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I’ll be your Voice
Hannah Rose
My life changed forever at the age of 19 when I had an unplanned pregnancy. Growing up in a pro-life family, I never dreamed I would be tested about my beliefs. I didn't want to shame my family or live with a shattered future. Convincing myself that ending my pregnancy at six weeks gestation wasn't really an abortion, I took the RU-486 pill on February 6th, 2009. 

Feeling week after a night of darkness, it was over, and I was relieved to get back to my normal life. Seeking to forget what I had done, over the next few months, I sought comfort for my wounded, aching heart through drinking and living promiscuously. 

Four months later, I was pregnant again. Trying to fool myself into thinking I would get my life together after another necessary abortion, an appointment was set at Planned Parenthood. However, Jesus was fighting for me and for my unborn baby. God showed me that if I chose abortion, I couldn't imagine the pain and darkness that would follow. But, if I chose LIFE, I couldn't imagine the beauty that He would bring. 

Instead of walking through those clinic doors a second time, I chose to walk into the light towards freedom. It was as if the reasoning for abortion fell away when I knew God would be with me every step of my difficult journey. I was at peace knowing I was making the right choice - the choice of LIFE. On March 16th, 2010, ready to deliver my full-term daughter, I was told the devastating news that her perfect little heart was no longer beating. Through the lives of two babies who never spoke a word or took a breath, God is speaking that if you choose LIFE, no matter the outcome, you will have no regrets. 

This is a tribute to my babies' precious lives and all God did in me and so many others because of them. Luke Shiloh and Lily Katherine, I wanted to be rid of you before and hoped nobody would ever find out you even existed. Now, I want the world to know you are my children. I promise to always be your voice. That's why I am silent no more and why I believe abortion should be recalled.


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