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Replaced by Love
When I was seventeen, I had just graduated from high school.  I looked forward to college and eventually marriage and family.

But those dreams of love and happiness turned into a nightmare when my parents forced me to have an abortion.

The problem was that I was still a minor.  And the love of my life and father of my unborn child was a few years older than me.

My parents threatened to charge him with statutory rape, if I didn’t have an abortion.

I felt trapped.  And I was trapped. 

For no amount of tears, begging or pleading changed my parents’ mind that awful day they drove me to the clinic.

When my name was called and I was led down a long hallway, I tried to escape - only to be dragged back into an operating room where my baby was sucked away.

After that my life fell apart.

I dropped out of college.

I stopped going to church.

And I tried to destroy my own life – as my baby’s life had been destroyed 

I sought to block out the ugliness and the violence of the abortion as well as everything and everyone connected with it.

I was angry. I was bitter.  I was filled with shame and guilt – convinced that not even God could forgive me.  I refused to forgive - myself or others. And I sank into a deep depression.

But God never stopped loving me. He heard my prayers and led me to Rachel’s Vineyard.

Where for the first time in thirty years I was able to share my grief, guilt, and anger and mourn my baby.

I finally found the peace I was looking for – and was able to honor the life that had once been in my womb.

The pain and shame I felt was replaced by love and tenderness for my child. 

And this is why, secure in God’s forgiveness and healing grace, I am Silent No More.


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