Understanding the Dobbs Supreme Court Case: Will the Supreme Court Overrule Roe V. Wade?

The educational videos below on the Dobbs V. Jackson Women's Health Supreme Court case are available as a playlist or individually. In this series, Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, interviews some of those who have submitted “Amicus” briefs to the Supreme Court in support of the pro-life side, and examines the arguments.

New videos will continually be posted here until the case is decided so come back to this page frequently. You can also watch these videos live at EndAbortion.TV or on any of the platforms listed on that page including Fr. Frank’s You Tube page (YouTube.com/frfrankpavone) and playlists [one] and [two] of these educational videos.

It’s important to educate ourselves about this and other pro-life cases so we can easily and clearly articulate the pro-life message to our family and friends, on social media and wherever else we can.

Please watch, spread the word and share these videos in whatever way possible

Episode 18: Fr. Frank discusses with Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel the brief he prepared for the Supreme Court Dobbs case. The brief, submitted on behalf of a diverse coalition of groups and leaders including Hispanics and African-Americans, and our Priests for Life associate Alveda King, urges the Court not to continue the racist and eugenic legacy of legal abortion as embodied in Roe.
Episode 17: Fr. Frank discusses with Hannah Strege and her parents the historic brief she submitted, as the first human being to have been successfully thawed as a frozen embryo, adopted, implanted, and brought to birth. She is “Snowflake Baby No. 1” and argues in her brief that her story, and the similar cases of many children like her, shows that with modern technology, the “viability” of children outside the womb actually begins at fertilization..
Episode 13: Fr. Frank interviews Peter Breen, Vice President of the Thomas More Society, about the three briefs he was involved in preparing. One of them speaks of the history of abortion law in America, another about the science behind the pro-life position, and a third in which David Daleiden argues that if babies in the womb are valuable enough for their body parts to be sold by the abortion industry, they are valuable enough to be protected.
Episode 10: Fr. Frank interviews David Kubal, President and CEO, Intercessors for America, about their brief to the Court, which takes a Biblical, prophetic view and points out that the Court has made paganism the official religion of America.
Episode 9: Fr.Frank interviews Vincent DiCaro, Chief Outreach Officer, Care Net, about the brief of Care Net and Alpha Center, making the argument that abortion is not the exercise of a right but the relinquishing of a right, namely, that of a mother to her relationship with her child, and that the current abortion regime does not protect that right.
Episode 3: Fr. Frank interviews Neonatologist Dr. Robin Pierucci, M.D., and Attorney Katie Short (Life Legal Defense Foundation). They have submitted a brief to the Supreme Court explaining why viability makes no sense, medically or constitutionally, as a dividing line in abortion cases.

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