Lisa's 2020 March for Life Testimony

I was 18, and my boyfriend and I had recently broken up. I felt rejected by his family and dreaded the thought of telling them I was pregnant. I also was deceived by the local Planned Parenthood (they did not do abortions) because they sent me to an abortion clinic for my pregnancy test. I did not know it was an abortion clinic- just thought it was a health clinic ("The Women's Health Organization"). They put an abortion appointment in my hand after my positive test assuming I wanted an abortion- I didn't know what I wanted. I was just scared to death to tell my family and my boyfriend's family. 

 After the abortion, I spun out of control. I started to drink more and was very confused about my relationships. Somehow, my boyfriend and I stayed together and ended up getting married. Now 35 years later- I see how deeply the abortion impacted our marriage and our parenting. I don't think we knew what normal was. We spent many years at odds with each other and blaming each other for everything imaginable.  It caused our family life to lack unity.

 Initially I found healing in coming to Christ and knowing that He forgave me, including forgiving my abortion. I also healed as I worked through Forgiven and Set Free at our local pregnancy center- and later as women at the pregnancy center mentored me. I led Forgiven and Set Free Bible studies for many years and found more healing even as I was leading. Then, I went to a Deeper Still Retreat and later my husband went. God transformed our relationship through the retreats and now we lead retreats together! We find great joy in bringing comfort to others as God comforted us. That is why we are Silent No More!

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