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It’s Election Day. Please Take These Action Steps!


Priests for Life

  Tuesday, November 5, 2019


Dear brothers and sisters,

Today is Election Day 2019 in many states, and we need your help!

Does Planned Parenthood come into your school district to indoctrinate your children and grandchildren in sexual perversion and the “benefits” of abortion?

To stop evils like that is one of the reasons school board elections are so important. See if your school board is being elected today!

Does your city make it easy or hard for abortion facilities to open and to operate? Do local ordinances make it easier or harder for pro-life activists in your town to pray and counsel in front of these killing centers?

These are some of the reasons that elections for city council members and mayors are so important. Many municipal elections being held across the country today; Ballotpedia gives a list of some of the larger cities by date and by state; beyond that, please check with your local board of elections (state election websites are at

Do your state legislators remove all restrictions on abortion, even to the point that the mother is about to give birth? That’s why, for instance, Virginia’s election today of its entire state legislature is so important.

State legislators are also being elected today in Mississippi and New Jersey.

Is your governor willing to protect babies in the womb by state law? Governor Matt Bevin of Kentucky certainly is. He is the most pro-life governor in the country, and the voters of Kentucky have an opportunity today to re-elect him.

And voters in Mississippi have a chance to elect a pro-life governor as well.

Moreover, not only do today’s votes matter for the most fundamental issue, the right to life, but for the direction of America on countless other issues – issues on which the differences between the Republican and Democrat parties have never been more intense, whether it regards taxes, national security, immigration, the meaning of marriage and family, health care – and everything else.

Wherever you are, you can make a difference:

First, be sure to vote in any elections happening in your state.

Second, please get other like-minded people to vote.

Wear an “I Voted” pin or sticker.

Remind people via email and social media.

Offer them a ride to the polls.

Make phone calls.

Urge your pastor to announce it in Church.

Reach out to the candidates’ campaigns to see if you can give last-minute help.

Use yard signs and bumper stickers.

Take every spare moment of time you have today and make a pest of yourself to get as many votes as you can.

Many races are tight and some could be decided by a single vote!

Last but not least, please join me in prayer at, not only for today’s elections, but for those that will occur less than a year from now, on November 3, 2020. Today is a dress rehearsal for that big election day, because if we can get people activated now, they will be even more likely to get involved in 2020.

Friends, the time for action and victory is now. Let’s roll!

Fr. Frank Pavone

National Director, Priests for Life


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