In the light of news reports that Pope Francis may ask Bishop Joseph Strickland to resign his position, Pro-life Leader Frank Pavone has invited Christians of all denominations to sign the following statement of solidarity, as a way of showing courageous spiritual leaders the support of the People of God:

Statement of Solidarity with Bishop Strickland in Defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The Lord Jesus Christ has commanded us to let our light shine (Mt. 5:16) and to proclaim our Faith from the rooftops (Mt. 10:27).

Throughout Christian history, the Faith has been attacked and defended in culture and politics. Today, both in the civil arena and in the Church, attempts are made to silence, sideline and punish some leaders who fight back against such attacks.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we sign this letter as a public act of solidarity with one another and with Bishop Joseph Strickland.

Bishop Strickland, Frank Pavone and Deacon Keith Fournier
Many of us are Catholic, and know that Bishop Strickland’s teaching inspires and encourages those far beyond the boundaries of his diocese. Some of us are Christians in other parts of the Body of Christ, and want to support a leader who is willing to suffer ridicule for the sake of the Gospel.

We need spiritual leaders who, like Bishop Strickland, are not afraid to call out politicians – like Joe Biden – for their support of child-killing and for trying to say that promoting abortion is compatible with Christian Faith. It is not and will never be.

We need spiritual leaders who, like Bishop Strickland, are not afraid to participate publicly in gatherings that object to the blasphemy committed by the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” in Dodgers Stadium.

For acts like these, Bishop Strickland and others are criticized. Instead, they deserve praise, gratitude and the support of God’s People.

Spiritual leaders are called to model courage, not cowardice. They are called to increase conviction, not confusion.

We are united in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some accuse Bishop Strickland and the rest of us of causing division. No, it is those who deny the Faith who are causing division.

Our goal is not to pretend that we can avoid division, but to make sure we are on the right side of that division. We are, and that is why we speak out.


Note: Pro-life Leader Frank Pavone will present Bishop Strickland with the National Pro-life Recognition Award on the morning of the March for Life in Washington, DC, January 19, 2024. You are invited to come and show your support. See for details.

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