - so innocent and helpless?? I cried when I saw these pictures, my heart ached in agony in disbelief. I know people are horrible sometimes, but this.....I just can't understand it, even for money. I felt an overwhelming need to pray for these nurses and doctors that perform these acts. One day they will realize what they have done, and I pray they can live with it. People need to see these pictures. You can't look and believe in your heart this is a choice for anyone.  I have always been against Abortion, but this affirms my vocation in helping children. I have children of my own and have adopted children, and will continue to give more children a place to be loved and cared for. God bless you for all that you do. -- Anonymous

I recently heard one of your advertisements on Relevant Radio and I decided to check out your website.  I have always been opposed to abortion and I thought I had an idea of how brutal and evil of a practice it was, but your photos have taken my understanding and horror to a whole new level.  I am a father of four children and I was at the delivery for every one of them.  When I viewed your photos all I could see was their faces on those photos.  It sickens me to think that in this nation, supposedly the most advanced and enlightened nation on the planet that such a thing is possible much less even considered; I am ashamed of our country for allowing this to happen.  I am ashamed that people exist that can do something like this to the weakest, most defenseless, innocent person.  I am now truly ashamed to say that I am an American.  May God have Mercy on us all. -- Travis

I always thought abortion was wrong. I know it is not of God. When I saw the graphic pictures of what aborted children look like, it cemented my beliefs even further. There is no argument about it, abortion is not removing some tissue, it’s killing a human baby!!! This sicken me to the point of madness. – Quincy, Tx

I think what you are doing is great. Please show the people in the world how awful abortion really is. I have always been opposed to abortion, but to see the pictures it just made me cry. May God bless all of the people involved in trying to show the world that abortion is wrong.  I will pray that people will be changed by the message you have.  In God's Love. – Jessica

I was checking out websites on babies and pictures from the womb and came across your website.  I have never been for abortion, but after these pictures I was ill.  How could this happen or be legal?  My good friend from college called one day and told me she had an abortion and could not quit crying.  She said it was horrible.  If only I could have shown her this page before she did it.  The pictures are very sad on this website, but Really, Really make a difference in how abortion is viewed.  My husband could not look at all of the pictures it affected him so much.  So if this did not affect a pregnant woman nothing could. So please keep up the good work and taking the time to try to save lives. Thank you and God Bless You! -- Beth, Illinois

These pictures are very disturbing!! I think that EVERYONE should have to see them. I have never had an abortion, nor do I believe in it.  Even so, these pictures brought the reality of it alive. I and so many are Thankful for what you are doing. – Tammy

Good for you! When I became active in RTL in 1973, I knew that our best (and only?) hope was in the pictures. – Kathleen

I just saw pictures off of your web-site and am in absolute shock and disgust. These are REAL LIFE HUMANS! I am Pro-Life and have prayed in front of clinics, but never knew of the severity of this disgusting, inhumane issue. Praise God for opening my eyes to the truth. Bless each of these innocent, precious lives that have been murdered. May they rest in the arms of the true mother who would never abandon them or hurt them, but hold them in her motherly arms. I am sending this web site to every person I can. Thank you and know that you all are in my prayers. – Brooke, AZ

I saw the photos of abortion on your website. I have always believed that abortion, at any stage, is murder. Now, after having seen the horrific photos, I am more convicted in this belief than ever before. Abortion is murder. It is the worst form of homicide and genocide in society. I just don't understand how anyone could ever live with themselves after inflicting such pain on a helpless child. I just don't understand... but I continue to pray for the souls of the beautiful babies who are burned and mutilated by a society that supports murder.  – Nicole

I am an Australian of 19 who just happened to switch over to your show while promoting your webpage displaying abortion images.  I am a pro-life catholic and have never supported abortion … Thanks to your website, I can now deliver my argument with some objective evidence… -- Teresa

I would just like to say that I have always been against abortion and until looking at your website, had never seen what it looked like. It is amazing to me that someone can tell a doctor to just kill their child, right there in front of them. There is no justifiable explanation for the actions of the people who do this terrible thing. It is good to know that there are many other people out there just as appalled as I am. I hope one day we can win this war. Thank you for the information provided on your website and for standing up for the right thing.

Hi my name is Maggie I am 35 years of age and live in Auckland New Zealand. As a mother of two beautiful children I was absolutely bought to tears by these images of children aborted. I am a Catholic and have been raised with strong beliefs and one of them is anti-abortion. I cannot understand why woman do this, and abort children at 20 weeks. These are God's children who weren't asked to be put there.. I believe that abortion is murder. How doctors can say that at 8 weeks it is just a membrane is rubbish, they are little innocent people. Your web site is very touching and I will definitely refer it to woman who are considering abortion and hopefully they may think twice. Thank you for reading my e-mail. Keep up the good work.

I am 22 years old and I am pro-life. I have seen some of these pictures before, but others I have not. I had to do a persuasion speech in college and my subject was on Abortion. After doing some research on abortion, I had no idea that there were so many types of abortion and what they actually do. The biggest picture that struck me was the picture and the story of baby Malachi. I now use my presentation that I used in college, to show to our High school CCD class at our church. Most of the teenagers have no idea what abortions do to the babies. To end the presentation, I use the story of baby Malachi. I have also decided that if I were to ever have a baby boy, that I want to name him Malachi in memory of the little baby boy that was aborted in 1993. I hope that one day there will be an end to abortion everywhere. Thank you for putting together a website that shows the truth about abortion and what it does to the babies inside the womb. May God Bless and watch over you always. – Alyssa

I visited your website. I've always been 100% anti-abortion, but seeing the images was just amazing. Amazing in a sickening way.  I'm 26 weeks pregnant. I saw a picture of an aborted baby the same age. It really struck me how beautiful that child was, and how his mother never will gaze upon that little face and think that about him. How sad that a complete stranger has to look on him lovingly when it's his own mother that should be doing that.  I was struck by the piles and piles of infants just tossed in the trash. There were so many! It made me appreciate my own children much more. And it made me appreciate my good, Christian upbringing…that I would never consider such an atrocity.  There is no hope for those little ones that have already been lost (God bless them) but if more women saw these horrid images, they might be less likely to go through with the murder of their children.  – Cindy

Thank you for "Show the American people what an abortion is!" and its linked images.  I have been speaking out on the horrors of abortion since 1973, and know quite a bit about the horrors of the various procedures. Nevertheless, the images on your web site still brought tears to my eyes and a feeling of emptiness I can't even begin to describe. We are truly fallen, and our acts are an abomination in the sight of a Holy God.

I have always been against abortion and the photographs on your web site only affirms my beliefs.

I am just emailing to let you know that I am very pleased with what you are doing! I am a devout Catholic and I totally agree with you! I looked through your website, and I must say that anyone who looks at those pictures (especially those who are thinking about abortion) surely must find it in their hearts not to go through with this! It’s a shame that most people don’t think before they do! I do not understand this country of ours! We convict murders, but we do not convict those who perform abortions! It doesn’t make any sense! ! ! May God continue to bless you in your work!

I was looking at your website, I don’t know why, and I looked through the archives. I knew what abortion was, these images still managed to tear my heart out. Thanks for the reminder.

I saw the pictures of aborted babies on your website, and I have to say that they are by far the most disgusting things I have ever seen. I am pro-life, and I agree with showing pictures of the true horror of abortion to people. I have many friends who are feminists and just accept a "woman’s right to choose" as part of feminism and the rights women are entitled to. I consider myself a feminist too, but I think that abortion has nothing to do whatsoever with women’s rights. It’s our duty to show people what abortion is really like, and it’s protected by free speech too. I used to pray and protest in front of abortion clinics a lot (and I still do whenever I have the time). I can’t tell you how many people have yelled at me "You have no right to show these pictures or to hold those signs or to pray in front of an abortion clinic." To which I reply "Read the First Amendment sometime". Thank you for showing everyone how terrible abortion is.

After reviewing your information and graphic, detailed images on the internet, I was quite moved to write to you! My family and I are all Pro Life advocates and support your agenda/ movement! How could these horrific, deplorable acts of violence be justified by our past president, Bill Clinton? I’m appalled to even think our "trusted, tried and true" government would support the "partial birth abortion"! We need to wake up the idiots that are in favor of the heinous acts of cruelty and continue to scare the heck out of the public who support this! Thank you for being so concerned and dedicated... I just wanted you to know - someone’s listening.

I knew abortion was murder... I just did not realize how much how deep and how true this was, until I viewed the pictures on your web site. My heart breaks for these babies. Thank you for standing up for the truth and what is right. God have mercy on us all.

I’m glad and in support of the initiative you have taken especially the photographs of those we have lost through the failure of our world caring about the unborn. Hopefully sooner rather than later the world will come to its senses and experience a rebirth of caring enough about all life so that we might become whole again. I admire what you’re doing and please keep up the sincere effort to get the world back on the right path.

Hi. The images on your site are very powerful. I am printing some out to keep with me if (or I should say when) I encounter someone who is pro abortion.

I thank you for your website, the work you do and I fully support your campaign of displaying the graphic images of abortions. I think this is a key, (as you have said) in showing the true evils of abortion. Keep up the great work. I am constantly praying for you and the pro-life movement. God bless.

Thank you for all you and your staff do at Priests for Life.  Although I have always been a strong advocate for pro-life, I looked for the first time today at the aborted baby pictures on your website. Seeing is certainly believing - for anyone who views these images.  May God and His Holy Mother and the entire Heavenly Court continue to bless you in all you and your staff and followers do for the unborn. -- Dr. Paulette

I viewed the images of aborted fetuses… They deeply affected me.  I have seen images like these before but it has been a while.  Even those of us Pro Life Catholics probably need to be reminded from time to time that this is nothing short of murder of innocent beautiful children who never got a chance to live out their potential. – John, TX

Good job on photos. They even freaked ME out and I’ve been an activist since 1974!

I am pro life and saw a number of abortion pictures on your web site. How can I get a copy of these pictures so I can present them to my church? I want more detail than I am able to get when I print them off the site.


Thank you for showing the consequences of abortion on your site. Although I have always been anti abortion I was not fully aware of the horror associated with this vile act, how any person can perform or condone this barbaric practice in a civilized society never ceases to amaze me. In today's world where the cruelty of nations against their own people is thrust at us from every aspect of the media it is amazing that abortion commands so little of the headlines. I feel fortunate that, living in Ireland as I do, abortion continues to be outlawed; however pressure is mounting to allow abortion to be legalized under the banner a woman’s choice. Continue your fight against what is undoubtedly wrong and I hope that you use whatever influence you have to aid the Catholic Church in Ireland in its fight.

Thank you so much, and may God bless you immensely and in a special way. I have never seen a photo of an abortion before, even though I’m pro-life, and I was so affected, I felt I could barely breathe, I felt like my life was being sucked out of me. May God have mercy on us, indeed.

I agree these pictures do make an impression. I am pro-life, always been pro-life with 13 kids to prove it, despite all the obstacles that doctors put in front of us.

Dear Father Frank,
Ever since I was a young child, I have always had a tremendous love for babies. Through the blessings of God, I am surrounded by His precious babies both in our Church work to help needy moms and their precious babies and in providing care in our home for little ones. Just now I rocked a sweet angelic baby to sleep. While she peacefully sleeps in her crib, our "I Choose Life" banner hangs as a backdrop. As a strong Pro-life person, I am greatly appalled by the horrors of abortion as shown on your website. Keep the strong messages and graphic pictures coming. My husband and I first learned of partial-birth abortion several years ago while reading our Church bulletin. May Our Dear Lord continue to use precious Baby Malachi to convert hearts against abortion. Thank you, Father Frank. May God continue to bless you and your work.

Father Pavone,
I, too, have been a defender of the unborn all my 47 years and agree whole-heartedly that images are one of the greatest teachers we can have. I applaud this website of yours so much; and I am happy to be a part of PRIESTS FOR
LIFE. I look forward to each column and also look forward to the new television season of "Defending Life".

I have just looked at some of the pictures of babies killed before having the opportunity to live. How Horrible!!! How can anyone do this? I am at work and I have this tremendous need to cry for these lost lives. I pray every day (in the morning on my way to work I say my Rosary) that this killing of babies (abortion) end. I hope our Heavenly Mother hears my prayers and those of all who pray for an end to abortion and I certainly hope that this killing will end soon. I have a friend, who tried for 10 years to have a baby and just last week his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. He and his wife are devout Catholics and they and all of his family and friends prayed and they were finally blessed with this Angel. All of us, are totally against abortion and we will continue praying for an end to it. Thank you for your kind attention and God Bless. Even though the pictures were quite graphic I will make sure that people see them, especially those who still believe in abortion. Again, thank you and keep up this wonderful work!!!

God bless your efforts. I did not believe in abortion prior to viewing this site but I do think that this has put things in a much more clear and real light. The next time someone tells me that they think a woman has the "Right" to do this I will refer them to exactly what it is that they are defending. It amazes me that they can teach an untruth like evolution in schools, or teach children how to have sex and use birth control in health class, but I don’t think that they could show these pictures in health class. They should. I have two girls, and when they are a little older and we discuss the subject of abortion I think that some of these photos will be very helpful when I explain to them that this is not what God has in mind for his children under any circumstance.

I saw your website with abortion photos. I am pro life. I have always been. I am even more so since I saw your website. I was mortified. I cannot believe that people choose to make such choices. They try to justify by stated that in certain stages of the pregnancy the fetus is not human. Hmmm, looks to me like a human being was unmercifully ripped apart. If the fetus is not human to start with then what is it? How does it develop into a human? Wow!! .. I can also only imagine that the child in the womb can feel the pain of being aborted. How could anyone take such a sweet, innocent and precious baby and do that? ...My heart goes out to the unborn and innocent whose innocent cries were not heard. My heart broke when I saw those photos. I was filled with anger and questioned how could they? Why do they? Everyone deserves a fair chance at life. Nobody deserves to have their lives through away. MK

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