"Thanks again for such a great newsletter. The expansion on the theme of political activity and the Christian will continue to be helpful to us in the pro-life movement! ...We evangelicals not only hear you at pro-life conferences, but many of us receive your newsletter and support your organization. Although there are some doctrinal issues we part on, as Christians we all have the same Lord Jesus Christ and are motivated by our understanding of the Christian ethic in our pro-life work. Thanks for listening and for your outstanding leadership to all Christians!" -- LM

"Thanks so much for the video tapes and literature you sent me. I have something in every issue of my bulletins on Sunday that has to do with abortion. The "Priests’ For Life Newsletter" is excellent. I use the word "excellent" very deliberately. It really is excellent." -- Father Thomas

"Dear Fr. Pavone and all workers against abortion. Thank you so much for all you are doing. I am so proud of you. God is truly working with you. Your newsletter telling of people and businesses refusing to put up another Planned Parenthood clinic is great. May more people find their backbone and stand up to be counted. We can certainly see God’s hand working through you." -- Darlene

"Thank you immensely for sending me some of your Newsletters. I really found them enriching and easy to read. In fact, I met my Assistant Parish Priest and gave him one. He was delighted. I have read some of the letters and I would like to know if I can apply for training and formation so as to become active member of this organisation, Priest for Life. May our Lady’s Mantle cover you always. Yours in Jesus and Mary," -- Fr. Paul, Africa