Deep Hidden Feelings

I had both abortions because I was still a teenager. 

From what I can recall...during the abortion procedures I was nervous and scared of the procedures. I remember hearing the suction of the machine and felt the pressure inside. I remember feeling alone, guilty, and confused.  Afterwards, because I didn't want others to know, I just acted normal.  I hid the abortions so far behind and deep that they were pushed out of my thoughts.

They were hidden deep and away until recently, since I returned to my Catholic faith, and that is when the feelings arose. I was watching a YouTube video by Queen of Peace Media, and they mentioned Rachel's Vineyard. So I located a retreat nearby and attended. It was life-changing! There I received God's forgiveness and Jesus's everlasting love. 

I no longer have those deep hidden feelings of guilt and shame...and now I AM SILENT NO MORE!

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