Seeking Him for Strength

I had my only abortion at the young age of 18. My boyfriend at the time dropped a traumatic truth on me—he was married. I had no clue and was embarrassed of the deception. My mother, who I lived with, told me I had no choice but to get an abortion. 
I instantly knew it would be wrong; I never wanted the abortion, and my boyfriend and I in fact wanted the baby. But because he was in another state, visiting family, and had left me for a short period, I had to obey the mother I lived with. She took me to the clinic and set the appointment on my behalf. 

When I arrived, I was crying, I hated myself but had so much fear of my mother at the time. The clinic was cold and heartless. The employees and staff just wanted my insurance money and, as far as I can remember, provided no support. After the abortion I continued on a downward spiral of alcoholism and other sinful ways.

Eventually, I understood that my God loved me and received my forgiving heart. I gave my life to God and moved forward from that day, and I continue seeking Him for strength in surviving the past abortion trauma. 

Over the years I have found myself helping other women, while serving in the military. Now that I’ve retired, I decided that in this season of life I must be silent NO MORE!

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