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There is Hope and Healing
It is my understanding that most abortions happen because the father of the victimized child doesn’t support the mother in her pregnancy. I am one of those fathers. When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant, I didn’t realize that we had been given the great gift of fatherhood and motherhood. I didn’t realize the wonderful ways that children complete us and fulfill our lives.

Today I’m still coming to terms with what I did. I took the life of my own child. I see all these wonderful young people here, the Pro-Life generation, and I realize that my little girl would be not much older than some of them. I don’t know how to describe the pain, the grief I feel for what I did to my child and to her mother. I hurt for my two now adult daughters who were robbed of their sister as well as all the other family members who never knew the joy of her presence. All this because of my selfish choice.

Abortion leaves a deep emotional wound on a father. The pain is sometimes overwhelming. There is the shame, guilt, self-loathing, hopelessness. Years later, I understand that what I did was to sacrifice my own child for my own selfish desires. 

But my life has changed dramatically because I was given a gift that I could never deserve. The gift of forgiveness. I learned that God loved me so much that He sent his only Son from heaven to pay the penalty for all my bad choices, for my abortion. He sacrificed Himself so that I would be freed from my shame, my guilt, my grief, and my self-destructive behaviors, all these that are typical consequences of the choice of abortion.

Jesus taught that we should sacrifice ourselves for others and that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Abortion teaches the opposite. Abortion teaches us to sacrifice others for ourselves. Abortion is a selfish act. It is selfish to think that abortion only affects the mother or even the father. It affects entire families.

If you have been affected by the choice of abortion, I urge you to do as I did. Turn to Jesus Christ. Ask for forgiveness and help. He is waiting to help you with your burden and give you rest for your soul! There is hope and healing in the Lord Jesus Christ. I am experiencing it! And that’s why I am Silent No More! 


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