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Being a mom has changed my life
When I was about 16 years old I began a relationship with an abusive older man.  I became pregnant soon after, and my parents kicked me out of their house until I agreed to have an abortion.  The baby's father took me to the clinic and, while there, we were told that they would not take the credit card my mother gave me to pay for it.  When I called her, she said I needed to reschedule because she "can't go to that place".  
The clinic was small, and there was a couple sitting in the corner crying.  There was another girl (15 years old?) and her mother sitting next to me discussing when she would be able to return to gym class.  And there was another woman who looked to be on her lunch break and in a huge hurry.
I went into the room where the procedure began, and I remember putting my legs up and getting a shot.  I then remember waking up in another room filled with beds where we were all recovering.  Everyone was very nice and very vague about what was happening.  I slept on the ride home and at home until the next morning.  My mother was kind and loving for about a week after. We told everyone I had a miscarriage.
I was so depressed I became an alcoholic and drug user for three years until I became pregnant with my daughter.  My mother didn't want me to have her either, but I refused to kill another child.  Since my daughter, I have had three more children.  Being a mom has changed my life and given me the strength to speak out against this horrific tragedy.


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