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I have always been pro-life, but last night, viewing YouTube, I saw the actual embryonic victims of abortion on the crime scene--along with these images on []. Where do I sign up to March, sit in, lobby, get handcuffed, waterhosed, dog chased, and national guarded because of this evil that is perpetrated on the unborn? – Terri

Thank you for showing the horrific, unfathomable pictures of the burned and dismembered precious babies during your EWTN television program. I am pro-life and Catholic, but didn't realize I had slipped into complacency. At first I would turn away because I couldn't bear to watch. Then I knew I had to watch! So I did and dropped to my knees sobbing and in agony calling out to our LORD from the depths of my soul and also asking as to what I could do to help stop this. I don't know where God will lead me from here but I can tell you that seeing those little babies having been so brutally murdered (and in a "civilized" society), God has given me the conviction to pray more fervently and to speak forthrightly to my Catholic friends who also have slipped into complacency and even into denial. In these situations my words were basically ineffective (as far as I can tell). So I will pray that more people will see those pictures! It is too easy to buy into the popular rhetoric that it's only a blob of tissue. Please keep the pictures on the TV program and website! All denial disappears! – Anita, Oregon

The pro-life images moved me to act in the pro-life movement. I now participate in events sponsored by Anti Choice Project, where we stand on corners of busy intersections with our graphic images.  God bless you for leading the way! -- Jennifer

Thank you for your ministry. I have been pro-life for many years but never saw images of what really happens to an unborn baby when it is aborted. My wife and I have three wonderful boys and they, just like any baby, are precious gifts from God. What has happened to the world that the most important thing of all (life) can be treated so casually? Shame on us as a nation, shame on me for not doing more to fight it. God help us I pray! -- Scott

After viewing this abortion photos I promise: I will give all my life for Jesus. I want to give all my life against abortion. -- Laurie, mother of three children

I have posted a link on one of my blog sites to your website and with your permission used a couple of photographs to illustrate the horrible act of abortion in this country. I am a life long Catholic and I will make this issue known to as many people possible until my final breath. God has made it clear to me through the Holy Spirit that it is a mission in my life that is of the utmost importance. -- Kent

I have been thinking about setting up a website and wanted to know how I could get abortion photos like what is on the priests for life site? After looking at the photos there I really feel called to do more to stop the horror of abortion. I am a Catholic convert and can say that before seeing those photos I was not so concerned about the abortions that other women chose to seek. I was raised with the attitude that it was a woman's choice, and that is woefully wrong. When looking at the photos my insides twisted painfully and I felt sick for hours afterward. You can't help but feel that abortion is murder when seeing the pictures. – Erin

My name is Rodney of the Philippines. I am a devote Catholic, a University Professor, and an EWTN regular viewer. I watch your show on EWTN but have not really gotten to visit your website. However, tonight seeing the pictures of aborted children for the first time on the net really broke my heart. I never realized the extent of these horrible crime until I saw the terrible, merciless killing of these poor innocent aborted babies. I could not help but cry. Although, I am active in [various programs] I also want to be really active in the pro-life movement.

I have seen a few of the pictures of aborted children and it just breaks my heart seeing those children broken apart. All of their little bones and hands. I am a college student, I am writing a research paper on abortion. I found your site while surfing the web. I have always being against abortion, but had never seen pictures like this. After seeing them, I have announced myself "A TOTAL PRO-LIFE WOMAN" I want to do something about it, I want to be part of all of you who are making a difference against abortion. Please tell me how I can do it. I want to send a message to all young people to make the right choices in life and to protect the life of our children starting from the womb. Please tell me how I can start to make this difference. -- Mayra

I have seen your images on the website showing babies at different stages of development.  These are some of the most sacred pictures I have ever seen.  God forgive me for not speaking up sooner against abortion.  I am organizing a memorial -- Debbie, TN

Thank you for the EWTN program on abortion! It made me realize how important this issue is...and how we can take a stand in the upcoming election! Afterwards, I visited the Priests for Life website and viewed the disturbing but powerful abortion photos. Moved into action, I emailed people a few links to this website so they too could view the photos and get involved to end abortion. – A. Robbins, TX

This is in response to the question of how images of aborted babies affected me.  I was mildly pro-life until I went to a seminar by Greg Cunningham at which he showed his movie: "Hard Truth."  I made myself look at the images of the aborted children, and was surprised to see how perfectly formed and beautiful they must have been before being so coldly mutilated by medically trained people who should have used their knowledge to protect these children.  I couldn't stop crying. As a result of that experience, and with the prayers of several active Catholics who also attended the seminar, I plunged more deeply into pro-life efforts, including praying the Rosary (even though I wasn't yet Catholic), sidewalk counseling, and offering help to pregnant women.  What a humbling and grace-filled adventure!  I joined the Catholic Church in 1996, a few months before receiving the incredible gift of becoming the godmother of a baby whose mother allowed me to take her home from an abortion mill.  Little Christopher is now 8 years old, and is a bright, happy child.  Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the courage of Greg Cunningham and Fr. Pavone! – Cathy, CA

I have always been against abortion. …. I grew up a rather well-informed child on such deplorable matters and continued to speak out whenever I heard abortion referred to as “a removal of cell-tissue.” Several years and five children later, however, I had forgotten about how important it was to ALWAYS speak up for those who could not, until I stumbled upon your website. Seeing those photos again….still made me weep. I looked around at my five beautiful children, my mind reeling in horror and disbelief. One haunting thought crossed my mind, “If I were pro-choice, and had decided I must abort, which one of my children would have been dispensable?” My oldest with his beautiful brown eyes and loving ways? My second with her lovely smile and unshakeable faith? My third with her non-stop chatter and explosive inner fire? My fourth with her solemn eyes and her wise, nurturing manner? Or maybe perhaps my fifth with his comic antics, mischievous grin and infectious giggle? To all pro-choicers with children I direct a challenge. Take a good close look at who your children are, then decide which one you could live without. Which one would you ‘choose?’ Which one wouldn’t matter?  My mother made a choice. In between me and my brother’s birth, she had an abortion….What if it had been me instead? -- CJ, Canada

I am twenty weeks pregnant and came across you site trying to find pictures of what my unborn miracle looks like.  These abortion procedures absolutely disgust me.  How could any doctor perform these procedures?  This is absolutely disgusting!!!  I am just so beside myself with hurt and anger that any mother, or doctor would actually go through this.  Is there anything I can do to try and help save innocent babies from this fate?  I want to do something about this but I am not sure what to do. – BD, MI

Thank you for your talk today at [my parish].  I could only stay for the first half hour (babysitting issues).  I guess God knew what I needed to hear though.  It took me all day to work up the courage to look at the images.  NEVER will a day go by as long as I live that I will not pray to end this horribly evil practice.  I know God has been calling me to do something about this.  PRAISE GOD that you came to our parish.  Thank you!!  - Amy C.

Let me thank you for providing REAL information about abortion.  I was shocked to see what really happens.  I had no idea.  I am 42 years old and I cannot believe that I didn't know.  I've always just said and believed that at conception, a child is born.   I've been sitting here looking at the images on PFL's site with my mouth hanging open and I'm compelled to ask you...  Why on earth do you suppose this is kept so secret?  I never knew that babies were torn literally apart during an abortion and somehow people are taught to think that's all right!    I'm totally irritated that even I, at my age... didn't know!  …As for me, I will spend the rest of my life making sure that everyone I know knows the truth.  …I saw those tiny hands and feet and all I could think to do was cry out to God and pray that He will do something…  How He must be grieving over those precious babies!  My troubles suddenly seem so inconsequential.  God bless you all for getting the truth out there for people to finally SEE with their own eyes…  How sad it is that we are taught to proudly don the phrase  "It's my body" and the truth is kept from our eyes.  Nobody shows us the tiny pieces (arms and legs) of life that will be pulled from our wombs without mercy.     I thanked God for you tonight...  for what you do with your web site.  You save lives by the minute. -- Lisa P.

Because I am an "adult" I didn't think I needed to see pictures of aborted babies. Because I am an "adult" I thought I knew what aborted babies looked like. Well, God proved me wrong and touched me to open your files and look at those aborted babies. My mind never comprehended what murder of a baby really looked like! Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart. I am changed forever. In Christ’s name, let’s end abortion Now!  ALM, Quincy, IL.

I just spent a moment going through your website and couldn't believe the horrible pictures I just saw.  Even though I am a mother of 2, I just can't believe how developed those fetuses were.  At the earliest stage of pregnancy, you can still see a portion of what is to come. A foot or hand, even the head. I always knew what they looked like at the early stages, but never really put them in that prospective.  I am certainly going to let everyone I know about your website. I think everyone should see those pictures for themselves. I do wish your website was bigger, better known, and just screaming out to let everyone find you!  Please let me know if there's anything we can do (in small towns) to help you out.  Thank you so much for being here. -- Eva

I think it’s great that you are getting out this message, people need to see the inhumane acts that are done to innocent lives every day. If there is anything I can do to help the fight against abortion please contact me. On Sunday, May 18th I heard a priest from your org on "Catholic Comment" here in our Diocese of Fort Wayne/South Bend. I currently volunteer at the Crisis Pregnancy Center of NE Indiana and after viewing your website I feel I am not doing enough to save the unborn. I am so moved at the site of all those innocent lives taken away so violently, so inhumanely. I pray everyday for an end to abortion - I will do more. I will work to let everyone know of your work and continue to work with the CPC. God Bless You.  I usually avoided looking at pictures because I figured why put myself through the pain of seeing the dead babies when I already believed abortion is wrong. However, as the year 2003 ends, I have been planning out my giving budget for the upcoming year (like I always do). I have had on my heart more and more supporting anti-abortion work such as Priests for Life. I have been on your mailing list for a few months now. I pulled up your site today and dared to look at some of the photos and I am bawling! My heart is broken that where you can clearly see a human body, our country - our world - allows murder of babies to be legal! I am so grieved I am beside myself. I mean, abortion is always wrong and always grievous, but the photos of the late-term abortions are so blatantly obvious even if someone was unsure of the early-term abortions I don’t see how they could possibly conceive that it is not murder! Not that I needed the push, but I am anxious to begin supporting your work.

These images are the most horrendous thing I have ever seen, I have five children, one of which is only 11 weeks old, I don't quite know what to say. Please email me to let me know how I can help to stop this.

Dear Father, I found your website as I was looking for fetal development pics.  I am 34 weeks pregnant and I wanted to see images of babies of the same age.  I have always been pro-life, but in recent years, I have not been as vocal about my views. I know that the Lord will forgive me for this, but I am ashamed for not taking a stand when I know that I should have.  When I looked at the images of the precious children that the Lord so lovingly created, I cried.  I know that many of the mothers who aborted these babies had no real idea what they were doing, and I believe that God will forgive them if they ask.  I know that most of them would never go through with it if they saw the images that are on your website.   I pray that the Lord will continue to bless your work.   Thank You!!

I just want to say that this is the only site that I have been to that actually SHOWS what an abortion is. I wrote to my local paper about abortion before the election to try to get some votes in for Bush. I will pray for everyone involved with your website and your movement. I wish I could do more than pray and cry for those babies. What else can I do? When I try to talk to people, they just ignore me saying that I don't have the right to force my religion on me. It isn't all about religion! Science proves this too! Just look at the pictures...Sorry, I get frustrated sometimes...Let me know what else I can do. I just don't feel like I am doing enough.

I simply wanted to say that I have recently become Catholic and Pro-life.  Prior to meeting my husband and his "Faith-filled" and "red hot" pro-life Mother I was Pro-abortion and completely ignorant to the truth of what abortion really means.   I honestly never thought about what an abortion really means; killing a baby human being.  At the time I think I just thought of it as "not being pregnant anymore."  If I had seen the images of abortion then, I would have been pro-life a long time ago. Today, as active as I can be in the Pro-life "cause," with three little ones of my own, all ages five and under, these images literally hurt my very core when I view them.  I almost can't bear to see them.  Not only because of the gruesomeness and violence but because of the loss of life.  To view one of God's innocent creations destroyed against His will is almost indescribable. The hurt I feel for these babies is almost paralyzing.  However, it hasn't paralyzed me!  It has charged me to fight the evil of abortion.  To educate myself.  I read, and reread, and reread a book my Mother-in-law let me borrow, "Who Broke the Baby?" in order to educate myself if for when I encounter someone who is pro-abortion, which has been happening lately!!  I pray everyday I wear my pro-life T-shirts whenever I have the chance (lately over top of my turtleneck!!) And I have turned my mini-van into a "battle wagon" with bumper stickers!! (my husband was worried our car would be vandalized during the elections)!  I say:  "bring it on!! Long story short, while very disturbing, I think the pictures of these aborted babies are crucial and necessary and can be life changing for all who view them.   God bless your organization and Father Pavone. "Put a fire in our hearts.  For the battle is at hand." – Marly, Pennsylvania

What I saw was utterly disgusting. I have a 2 month old daughter and I could never imagine doing something so awful. Those were gods children god made them. They have every right to be here as much as we do. Just because they aren't born yet doesn't mean they aren't people. It doesn't mean they couldn't feel all that pain before they died. It makes me sick to see such a thing and realize that one is going on right now and I can't stop it. It's murder pure murder. I want to put a stop to it. I don't know how but I want to. I want to gather as many people as I can and go to the White House and protest I want to show these pictures to the whole world I want to stop abortion before it can happen again. every one has the right to life no matter how small. This is truly a sad time we live in. Please e mail me back. Maybe you can help me. I am only 18 but I can do something no matter how small it might be. Someone has to stop this sickness.

Let me state first that I am rarely if ever speechless, I am very outspoken and speak what I feel. The first trimester abortion images are jolting; however, your late pregnancy abortion images will haunt me the rest of my life. What kind of species are we that we would allow this horrific act to become acceptable practice? For the love of God, what monster came up with the idea of partial birth abortion and who allowed it to continue? What sort of people perform these horrendous acts. I always knew abortion was an unpleasant but unseen part of our world yet I was silent all these years, and my silence was in essence giving my acceptance, I promise you this, I will never be silent about this matter again. I will never sleep soundly again, and will pass the link to your galleries to anyone and everyone I can think of. God Forgive Me.

All glory and honor to our Heavenly and Merciful Father... I would just like to commend you all for being the salt on this unseasoned earth, for being the light in the dim and dark world we live in today. The photos I have seen have illuminated the atrocities that we live in. The information you have provided has inspired me in using the Partial Birth Abortion Ban as my persuasive speech topic for the speech college course I am presently taking and to write poetry for the victims that are unable to speak up for themselves. Thank you for helping me see the truth---for what it really is. May God continue to bless and keep you all.

After looking at your photos I am more Pro-life than ever…May God have mercy on our souls...the Pope is right…we are a culture of death...following in the footsteps of Ancient Rome.

First of all, I thank God for you so He can use you! Though I was pro-life before I found this site, I now feel that God might want to use me to fight against abortion. On Tuesday, I am scheduled to give a speech in one of my college classes, and I have chosen to persuade my classmates that abortion is wrong and should be illegal, not only in this country but in every country. I really appreciate the images of abortion you have posted, which I will use during my speech. They have changed my life. I hope and pray that they will change other lives as well. God Bless you for your efforts and compassion for the unborn children!

The recent article on the internet with regard to partial birth abortion prompted me to look at your website.  Although I knew that this atrocity existed, I had never seen the things that you have on your website.  I am devastated!  I believe that someday we will look back at this and realize that it was worse than the holocaust.  There just has to be something that we can do to stop this........... Perhaps God directed me to your website.  I don't have a lot of money but I can certainly make a small donation, and will continue to do so as often as possible.  Is there anything else that we as a Christian family can do to help stop this?  Thank you for your enlightening website and for your fight against this horrible crime.  I will pray for your continuing strength.  I read with such sorrow the stories of women who terminated their little ones.  Tears stream down my face as I read of their grief.  No one can understand until they have gone through the horror.  …. – Barbara

I’m doing a science report in class on any scientific subject that we want. Just a few hours ago I decided to change from research on viruses to abortion (embryology related). The pictures just got to my heart in a touching way. I can feel my heart drop as I went through these true, [detailed] pictures. I was saddened that this murder happens to innocent babies but I couldn't stop looking at the images. I asked God to put a stop to this madness - someday he will. I've seen pictures like these at Christian camps and was reminded of it today. It really "hit home" to me. Thanks for that and to all of the other abortion fighters.  NOW, I WAN'T TO JOIN THE FIGHT AGAINST ABORTION TOO!!! GOD BLESS THE WORLD!!!  Keep preaching the word.  And I say: Thank you JESUS, AMEN!!!! – Kristen

I just want to thank you for all the wonderful work you do. Your web page has changed me completely. I was a mild and silent pro-lifer. Now, upon reading many personal testimonies and upon watching the pictures of aborted babies, I try to use every possible situation to speak on the issue. -- Sr. Barbara

Your website is amazing. I have always been pro-life and it still brought me to my knees. What can we do to get these images out in the public? -- Diane

Thank you so much for your website. I am involved with pro-life work and it really helped me to see those pictures. It made me even stronger in my stand against abortion and I hope with your website you will change the hearts of many. I also hope that I will help and save children and I ask that you pray for me and my team of pro-life workers.  -- Stephany

I cannot even think of words to express the horror and intense depression that overcame me at the sight of the images of the aborted babies on your website. Not only that, but an intense sense of remorse and regret for my inaction over the years.  So Sorrowful, -- Suzanna

I cannot tell you how I feel after viewing the abortion photos.  I have never believed in abortion, but after today, I know I will be much more vocal about sharing my feelings.  Thank you for sharing these with me.  I will sign up to receive the newsletter also. -- Beth

[I remember] that moment when I saw the babies pictures first time. It was a really horrible moment. Still, I can't get the pictures out of my head. Since that day, I give everybody who I know or don't know your web address. And I took all of the pictures as a print out and I show and give them to everybody. And then I try to explain what the abortion is. I tell the story of innocent babies like Malachi. I try to show a big reality that the abortion is a horrible murder of this modern (!) world. (the worst thing: victims are babies who are not born yet and who are angels in the kingdom of God.) It's the time! Every people must see and understand some bitter realities. It's time to think and wake up. ... And again and again I thank you for your strong belief, your huge heart, your pretty soul and your sensitive mission. All of you are in my prayers every time. – Petek

I began my search tonight trying to find out what a partial[-birth] abortion is and to find out why everyone is so upset about it; so that I may make educated, Christian decisions while voting this year. I am and have always been pro-life, but had no idea what abortion really is. The atrociousness of the procedures extends beyond Hitler's terror I believe. I cannot understand how any person could even take part in the procedures much less, have an abortion done and sleep at night. Yet, I guess we, society, have no idea what abortion really consists of. The most astounding to me is the graphics of babies only 8 weeks in the womb. I was told as a teen that babies are just blood clots at that stage. My Lord must be so disappointed in us all for allowing this to go on. I am both sick to my stomach and energized with the wisdom you have given me. Without even reading, I got the truth loud and clear. Thank you for your powerful mission. I love and pray for you. Through the Grace of God

I became a pro-life activist because of you and Defend I saw a picture of an aborted fetus and it made me cry like a baby. I mean that literally. That is why I pray on our streets with Respect Life and at abortion clinics. God Bless you abundantly. I will keep you in my prayers. -- MK

I would like to just say I was completely horrified at the pictures I saw on your site. I have seen similar pictures before but nevertheless I still feel nauseated. I have two beautiful little boys and at the age of 18 is when I got pregnant with my first who is now 7 years old and regardless of the circumstance of my age I never considered an abortion and there has never been one day that has gone by that I thought otherwise. It just was not even in my thoughts as an option and although over the years I have been through a lot of hard times trying to raise the boys.  It was worth it. When I gave birth to my second son who is now 3.... I uttered those exact words as he took his first breath on this earth. IT WAS WORTH IT!!! And I see all of those beautiful babies killed innocent lives never having that chance my children did to breathe a breath on this earth or to experience life, and I pray for each one of them. I know they are with God and their lives were taken but I do believe they were not completely taken in vain. I live in a small town I know that abortion goes on in our town. I am not sure where I would love to get involved and spread the word and help to save lives I am just not sure how to create an impact where I live. The OBGYN I was referred to when I was pregnant with my 1st son...did perform abortions which as soon as I found that out I switched doctors. I thought how well can a man who will kill innocent children for money ensure the safety of my pregnancy or even care for that matter. I would love to help if I can please let me know.

Hi my name is Angela and I am a wife and mother of three children ages 3,2 and 1. I have not seen images of aborted babies for so long that it just tears into my soul especially because I just had 3 beautiful healthy children who are full of life. I am a daily communicant and of course my 3 kids are always with me. I would like to help in some way... -- New Jersey

Today I went to volunteer at the Right to Life Booth. I have been avoiding the booth for a couple of years following a devastating miscarriage and just a general "lack of enthusiasm" for the pro-life movement. I just finished looking at every single graphic photo you have on your website and all's I can say is "I'm back!!!" The pictures have helped me get over myself and my own situation and have energized me to join the fight again to save the babies... and stop the holocaust. It's heinous and horrific crime with SO MANY VICTIMS!!!! -- Anne, New York

I can say that I have never really believed in abortion. Now that I have seen these images of innocent children and the procedures used, I am absolutely disgusted. I am on my way to being an anti-abortion activist. Thank you for showing the world what is really going on today. -- Heather

You really are doing a great job.  I cried so much when I seen your website.  If you have any info on how I could help rescue the poor little babies please help me.  Thanks again. -- Molly

Dear Father Pavone,
I saw a special on the Army of God last night and thought you were radical, dangerous and unstable. Today, I saw your website with the photos of the aborted babies and wept. I have always been anti-abortion and have voted against any candidate whose party or platform supports abortion. However, like many of the uninformed masses, abortion was something abstract, impersonal yet immoral. Your web site has changed my view of abortion forever. Thank you for your life and for your work.

I just spent 35 minutes viewing the photos of the remains of all the aborted babies on your website and now I can hardly breathe. I’ve seen pictures before, but nothing like I saw just now. God help us. I needed to see those pictures to get re-energized and to remember exactly what it is we’re fighting for. Thank you very much for posting the evidence that abortion is the most gruesome, cruel and horrific evil that has ever existed in the world. Please leave the photos on your website so I can direct people to them. God bless you all. May our most loving Mother Mary help us to end this scourge once and for all! I have always been against abortion but seeing the graphics not only enrages me it also awoke the silent, big dog inside me. I no longer will be silenced either by politicians, feminists, pro-murder organizations such as Planned Parenthood, ACLU or any other slime group. I believe in peace and not in violence as Jesus called all of us to do. Thank You Priests for Life you have now given me a purpose to serve God.

During the marriage I had 3 miscarriages and gave birth to these 2 boys. I have never agreed with abortion, but never took a stand either. After my miscarriages, and the births of my precious children, I wondered, no, I agonized over many and why people could abuse their living children, and how could one abort a life because it was deemed inconvenient. I always knew that it must be a horrible sight, but never saw these types of images until, as I was researching Catholicism (I am considering converting), I came across your site. I literally cried out own children safely tucked in their beds....I had to go upstairs and look at them and touch them. And I prayed again for my 3 that were called back to God before they were born. I consider myself the mother to 5 children....3 were called away before I could see their faces. I will meet them one day, I'm sure. Please continue your mission to stop this horrible killing of innocents. I am now considering becoming a soldier in this war.....where once I thought that it was too stressful for a woman to see these images and face protestors in such a time of stress and doubt about their actions.. Even though I didn't agree with what they were doing, I was concerned about their mental suffering as well. My opinion of Pro-choice is this....and has been for awhile now.....the choice is not to engage in the behavior unless one is willing to take the responsibility for the child that may be conceived. Why does this helpless child have to suffer and die for others' transgressions? The choice is to resist the behavior, or accept the responsibility of giving the life a chance to be. I have just viewed the Priests for Life website and was so saddened by the images of aborted babies. I have always been anti-abortion, but want to try to do something about it. Maybe there is a way I can help with my parish.  I would like to begin receiving Father Pavone's newsletter bi-weekly.  Thank you very much and may God bless you for your work. – Theresa, MI

You guys are doing a fantastic job of telling the people the grim truth about abortions. Before I saw this site, I was against abortion, but I never thought that much about it. Your site has changed me. When I saw the gruesome pictures of little children and abortion tools, I was sickened. I wanted to cry, to shout and to vomit all at once. I’m positive that if this information was spread to everyone, abortions would be made illegal, for no one can look at these poor murdered children and say they are not human.

You are truly a wonderful and brilliant man! I was always pro-life, but now I feel an obligation that I have to do something to help stop this crime against humanity and our freedom. I have done a lot of research on abortion and found the most information on your site. It is important that all the world sees these horrifying images. I remember the first time I saw these pictures. It was back in December and I wept. I cried more than I had ever cried before. I am so angry that people just don’t care or they don’t want to think abortions. The truth is, abortions are happening everyday. So many innocent children are being punished because of a selfish and cruel decision. I am amazed that doctors and nurses can stomach doing this. I looked at these pictures every week just to remind me that it is still happening. This problem won’t go away. I was very proud to hear President Bush say he want to get rid of Partial-Birth Abortion. To me, that is pure murder. All of it is. I will always to end abortion and I want to say thank you for helping me see the whole picture. God bless you and all who support you!

I am 20 years old and am in college. For a research project, we had to pick a topic that meant a lot to us and then find out more information on it. I picked Catholics against abortion, but that was a very broad subject. So by accident, I stumbled across the web page for Priests for Life. I read some articles you wrote about wanting to show the world what an abortion is. When I saw these pictures, I was overwhelmed with emotions. I was upset, angry, disgusted, and at the same time glad because there are people like you. I think it is very important that we as Christians should help put an end to this crime against God. I still see the images of the babies in my head. I was always Pro-Life but I never wanted to think about it. Now I am forced to. Thank you so much for doing what you do. You are truly an inspiration to me. I now do everything I can to stop abortions. I even stood in a three hour Life Chain in the beginning of October holding signs to promote Pro-Life. I even talked a friend out of an abortion, even though she wanted nothing to do with the child. She ended up having a miscarriage in her fourth month and was very upset. It is very important to get the Pro-Choice Catholics to turn around. Maybe then will we finally put an end to all abortions across the world. God bless you and all involved with your project.

I’m shocked by these photos...How can this be an issue? What is there to discuss? Right or wrong? Doesn’t being human entitle someone to enough decency to automatically think it’s wrong. We could compare this to so many other things...Like killing our neighbor...that’s considered illegal...What’s the difference? These photos make me want to run around with posters and pictures begging women and they’re doctors to stop this cruel act. I’m pregnant and due in July...It’s such a wonderful experience to have this beautiful person growing inside of me. I wish I could save all these precious babies....I was originally brought to the Priests for Life site by the articles on NFP, but I decided to read about abortion to satisfy a curiosity. After seeing the images of the aborted CHILDREN (not fetuses like they are usually referred to), I am horrified. How could anyone advocate abortion after viewing these images? I feel sickened just thinking of it. It was stated in one of the articles that people would be offended by broadcasting these pictures. I would compare it to the movie Schindler's List. I in no way enjoyed watching the suffering of the Jews during the holocaust and thought that it was rather tasteless. But, the truth hurts. And, as I might add, Schindler's List was critically acclaimed. I feel ashamed that I had the curiosity to even view the pictures, but it has definitely strengthened my position on abortion. No matter how the child was conceived, planned or unplanned or even by something as terrible as rape, a child is a great blessing and should not be wasted.

Hi. I am a devout Catholic and mother of 3 young girls, all under 6 years. I too think it is a good thing that you have pictures of those poor dear aborted babies on your site. I personally have never had an abortion, I have always thought it is a terrible thing to do......Like I said before, I have always been against abortion, but until January of this year I never really spoke out against it. You see, these kind of pictures you have on your site are exactly what sparked the pro-life spirit in me.

My Church had asked in our bulletin for parishioners to come to pray the Rosary for an end to abortion and afterwards had a candle light vigil at the big white abortion cross out front of our Church. I attended both, and then they said we could stay to see the film, "Silent Scream" at the Church Hall. I and a few other brave souls (all 10 or 15 of us who stayed were all a little apprehensive at seeing dead aborted babies for the first time) decided to stay for the film viewing. I can honestly say I was absolutely disgusted, mortified and extremely saddened beyond words at what the film showed. I couldn't help but cry, there was no holding back the tears, what happened to those poor innocent babes was beyond description. ... It was then that I got mad and decided I would step up to the plate and do my part to stop abortion. Seeing those pictures was what I needed to open my eyes to the desperate plight of those poor innocent little sweet babes …. If those pictures can light a forest fire in my heart and soul like that, I am sure they will have that effect on other lukewarm men and women who call themselves "pro-life" but sit back and do nothing against the terrible atrocities of abortion, as I had done before.  After the film at the Church Hall, the ladies who led the evening asked us to take copies of the "2001 Revised list of Corporations funding abortion" from the St. Antonius Institute for Catholic Education in Business… I was so enraged with abortion after seeing those poor dead babies’ pictures that I vowed that I would never again knowingly give a red cent to any organization or person who has, any ties financially or otherwise to the abortion industry. I made many copies of that list and I carry it wherever I go and distribute copies to people who want them. I don’t buy a lot of products I used to because they are on "the list", I have to improvise and get products that are not as good, but that sometimes cost more, and I don’t patronize many of the stores I used to because they are on "the list", I do pay more for things and go out of my way to get things, it has changed my life, but my being a little inconvenienced in the pocket book and in my time is small change when you consider what those poor little babies go through at the hands of the abortionists.  So, what I have to say is this: Keep up the good work and don’t stop showing those heart and gut wrenching pictures! You are so right when you say, "America will not end abortion until America SEES abortion."

I have been viewing your images of abortion on-line.  I am horrified. I live in Georgia.  What can I do to help save babies? – Marlene

I have never witnessed something so horrific in my life...I was pro-life before I saw these images but I never realized how unspeakably gruesome the procedure is...I knew it was wrong but these images...I could not stop crying....thank you for these images...I shall pray more because of them... – Deron

Why aren't these [photos] getting out more? They need to be cycling through the e-mails and getting out to the public more. These are so perfect that even I was moved by them. The thing on here that tore at my heart and brought me to tears was the story written by reformed ob/gyn Dr. Tony Levatino. The story is the most powerful thing I have ever read. I just sobbed and sobbed knowing that a baby can be murdered in 15 minutes and for only $600!!! It needs to be produced as much as the photos!! What a story he has to tell, what an impact on my life...maybe it's time I got back out there and protested a few pro-choice centers again.  Thank you for having the courage to do what you do. May our Heavenly Father bless you in your work, and may He give you more workers to get those photos and stories out! --Laura, GA

I visited your web site after seeing your program on our local Catholic television station. My wife and I are fully against the practice of abortion. I did not realize the scope of the inhumanity of the abortion procedure until I viewed the photos. I knew the operation was designed to terminate life, but when I saw the photos I wanted to weep. How could our government allow for the murder of such small innocents? I am horrified at the wrath the lord will visit upon any nation that would sanction these actions. I feel I must become involved in any way that I could be of assistance. My family is living on a fixed income and we can’t offer any meaningful donations of money. I do have time and computer skills that may be of use. Please let us know if we could be of any help to stop this mass murder.

I went and looked at a few pictures and I feel nauseated, as we all should!  This is an important reality fix!  The United States quarter with President Washington, our nation's founding father, on it with the words, "liberty", with a tiny arm and leg near that image, is just powerful.  We must see this to face it, and while I have not supported abortion, this is working on me to become more active against abortion.  We must have these pictures to clear the clouds of constant brainwashing from the media in support of abortion.  I looked at these pictures, particularly the later trimester photographs, and the holocaust jumped out at me.  -- Susann, Florida

I am a well educated; 36 year old farther of 2 adorable children (both daughters) aged 6 and 2. I had not slept well in 2 days. I openly wept with my wife as we both hugged each other consoling ourselves when we were reading your website. I can never describe my emotions in words, what I felt when I was browsing the graphic pictures of these "murdered" children. I will never understand how the word "abortion" will even cross the mind of a parent or a parent-to-be. I can understand that some people may adopt desperate measures in desperate times. If the resources and the information is available to them, I am certain that most of tem would look into acceptable alternatives than killing their babies.  Anyway, I sent emails to all my friends and family to write to their local congressional rep. urging to vote in support for the ban on partial-birth abortion bill. Also, I included a link to your website for their information. The feedback is absolutely 100% positive so far. Almost all of them did not know what abortion really meant and I helped them open their eyes.  I want to know how I can help in my area in anyway to stop this carnage. I will volunteer for counseling, picket, protest and anything else you may advise. Just let me know.  Lastly, but by no means the least, I applaud and thank you, for your tireless humanitarian service for these unborn babies and the countless mothers and fathers you must have saved from the eternal abyss of darkness.

Thank you, thank you so much for showing me what it really means to be pro-life. I had no idea until I accidentally found this site while looking for facts and articles on abortion and such for an essay that I had to do for my school; I plan to share this info with my peers and teachers. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing and I think that the public should be made more aware of what abortion really is. I don't think very many people realize that abortion isn't something to take so lightly. It is sick what people are doing to these unborn/preborn children and I think more people should be made aware of what abortion really is. Thank you for showing me what pro-life means. My goal in writing this book is to contribute in abolishing abortion, and I feel that including pictures will make a deeper impact coupled with personal accounts.  I viewed a few of the photos posted on the site, and as a mother of a two year old and pregnant with my second, those few left me sobbing with grief. It has given me an even deeper determination to bring an end to abortion.  Thank you for your time. – Stacie, TX

I know abortions were serious but I did not know that they were that bad. Thank u for opening my eyes to the sin of the world. I will do my best to open other to the evils of abortions.



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