Deb's 2020 March for Life Testimony

Abortion leaves a wound...It’s like a big black hole in your heart that you pretend isn’t there.

I had an abortion in 1991. I had heard that it was only a blob or a mass not a real baby yet, so I made an appointment with Planned Parenthood. I will never forget the sound of the vacuum machine. The doctor asked during the procedure, was I a twin? Which seemed odd to me since I thought that it was only a mass. I said yes, I’m a twin. 

After the procedure I felt instant relief and was glad that it was over. I wanted to go home, so life could go back to normal. I realize now that abortion changes everything and nothing would ever be the same.

Satan came to me in a vision that night, laughing and taunting me about how I’m his now. He told me what a terrible person I was and how no one would ever want me, especially God. How could God even stand to look at me! Satan convinced me that it’s best to keep the abortion a secret, because God would never forgive me for taking the life of my children, and that people around me would despise me as well. I have never felt such anguish and defeat before, complete and utter despair!

Satan wants to keep us from the forgiveness of God, he wants us bound in shame, regret, and remorse. 

I accepted Christ’s forgiveness on December 7,1993. The “Forgiven and Set Free” Bible study helped me to see that God knows everything He loves me, and I’m forgiven! 

My twins Conrad and Constance would have been 29 and I want to be their voices, that's why I can be Silent No More!

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