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To My Fellow Women of Silent no more

Please remember, you are a daughter of the Great King, the greatest that ever was or will be, God the Father Almighty!  As you consider abortion think about how the Great King will feel when a doctor or nurse rips through and throws away the great gift of life that God has given you.  He will shed tears of sorrow and sadness.  I can tell you from experience that when you realize what you have done you will experience shame and sorrow for the rest of your life.  Every day you will wonder what the child you were given could have accomplished with his or her life.  Could this child have been a great scientist that finds the cure for an incurable disease?  Could the child have become a surgeon saving the lives of many people? Would the child grow up and give you grandchildren to cherish and enjoy some day?  Or would the child have become a clergy or priest bringing many people to God in the years ahead?

Every day I wake up and think of what I did when I had the abortion many years ago.  Consider the prospect of living the rest of your life with this great sorrow.  I am not judging you but trying to get you to think clearly not just about the new life inside you but also about the rest of your life and the horrendous burden you will carry. 

There are many options available to you and this child. God and your Mother gave you the gift.  Will you help God do the same for this child? 

May God Bless You and Guide you in making the right decision.  Choose Life!


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