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I had an abortion for a few reasons, my mother and I were sharing a one bedroom apartment, she was on disability, and I was taking seizure medication at the time which causes birth defects.  We had no family but each other.  Really I was scared.  When I first told my one-year boyfriend, the first thing he said was "I’m not ready for a baby, I’m moving back to Pittsburgh to work with my dad".  I panicked.  The only thing I knew about them were it takes the "cell" out so the baby isn’t formed.  I was SO very naive when I was younger.  There were no computers out at the time as they are now.  If I had researched about it more and found out the truth, I swear on my life there is no way I would have had one.  I still cry and cry.  I'm scared God won’t forgive me for such a horrible act, so scared.  I'm Catholic.

The first day I had the abortion, the most frightening and dreadful moment was when I woke up and they gave me a pad!!!! I said what?? They told me I would be bleeding for a few days!!!! I cried and cried and cried in my closet for hours when I got home. They didn’t tell me that would happen.  Nothing was explained to me when I went in.  They just took me in the room and put the IV in to knock me out.  Then I wake up bleeding.

The way I feel about abortion now is, even if you were raped you should still have the baby.  There is no reason to not have it.  I tell my husband, God forbid I get raped tomorrow, but I would still have the baby.

I find help when I go to church.  I tried talking to a counselor a few years ago, no help at all. Reading the bible helps me. But, I still cry and beg for forgiveness everyday.  I think having a baby will help me more than anything.  So I beg my husband everyday.

This was so hard to write about. I've never done this before. I just want other girls to hear my story so they think twice before making a mistake.  I can't explain how hard this is to write. I advise everyone not to do it.



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