I Wanted My Baby Back

I came from a very abusive family. My dad and his girlfriend were alcoholics and would physically and emotionally abuse me. 

I ended up getting pregnant with a guy.  He was not someone I wanted to end up with, but I was really happy that I was pregnant and wanted to have the baby. I picked a name right away. My dad and his girlfriend pressured me to have the abortion, set up the appointment, and took me there. They knew how I felt but didn’t care. They told me that I was going to have the abortion. I didn’t know how to stand up to them or get away from them. I didn’t know where to go and how to support myself and a child.  I had very low self-esteem after having been emotionally abused for many years. I let them do this to me. 

When I went to the abortion clinic, I told the doctor that I did not want to do this, so he knew I was being forced but still continued with the procedure. I remember after the abortion, thinking that all I wanted was my baby back.

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