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It’s wrong and very disturbing to know that a mother could do such a thing I never really looked into abortions but after seeing the graphic images of the D&E abortions method I would never in my life have abortion as an option. I have 2 kids and currently pregnant now and I couldn't think of ever doing something so brutal. It is basically telling women it’s okay to murder your child especially young mothers such as myself and it should be against the law.............stop murdering gods children - KB

This truly makes me want to cry.  I have considered having one myself.  I’ll never let it enter my mind again.

I really, really, really want to thank you for showing the pictures on abortions. I’m 34 years old and I’ve never seen pictures of babies that have been aborted. It’s a possible chance that I may be pregnant, but at first I said I already have 3 children and I don’t need another one! Abortion was on my fiancé's and on my mind. I said to myself, "This is my body, and if I can lay down and get pregnant, I can have it". Plus we are trying to live right by God and I don’t want to add to the sins knowingly. So, if I am still pregnant, this baby I will have. Now I can show him the pictures! He asked me how they was done (the abortions), I told him they put a knife in the uterus, cut up the baby, then suck it out with a vacuum. He frowned. I was having a look for things on my...coursework on abortion and you never understand it until you see the horrible photos.  I will never have an abortion.  Thank you for opening my eyes.  -- Sarah, England

As I sat at my computer in absolute shock at these images, and feeling tears run down my face at all these children that never got a chance in life, I realized one of two things, that 1. Abortion in any shape or form is completely wrong and horrific, and 2. That I will never ever have an abortion. This website has opened my eyes as I'm sure it has many others.  May God touch the lives of many people and open their minds to the reality of what life really is. Take care and God bless.

Hi...We are two college students and we have just visited your website. We are both appalled and angry! Neither of us knew that abortion was that disturbing. Thanks to you and those graphic pictures, we will never, ever think of having an abortion.

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