Angelina's summary from the 2019 March for Life in Ottawa

Thank you for being with us this afternoon.   For more testimonies, please visit our website at: abortiontestimony.com. To link people to post-abortion healing, please go to abortionforgiveness.com. To be able to see more deeply into the shock waves of abortion, we have abortionshockwaves.com. 50 years of abortion in Canada has devastated the lives of many. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn said, "Live not by lies." You heard today through our testimonies that many of us believed lies.

We believed the lie that abortifacient contraception was going to save us from pregnancy.  When we were pregnant, we believed the lie that abortion would turn back our pregnancy or the page in our life. You can see from our experiences the devastation that it wreaked in lives and many of us have spent years picking up the pieces. Myself included, of the 50 years of abortion in Canada. I've spent 47 of my life years picking up the pieces of the abortion I had at the age of 15.

We've gone through anniversary syndrome, we've gone through abortion connectors, we've gone through suicidal ideation, drug addiction, promiscuity. You've heard so many negative consequences of abortion. If you know someone who's hurting after an abortion, please hear their stories, link them to healing. And if they feel called to break their silence and to become instruments of bringing a message and hope, a message of hope and healing to others have them contact Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

As Abby Johnson said today, we need to pray to end abortion, but we need to act as well. So if there's no post-abortion ministry in your neighborhood, in your city, please be an instrument in raising up those healing ministries that can help heal our nation and then tell our stories.  We don't have to have an abortion to be involved in healing the nation and ending abortion. May the next 50 years be a legacy of life and not a legacy of death and may we all live by truth and not by lies. Thank you for being here and sharing your testimonies.

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