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I am doing a paper on abortion for my college class and I have never considered abortion for myself, however I believe after seeing these photos all I have to say is May God Forgive Our Nation. The general public must see what abortion looks like after all the media doesn't mind showing what war looks like. This is a war against children.

I wanted to write to you to thank you for all your good work for your site.  This helped my team and me a lot on a project for school!  Thanks a lot!  We are with you in this battle for life! Simon, 17 years old, Aurélie, 16 years old, Émilie, 16 years old.

I couldn't believe the horrible pictures I saw on this website. Also I watched the videos about the different types of abortion on This website is very informative and helpful to me because I am currently writing a pro-choice speech for my very liberal university. I can honestly say that after seeing this website, I would never even consider abortion. - Jess E, WV

I am doing a school project on Abortions & the information found on your site was very, very helpful! It just helped me maintain my views on Abortions and why they should not be legal anywhere! Thanks for your help!

I attend an all girls, private, Catholic school. In theology class we have been discussing abortion and our teacher gave us this website to look at. I had viewed pictures of aborted children before but I had never seen pictures like this. They were extremely disturbing and I could not help but cry. I do not like having the feeling of hate in my heart; however, people who kill innocent children upset me. I understand that they need help and I will pray for their souls but this has to stop. No more innocent lives should be taken. - Shelby

This is an excellent web site, and when I was teaching 7th and 8th grade religion at a Catholic school in Arizona, I wish would have had access to them when I taught my students why abortion is a mortal sin and why the Catholic Church teaches that it is. The pictures are most explicit and accurate (I have also taught biology and embryology, so I can see they are authentic) and I admire the great work this organization is doing. I must admit I have never heard of your organization until today when I was watching Mother Angelica’s program of EWTN. Most valuable program and discussion. -- Larry

Thank you for helping me talk to my children about abortion. Although the images you have here are incredibly disturbing, I used them to help teach my teenage daughter why I vote the way I vote, why I say what I say, and why I believe what I believe. … My teenager is ready to see these images, and I am grateful to you for having them available for all to see. I feel confident that my daughter understands how special life is, and I believe she will have the confidence to stand up for life when she has the opportunity. 

This is the WORST thing I have ever seen in my life. I showed my 12 yr old daughter this site after she asked me if I was for abortion. She is sick!!!!!!!

I can not see how someone can come and do this to a child that they have in their bodies! Me killing my child would be like my mother killing me, I would have never been born if that would of happened to me!!! These pictures are sick and not right for anyone in this world to do as the picture shows!! [age:13]  The pictures really opened my eyes. I knew that abortions were grotesque, but my God! I am 16 years old, and attend [an all girls high school]. I am criticized for my Pro-Life beliefs in my American Government class. Some of the girls in my class use abortions as a method of birth control, and I think that that is just wrong. I am going to print these pictures in color and show them to my class. I was sick to my stomach when I saw this. My God have mercy on our country. Millions of homicides being committed all over the country. MY GOD!!! Thank you for this website, and keep fighting the good fight.

I’m 13 and when I saw these pictures I could not stop crying. I don't want to make anyone that's had an abortion feel bad but how could someone do that to those poor innocent babies. I pray every night that 1 day abortion will end. What has this world come to...killing innocent babies, just because they're that lil' don't mean they can't feel pain like we do. They're still a human. I will never get abortion no matter what. I think it is great that you let people see these pictures of these beautiful babies that remain beautiful no matter how badly they were aborted.

I just want to say how grateful I am that your site exists. Several years ago, my daughter was given an assignment at school where she had to give an “argumentative” speech, complete with visuals. There’s not much my daughter feels passionate about, but abortion is one thing she seemed to fixate on at an early age. She decided to do an “informational flier” about abortion, and included some of the images from your site. They were discretely in the folds of the flier, with a flap which read “WARNING: The following images are graphic and disturbing. View at your own risk.” Needless to say, every kid in the class looked – and after her speech, there wasn’t a “pro-choicer” in the house. How right you are – if people only see and understand what abortion IS, they know immediately how wrong it is!  -- Stan

I want to thank you for showing everyone the horrible truth about abortions.   It is just another way to murder an innocent baby.  There are other options.  – JB, age 16

I am a 14 yr old catholic boy who would like to thank you for the beautiful work that you are doing. Thank you for the immense archive of abortion photos that you have. I plan to present them to my class in today's PHSE lesson to discourage abortion and make everyone realize just how inhuman and disgusting it is. Thank you for the work you do and the spirit that has so strongly guided you to your cause. -- Myron, West Riffa, Bahrain

Hi, my name is Jodi.  I am a 15 year old from Chicago. I am not sure whether or not I am against abortion. But seeing those pictures makes me so sad that I cried. But I want to know your opinion on abortion when someone gets raped and gets pregnant? I showed my nieces ages seven, six, and three the abortion pictures. It really affected my seven year old niece. She just kept asking why? Why did they kill the baby? And she kept asking did they hurt the baby? Was it dead already when they took it out? It was sad looking at my nieces face expressions. Abortion affects everyone. But I never thought it was affect a seven year old. That really changes my mind on some things. 

My 10 year old son and I cried when we saw the photos. We couldn’t look at all of them but we saw enough to know that someone brutally killed those little babies. We were already pro-life and we agree that "seeing is believing."Of anything I have ever seen, I have never seen anything as horribly cruel and blood chilling as the image of an aborted baby. It makes my heart cry out to them. If all women only knew! I praise God that your website is here to show the truth to everyone. I will continue to pray for your organization and I will especially pray for the end to the abominable practice of Abortion [From a 15-year old]

I am only a 15 year old girl and I am against abortion very much. I believe that abortion is another form of saying "kill". If only all of America was shown these horrible results of abortion, maybe they would see that these are babies, who were alive. Unfortunately it took me until I saw these actual pictures of abortion, to realize how horrific of an act it is. What affected me the most was to see that the majority of these babies were not even intact. They were torn and thrown into bags like trash! Abortion is taking a precious gift that some people can’t have and throwing it away. Thank you for showing me and all who come to your page what only a portion of abortion is.

Recently, I showed my 14 year-old son the pictures of aborted babies on your website. It shocked him! He, like many others, didn’t actually realize the ugliness of abortion. Ricky, my son, is very much against abortion. He had no idea of the ‘tearing from the mother’s womb" that goes on during abortion. Ricky thought that women who have abortion are just given a pill, and the baby dies within the mother’s womb! Ricky was shocked to see the body parts being torn from the mother’s womb and just lying around like discarded trash! It was a real eye-opener for him! I wish more young people could see these pictures. When I was Ricky’s age, the Catholic school I attended showed a film about abortion! It made such an impression on me that I promised myself, after seeing those body parts, that I would never commit such violence against the innocent.

Fr. Frank I have been a pro life for as long as I can remember, I think the message should be spread to every one I had to look at the pictures because I had to do an project I believe there is no choice for you to get an abortion because there is always adoption when I saw those pictures I almost cried for those babies that were lost by the greedy mothers whom didn’t want to have them. I am 17 this year and I plan to help stop abortions because I was raised from my family like that. Thank you for listening to my opinion.

I have always been against abortion. My friend and I are both moms returning to school. She had to write a paper a persuasive paper and asked what she should write about. I suggested abortion she was unsure how she felt about the issue and said what about if you were raped... I told her that if a person committed rape was apprehended and convicted he would not receive the death penalty so why should the innocent child?? So I told her to look at this website and then decide. We BOTH cried and she is now 100% against abortion. She had no idea. How can we get people involved? Teach them there are so many out there that don't know. Whenever I feel down and am feeling sorry for myself I return to your website and my self-pity disappears rather instantly. Keep up all your good work. May God bless you, and the children,

I am 16 years old and I was once pregnant. I had an abortion and now I am terribly sorry. The pictures truly blew my mind. I thought, "Who in their right mind would ever do something like this?" Then I thought again Tears began to swell in my eyes. I am deeply sorry for the sin I have committed. I hope God forgives me. I was 3 months pregnant and I saw the children about that age in the pictures. I wish I found your website sooner. I will be sure to recommend your website to any girl thinking about abortion. Thank you.

Hello! I am 16 year old female who is totally against abortion. It tears me apart the pictures I have seen on this site. I have being doing research on a project dealing with this subject. I want to thank you for all the help. Children are people too! Love, A Catholic girl.

Let me start out by saying that I’m 15 years old, female, a sophomore in high school, and have been pro-life since I first found out about abortion. Earlier this morning, I was at the church service at Creation Festival and heard you speak on abortion. You mentioned this website, and I decided to check it out. I figured that I could find out some more about abortion; strengthen my arguments to some of my friends and even health class. Well, I’ve certainly done that. I can tell you that if I were pro-choice when I came to this site, I wouldn’t be after I left it. I’ve always known that abortion was wrong, wondered how people could actually do it no matter the circumstances, and have believed that all life is precious...but I never knew what abortion actually looked like. I thought that it was a procedure sort of like a c-section; a few cuts and you lift out the child. I would never have imagined that someone could have the heart to actually rip apart a child like that, that a mother could let anyone do that to her baby. On the news, you hear about babies found in dumpsters and I’d always think ‘Lord, how could anyone do that?’ but here I just read a story of aborted babies found in pieces in dumpsters, I’ve seen the pictures of it, and I’m speechless. I had to turn away from some of them, and a number of times my arms went limp and I just had to sit here for a moment. The images of these children are running through my head even as I write this, and I have a feeling I’ll be having dreams of them for some time. I’ve put up links to your site, particularly this section, in my AIM profile and Live Journal. Knowing my friends, they’ll check it out, and I just hope that it gets them thinking like it made me think, I know I’ll be praying for these children. God bless you for getting these pictures and stories out to the public.

I'm excited about your website. I heard about it on the anniversary of Roe v Wade. I looked at every graphic image. I felt sick, like I was going to vomit. It took days to get over viewing the pictures, although I cannot get them out of my mind. Anyway, now I am sharing your website with others, starting with my own children ages 14, 12, 11, 9. My nine-year-old son cried. I showed them some of the pictures and the diagrams of the different abortion procedures. My family, including my husband is very committed to pro-life even more now than before! I am a teacher at a Catholic middle school. I want to show this website to the 7th graders in their "Teen Aid" program that teaches about chastity and VD and sex ed. The graphic images and diagrams of abortion procedures will really hit home with these kids. I hope the principal will agree. If not, I'll push for the 8th graders to look at your site. Thank you so much for this eye opening information. The testimonials were amazing as well. WA

Me and my boyfriend just viewed pictures of what an abortion looked liked. I never knew how serious taking a child’s life may be until I thought of my own. I am currently now in my second trimester of my pregnancy and, after seeing those images I will never imagine raping a child from life that way. Even though I am just graduating high school, I could never imagine being responsible for taking my own child life in that manner. Those images really put me in reality and made me realize that, that is not the way to go. It even brought tears to eyes even thinking of taking my child’s life. I know that with Jesus in my corner that I will get through this experience and cherish it and look at it as a blessing.

Thank you so much.  I am a 16 year old girl. I am 24 weeks pregnant and at 6 weeks I had considered abortion when the father of my child passed away very unexpectedly. I didn't think I could do this all alone so I went online to research abortion and found your web site and before all this happened I was against abortion knowing it was wrong but I thought I had no choice. I found your site and it saved my child's life. Now I know he is a boy…[my baby] thanks you!!!! You have saved at least one life.  And I am positive thousands more. I can’t say thank you enough!!!!! – DAC

Looking at these pictures and reading about the abortion procedures really upset me. I’m 15 and my 17 year old sister just had an abortion last week. She was 14 weeks pregnant. She was pressured by extended family, friends and a lot of people and couldn’t really make her own choice. I think if she would have come to this website she would have never considered doing what she did. I wanted to be an aunt. I was there when we heard the baby’s heartbeat. And now it’s gone. My sister got admitted into the hospital last night. She now has an infection and is in a lot of pain. She’ll be there for at least a week. Anyone who is considering abortion please look at the pictures of these little lives that couldn't choose for themselves. Your baby wants to be born.

Hello, my name is Ashley. I'm 13 weeks pregnant, not married, and 17 years old. Although it wasn't one of my best choices to ever let myself get in this situation... I am. My Step-mother tried for weeks to talk me into abortion. Finally I got sick of it and looked things up to show her exactly what it was. I looked for the most... well, brutal pictures I could find. These will turn anyone pro-life! Thank you for helping me make them see. And while your reading this... I sure could use someone to pray for me. Thank you so much! - Ashley

Before I found your site I knew I was pro-life and abortion made me angry. Looking at your statistics and pictures now, I am saddened beyond what I ever thought possible. I am 15 years old. I am one of the lucky 2/3 of my generations who had a mother kind enough not to kill me when it was perfectly legal to do so. I cannot believe what is written off as the "right to choose". This is beyond "bad". This is beyond "horrible". This is beyond "atrocity". This is beyond words. I am struggling not to cry now. One of my new major goals in life is now to tell people just what is happening in this country and stop it. Thank you so much. This is a horrible thing but it must be known.

I just read your article on Catholic Exchange entitled "Pictures Tell the True Story" and just had to share. A few years ago, I convinced a friend who had an abortion to come to the DC March for Life. Even though it was extremely difficult for her, she saw the march as a necessary hurdle to accomplish on her way to healing. She could not look at the graphic pictures. All she could think about was her baby when she saw them and told me she would cry if she looked at them. I personally found the graphic images truthful but disturbing and wondered why they were necessary. This year, I brought several teens with me for the DC March. I warned them about the graphic images that some posters contain and told them they need not look if they found it upsetting. One boy in particular, who comes from a very devout Catholic family, came on the trip. Unknowingly to us, he was pro-choice but never voiced it due to his family’s pro-life views. He came along to just join in the traveling and he has a bit of a crush on my daughter. Anyway, after returning home he told my daughter that he used to be pro-choice until he saw the graphic images at the March. That changed his mind! He is now pro-life and proud of it. Keep up the great work of educating and showing the Truth.

I am a 15 year old Christian. My parents raised me Catholic but I have always questioned about some of the things they did/believed. One of the things I wasn’t so sure about was their strong beliefs against abortion. Probably last year or so I started thinking "Well oh yea pro-life is the ‘right’ thing." But I really didn’t have a reason for thinking so and I normally just said it because most everyone that is always around me is pro-life. I was looking at and was just looking around and saw the link for "images of aborted children". I once saw a pin on woman that was gold feet the size of about a 10-week-old baby. It had a little slip of paper that came with it talking about abortion. Since I saw that pin I had always been curious about what a baby that age really looked like. When I saw the link I couldn’t help but to click on it. I didn’t even stop to read until I saw random pieces of a 7-week-old baby on what looked like a doctor's cloth. I looked at almost every single one of the pictures on that website and read almost all of the captions. I know I will NEVER think twice about abortion again.  That was the first time I ever thought about it thoroughly and realized "Doesn’t it hurt them?" I thought how could anyone do anything like that to a poor baby. I realized what abortion really was. Murder. I know it took me a while to get to the point of this email but I just wanted to thank you SO much for making that website. It definitely helped me figure out what I truly thought. I talk to God all the time about just random things my thoughts of abortion and such and over the past weeks he has answered my prayers in the most wonderful ways showing me what I really needed to believe about certain things. I’m just so glad I got one as important as this answered for me now. >From now on I won't stumble on my words when people ask my opinion on abortion. >From now on when the old lady comes up to talk to us in church about abortion I will listen and pray and even try to help in any way I can. Thank you again. I really hope I can urge others to believe as I do and show them what I have seen.

Hello, I am a sixteen-year-old female and I just finished looking at the pictures on your site and reading what actually happens during an abortion. Up until five minutes ago, I was extremely pro-choice. I thought things like, "let women make their own decisions about their own bodies" and things along those lines. Because of your site, I realize that abortion is not a choice about a woman's is the LIFE of a BABY. Never before did I realize how truly horrible and careless abortion really is. Maybe it's because I'd never seen the pictures, or read the actual descriptions of abortion. Maybe I was too afraid to know the truth. I really don't know. But within 3 minutes of viewing your website, my face was covered in tears. Those pictures just really hurt to look at. To see an innocent child...dead before it was even born. It hurts me to know that people find this acceptable. Killing your baby just because you don't want it is beyond irresponsible. How could someone murder an innocent little baby? I thank you so, so much for your wonderful website. I cannot express how grateful I am that you have shown me the truth about abortion. God bless you. Thank you once again. – Katey

I used to be ignorant believing that abortion was an acceptable alternative to bringing unwanted children into the world. I came across your website, I don't even remember how, and saw the images of aborted (murdered) babies. I am sickened. I am PRO LIFE now and am teaching my children, a 15 year old daughter and will also teach my 4 year old son later, what a horrible (not a strong enough word) choice abortion is. I have taught my daughter that the minute you choose abortion, you have become a mother who chose to have her baby murdered. I have also shown her your website, she understands. I am hoping to somehow sneak on the high school parking lot and leave a PRO LIFE flyer on all the car windows directing the students, teachers and staff to view these images for themselves and hopefully stop any of these girls from ever considering abortion and for those who have already chose, or been tricked into an abortion, getting them some help. I visit your site often so I can continue to educate myself and carry copies I made of these murdered babies in my purse, so when I meet ignorant adults who say "it's a woman's right to choose" or that abortion is the answer to more unwanted children, I can show them these images, give them your web address, and ask them if they can now say with all the arrogance they had before that abortion is an acceptable choice and not outright cold blooded murder of innocent babies. Thank You for opening my eyes and educating me...GOD BLESS. -- JS

I was for abortion for abortion up until this documentary, [on UK tv] but it changed my opinion radically after watching it and finding your website. As a 17 year old, I had always thought it was the woman’s choice if she wanted an abortion. I can’t see now, how they can justify murdering their unborn child.

The abortion pictures on the website were the only things that got through to my teen son. Once he saw the violence of abortion he was convinced that abortion was a wrong choice!

HI..I am a 15 year old expectant mother...(Not to be proud of my sin)...But 2 weeks ago my mother found out that I was pregnant. Before I told her about my pregnancy, I visited abortion sites to see how the procedure works. After viewing the picks and getting a better understanding I was AGAINST IT! to the fullest.....So, the day she found out I was pregnant she told me," I could not take care of a child nor’ could I like in her home with a child"..So I had no other choice.....So that morning I got on my knees and I prayed to God," Have mercy on my unborn child soul, and to shed his blood over the clinic that I was about to go to.. So, at about 8:15 a.m that morning, we walked into the clinic.. There was only one protester outside of the clinic and she prayed over us as we walked in. I broke into tears and all I could think about were the photos on this site. So we walked in and she signed all of the forms that were to be signed and I gave them no struggle as they got me into my room. As I walked to my assigned room I could feel Jesus walking with me, and I could feel a strong feeling over my heart.. And, I could feel the pain of all the babies who had been aborted in the clinic, I could feel pain as I looked at all of the long needles and equipment.........We got into the room and one of the nurses took a sonogram of my baby..and as I laid there frightened to death she said," maim,. she's 26 weeks and in the state of Mississippi 26 weeks is too far for us to abort the baby"......She gave my mother a list of three other close states to have it done, but God came through and my mother said NO........ I want this story to be remembered because it meant so much to me...I want all of you who has designed this site to know, GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU!!.....a lot of people never take out the time to see that these babies are LIVES!!!I pray for you all everyday that I wake..And I want you to know that I admire people like you who let people see the truth in behind these murders. GOD LOVES YOU AND JUST KNOW.."IF GOD IS WITH US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US"..........I LOVE YOU ALL....BLESS YOU!:)

I am doing a debate at my school on abortion and I was signed up as undecided. I felt that in cases like a young girl becoming pregnant after she was raped, then it was a horrible thing that had to be done. I saw your pictures and was horrified that anyone could do that to their baby. If someone killed a baby that was 1 week old they would be charged with murder but killing a baby that hasn’t been born yet is somehow considered okay. People are just becoming disgustingly lazy. If they really felt they couldn't handle a baby there are hundreds of couples out there who can't have children and would love that baby. What these women and doctors are doing is completely wrong and immoral. I will definitely have a strong opinion at the debate at my school complete with pictures or these "cells that aren't really babies" being butchered. Thank you so much for your dedication to saving these precious babies, since their own mothers would rather see them brutally murdered, someone has to help them.

I wanted to let your website know that I deeply appreciate all sorts of information available to the public. To see all those innocent babies who didn’t even get to see the light of day except in pieces sickens and disgusts me. I once was pro-choice but now, I am definitely Pro Life because what is happening out there is nothing less than murder. All women should know the facts before even contemplating an abortion. I can't understand why any one would perform one except that they are sick in the head and are evil in the spirit. I am 17 years old and to know this at this age, helps me prepare for the future and decisions I make.

Hello! My name is Amanda and my college conservative group is doing a "Celebrate Life Day" on April 4th. Thank you for your pictures on your website that we can use for our posters! -- Amanda

These pictures are amazingly horrific. They are absolutely worse than what I actually thought they would be. I am doing a semester long research project on abortion and I have a whole new view point on how horrific this procedure really is. I am so grateful that there is an organization out there that has such graphic photographs of the poor babies. The pictures of the babies who are actually alive still and in the womb are beautiful. I have always been pro-life and seeing just how precious a baby looks while still growing before birth has made me feel even stronger about it. Thank you and God bless you for the wonderful website you have provided.   In His Love, -- Amanda K. 

 I did a speech in school on Abortion today and converted many pro-choice people to pro-life. It was a lot of work including many graphic pictures and it finally paid off! Thanks to u guys at Priests 4 life! Thanks again 4 just being there! -- AB

I would like to thank you for the information, especially the pictures of abortion, available on your website.  I recently gave a talk to the senior class …. and used a lot of your information.  These young people were really moved with the pictures of abortions.  I was writing an outline for my talk, when I received your monthly newsletter in the mail, and it contained a perfect outline.  It's amazing what prayers are answered at Perpetual Adoration.  … Thank you again for the great job you are doing.  God bless you all! --  Joan, TX

I am writing a report about things that have changed our country. I used some of your moving images to make my report better. I can't help but cry seeing these images. I have a beautiful baby girl who is 5 months old and I could never imagine how I could live knowing I killed her and there is no way I could change it. I am only 16 but I could never let anything happen to that piece of joy that God gave me. I'm doing a pubic talk and my research paper is on abortion…..Before I saw those pictures I already was against the abortion, and now that I saw the pictures I was horrified.   I sat there crying. …I think if you don't want your child, please give the child to adoption! There are people out there that can't have children, and have lots of love for many of them. So – please give them a living home! There are many services to help you, some are free to take care of you religion or not. Thanks you so much for showing me those photos. I can do my speech and educate them.

I had to do a research paper about abortion and just looking at the pictures make me sick. I mean how could you take away someone’s life? It’s soo sad just to think they never even saw the light... your pictures really touched me and my friends. – Jonathan

Your website helped me a lot on a research project over a controversial issue that we chose ourselves. Thank you for making these images and information known to the public. For school I am writing a thesis paper about abortion and I have to use graphic aids in my paper.  I decided that I would use some pictures of what a baby looks like inside a womb when it is not aborted at certain stages of pregnancy, and what they look like when they are aborted.  Then I found your web site.  I cried.  I am against abortion, but was beginning to think that it is a woman’s right to have an abortion until I saw your pictures.  I cried. I just want to say Thank you.  -- Kim H.

 I am very much pro-life and I am doing a persuasion speech on abortion and am using your site. The pictures are very powerful. Your site is great! Your site is a blessing to my ministry.

 I have looked at most of your website tonight and I must say that I am astonished. I knew that abortion was basically murdering your fetus, but I had no idea it was such a cruel process. Your pictures gave me the best image of what really goes on in an abortion clinics. I am a 15 year old girl who found this website as an assignment for one of my classes. Tomorrow or Friday I will stand in front of my Speech class and be able to tell them the consequences of abortion and show them pictures. Thank you for widening my horizon.

I'm 14 years old, and I'm a reporter in Journalism at my high school in Waco, TX. Well I had to write an editorial page about anything and I chose abortions. I got on your website and was totally touched, but scared at the same time. The whole time I was looking at them pictures, I was thinking "What would motivate anyone to do such a horrible thing like that" But I was touched to know that people care like you. Thank you so much for the website and everything else!! I think that abortion is horrible and I am doing an opinion report for my American Cultures class (don't ask what this has to do with History, I don't even get it) and this site was just perfect for me. It helped me so much and I just wanted to thank you and sign your guest book. I think with the pictures and diagrams and information I got from here, and my strong opinion to help me, I can turn a lot of people away from ever agreeing with abortion. Abortion is murder and that's the end of it.

 I'm writing to say thank you, this may sound very strange but I have just been made to feel as sick as I have ever been in my life, (and I have a strong stomach!), but I am very grateful for this feeling. I am now having to produce college articles on abortion and was trying to show the religious beliefs towards this, as I find Christian beliefs and views are so easily tossed away and not appreciated or listened to. ... After reading how the abortion is performed, (this information is also very hard to find, again I thank you for providing such a knowledge filled site), I came across the pictures. These are possibly the strongest, most powerful heart wrenching pictures that I have ever laid my eyes on. Today's society is said to be hardened to such images of "bloody violence", therefore no small advertising campaign is going to let people know the true devastating effects of abortion, these pictures were truly enlightening on the topic of abortion, and how it is a murderous task. It is a very hard topic for people to approach but only with stopping it being such a taboo subject will the true effects be able to be explained. After seeing those pictures I don't believe anyone would be able to go through with an abortion.... Natalie



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