Pro-life Social Media Action Alert - #SheDecides Hashtag Takeover

The pro-life movement has shown that we are stronger, louder and more effective on Social Media, especially Twitter. On Friday, March 2nd we will once again eclipse the darkness with light.

Who: All pro-lifers, pro-lifer organization and our followers and supporters
What: Outshine the deadly pro-abortion messages on social media with positive, pro-life messages and posts.
When: March 2nd, All Day
Where: Wherever you are using your phone or computer and all social media platforms
Why: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke 

Here are some sample posts from some of our ministry branches:

Silent No More

#SheDecides to choose life for her unborn child 

#SheDecides to make the best decision for herself & her unborn child—to choose life. 

#SheDecides to not remain silent about the regret women feel after abortion

#SheDecides to speak out about the pain caused by her abortion

#SheDecides to seek healing from the pain caused by her abortion

#SheDecides to seek help in caring for her unborn child, not abortion 

#SheDecides to honor her child by choosing adoption 

Pair them with various hashtags: #lovethemboth #womenmatter #humanrights #yesallhumanrights #unborn #abortion #SilentNoMore 

Priests for Life

When #SheDecides on #abortion a mom puts her own life at risk as well. #abortionisnothealthcare

When #SheDecides to choose life, anything is possible. #abortion is a dead end

#SheDecides movement underestimates women and attempts to export the USA’s toxic #abortion ideology. Women and their children around the globe deserve better

#SheDecides tells women they cannot be free unless they end the lives of their own flesh and blood. That’s a lie and a disservice to humanity

If #SheDecides on #adoption over #abortion she gives the most precious gift to her child, the adoptive parents & herself #ChooseLife #prolife

#SheDecides makes a nice hashtag but the truth is that many women are forced into #abortion by boyfriends, husbands, parents, bosses, governments.

When #SheDecides to #ChooseLife miracles can happen

Stand True - Civil Rights for the Unborn - Rachel's Vineyard

When #shedecides to get an #abortion, she takes away the decision of another human person. One persons decision should never result in the death of another person. #prolife #prolifegeneration

#abortion enslaves women and empowers men to abandon responsibility. When #shedecides to take the life of her child she only takes power away from women and the liberation of all. #prolife #prolifegeneration

If you want to truly stand for all women you must stand against the killing of pre-born women via #abortion. If #shedecides to kill her child she is standing against women. #prolife #prolifegeneration

If #shedecides is about women's health then how can the intentional killing of her child be care in any way? #Abortion is not health care. #prolife #prolifegeneration

When #shedecides to embrace life and reject #abortion she decides to stand for all women. #prolife #prolifegeneration

Her right to do what she wants with her body ends when #shedecides to harm another human person. #abortion is the killing of a human person and can never be a choice.

When #shedecides to end her pregnancy with #abortion it does end the fact that she is a mother, she is now the mother of a dead child. #prolife #prolifegeneration

We as a society can no longer perpetuate the lie that when #shedecides to get an #abortion she is exercising her right, she is taking the right to ever decide from anther human person. #prolife #prolifegeneration

Background on #SheDecides Day from Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues (PNCI)

#SheDecidesDay: Opposition to US Pro-Life Foreign Policy

Organizers of the abortion fund, SheDecides, are marking the one year anniversary of the first meeting of the so-called pro-abortion “Global Champions” on March 2, to rally support and celebrate SheDecides Day in a campaign that will last until March 8, International Women’s Day.

‘SheDecides’ was set up by the Netherlands in response to President Trump’s reinstatement and expansion of the Mexico City Policy which stopped US population control and health funds to any international organization that performs or promotes abortion as a method of family planning. Now known as the Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance (PLGHA), the policy will distribute US health funding to life-affirming international organizations that work to help women and children survive and thrive pregnancy and childbirth. On Friday, pro-abortion activists will ‘celebrate’ #SheDecidesDay promoting access to the violence of abortion with a social media campaign and actions in select locations around the world through what organizers describe as a “global movement” that now claims to be about more than abortion. The expansion of focus was likely brought on by the realization that a majority of donors want to save, not destroy, lives.

Promotional materials for #SheDecidesDay, described as “a day of energy, anger and action”, include this explanation falsely describing US pro-life foreign policy: “One year ago today, politicians stood up and spoke out against unjust policies by one government that threated to cause massive harm and death, attacking the rights of girls and women everywhere. SheDecides is now a rallying cry – two simple words that fight for the rights and futures of women and girls all over the world.”

Pro-life social media responses have been developed by Priests for Life; available here.
In reality, pro-life advocates and leaders around the world have applauded and thanked President Trump for his actions to protect children before, as well as after, birth and to reduce the relentless pressure by NGOs to change laws against abortion. #SheDecidesDay seeks support for the SheDecides Manifesto and its three underlying principles: Stand Up, Speak Out: Leaders in all countries standing up and speaking out for girls and women; Change the Rules: Changing laws, policies and practices that stop girls and women from deciding; and Unlock Resources: Building capacity and increasing financial resources from governments and foundations. The official toolkit for the day includes sample tweets and facebook posts which avoid direct use of the word “abortion” and instead rely on cloaking terminology including “make decisions about her own body”.

SheDecides activists are pursing lawmakers for support of its pro-abortion agenda. One event takes place at the UK Parliament sponsored by Gareth Thomas, M.P. with International Planned Parenthood Federation’s Director General speaking. The event seeks “to explore how SheDecides can build political momentum and maintain the UK’s strong leadership in supporting the fundamental human rights of women and girls through international development programmes as well as domestically.”

The Embassy of Denmark in Washington, D.C. will host a reception on March 1 to mark the one-year anniversary of the establishment of the pro-abortion fund along with pro-abortion organizations the Center for Health and Gender Equity, Guttmacher Institute, Planned Parenthood Federation of America and PAI. All of which have been highly critical of the pro-life change in U.S. foreign aid. What is described as a “flagship event” of SheDecides Day takes place in Pretoria, South Africa on March 1 with support from UNFPA and led by South African Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi and Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Ulla Tornaes. The purpose of the meeting is to bring together “youth leaders and Parliamentarians to grow the energy for sustainable change. As a political movement, with community support, Champions want to be sure that in this region the change makers, voters and legislators of the future come on board with the SheDecides vision.”

The targeting of tomorrow’s decision makers is a strategic action taking place by pro-abortion organizations around the world which seek to change pro-life laws and policies but encounter strong resistance from the current generation of leaders.

Tweets by partners of the campaign include the following: Marie Stopes International @MarieStopes 2 March 2018 is the first ever #SheDecidesDay – to ensure that only #SheDecides about her own body. #WithoutQuestion. Stand up. Speak out. UN Women @UN_Women 2 March 2018 is the first ever #SheDecidesDay – to ensure that only #SheDecides about her own body. Without question. Stand up. Speak out. Sign the manifesto now. Denmark in New York @DenmarkinNY #DenmarkInNY firmly supports a woman’s right to choose. That’s why we’re standing with @denmark_un as we countdown to #SheDecidesDay 2018 when the world will stand up to promote, provide, protect and enhance the rights of every girl and woman.

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