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Not only have I been involved in an abortion, but I am also a survivor.  At seventeen, after being in a long-term relationship, I was informed that my girlfriend was pregnant.  She asked me to take her to Planned Parenthood for a pregnancy test which came back positive.  As soon as the results came back, the counselor tried to convince us that an abortion was the only answer.  My girlfriend agreed.  She had plans to go to college so a child or marriage would not fit in her immediate plans.  I remember thinking that we were too young for a child, but the option of abortion did not totally sit right with me.  I shared my thoughts with them both and was persuaded that we had no other option.  

They began to move forward with the plan.  Because she was underage there arose a dilemma.  My girlfriend’s parents were Catholic, she was only sixteen and if they found out that she was pregnant they would not accept an abortion or pay her way through college.  Upon hearing this information the counselor informed us that she could handle this problem.  Planned Parenthood arranged a meeting in closed chambers with a local judge.  Without allowing me in the room they met with the judge and got papers signed to enable her to have an abortion without parental notice.  

On that day, my choice and my child were legally taken from me.  I remember the day of the procedure.  As the abortion was being done, I felt my heart and my manhood being sucked out of me as they sucked out the life of my child.

It would be many years later after battling with depression, drugs and alcohol that God would show me His love, forgiveness and grace.  God began to do a deep healing in me…only to learn that I am also a survivor of a choice to abort.  My mom as a young adult was involved in a three year relationship with a man she thought she would marry, then the news came that she was pregnant with me.  Upon hearing this news my father insisted that she had to get rid of me.  He already had an unwanted child with another woman and would not consent to another.  My mom chose to face motherhood alone and keep me.  Because she chose life I have the opportunity to stand for life today!


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