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Never the Same
Today I am here to be Silent No More about the worst sin I ever committed. When I was 16 years old I met Steven Tyler of the rock group Aerosmith and former American Idol judge at a concert in Portland, Oregon and we began a 3 year relationship that ended in a horrific late term abortion.  I want you to know that with all my heart I regret my abortion. Steven also described his regret for my abortion with the words…”Jesus what have I done!” Abortion is a choice that leaves a trail of victims. It takes the life of an innocent baby and leaves Mother’s and Father’s wounded and grieving for their lost child. 

When I moved to Boston to live with Steven I was underage and he became my legal guardian so that I could travel with him. When Steven asked me if I wanted to have children with him I said yes and about a year later I became pregnant. Steven asked me to marry him and I was thrilled. I was going to marry a man I cared very deeply for and we were going to begin a family together. 

Steven had a change of heart and first let me know that we would not marry… then he left on tour, leaving me in our apartment alone. I was at least 5 months pregnant but I don’t really know how far along I was because I had never seen a doctor. Steven did not want me to answer questions about who the father was so I received no prenatal care. I had no money; no car or drivers license and I had dropped out of high school so I had little education at that time.

There was a fire in our apartment and I woke up in a hospital fighting for my life after suffering smoke inhalation. I recovered but before I could leave the hospital Steven came to my room and told me that I was going to have an abortion. He had lawyers there and a doctor waiting to perform the abortion. I told him no! We argued for hours but in the end Steven forced me to choose between him and my baby. I could have the abortion or I could hit the street. I felt that I had no power over my life and I just gave in out of fear and desperation. 

Of the 55 million abortions since Roe vs. Wade over 60 % involve coercion. Sometimes we think coerced abortions only happen in places like China but the truth is coercion happens everywhere abortion is legal. Women are forced to choose between their baby and their home or family. 

Our relationship was never the same after that horrible day. I was left wounded and grieving and Steven and I could never look at each other again with out thinking of our child whose life was taken in abortion. I felt like a part of me died with our baby. 


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