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Radio Spots by Fr. Frank Pavone

For general information on our radio ministry, click here, and to learn about our television outreach, click here.

Following are radio spots on abortion and on our political responsibility. They may be heard here in mp3 format, or downloaded for broadcast on radio stations. Transcripts are also available.

For radio spots in Spanish click here.

For more one minute and thirty second radio spots on various themes, click here.

Political Spots (:30)

Christian Duty (:30) [Transcript] 

Government Involvement (:30) [Transcript] 

No Separation (:30) [Transcript] 

Power Over Life and Death (:30) [Transcript] 

Represent All People (:30) [Transcript] 

Right to Life is Primary (:30) [Transcript] 

Uphold God's Laws (:30) [Transcript]

Where Candidates Stand (:30) [Transcript]

Political Spots (1:00)

Distributing Literature in Church Lots (1:00) [Transcript]

Election Day (1:00) [Transcript]

Limited Government Authority (1:00) [Transcript]

No Secret Discipleship (1:00) [Transcript]

Not Just a Catholic Issue (1:00) [Transcript]

Primaries (1:00) [Transcript]

Priorities (1:00) [Transcript]

Reflect Christ's Truth (1:00) [Transcript]

Republic (1:00) [Transcript]

Voter Registration in Church (1:00) [Transcript]

Voter Registration Sundays (1:00) [Transcript]

General Spots on Abortion (1:00)

Abortion Trauma (1:00)

Centurions (1:00)

Confused About Stem Cells? (1:00)

Holocaust and Abortion Stress (1:00)

Honesty (1:00)

I Don't Know (1:00)

Image of God (1:00)

Include the Unborn (1:00)

Justice (1:00)

Legal Isn't Safe (1:00)

Men Can't Speak Up? (1:00)

Men's Responsibilities (1:00)

MYOB (1:00)

No Freedom No Choice (1:00)

Our Neighbor (1:00)

Pro-Choice Meaning (1:00)

Pro-Life Feminists (1:00)

Protect the Babies (1:00)

Reject All Violence (1:00)

Relevant Ministry (1:00)

Reverse the Question (1:00)

RU-486 (1:00)

Sandra's Story (1:00)

Sharing His Throne (1:00)

She's Expecting (1:00)

So What (1:00)

The Bedroom (1:00)

This is My Body (1:00)

Longer Reflections on Abortion

Click here for 3-4 minute reflections written and read by Fr. Frank Pavone.

More Political Radio Spots

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