Sarah Smith: Abortion Survivor

Sarah Smith

My mother's choice was my death sentence. My mother Betty had an abortion in November 1970. A few weeks after that, she was sitting at home reading when the book on her stomach began to bounce up and down. That's when she knew she was still pregnant ..with ME!

"I'm so sorry, Betty," the doctor told her when she went back to him. "you were carrying twins!"

Although a second abortion was suggested, my mother refused and instead brought me to term. I was born with bilateral congenital dislocated hips, a condition for which I've had dozens of operations. It hasn't stopped me from pursuing my medical studies, though, or from speaking out wherever I can for the right to life.

My mother Betty and I speak publicly throughout the country and throughout the world. Most recently, we spoke in Rome and met Pope John Paul II.

I have forgiven my parents for trying to abort me, and I forgive the abortionist who killed my twin brother and who almost killed me. I often think of my brother, Andrew James, whom nobody can replace.

I believe that the way of truth, love, and God's grace is the only way to deal with the abortion tragedy. I would like to call all people to stand with me to defend the right to life of all persons. There are many alternatives to abortion. Nobody needs to sacrifice her child, no matter what anyone says.

Though I'm not a Catholic, I have worked closely with Priests for Life and have had speaking engagements and TV appearances with Fr. Frank Pavone. My mother and I and a former abortion provider Joy Davis recently met together in the same room for a TV interview as part of Fr. Pavone's TV series, "Defending Life"

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