I see now how selfish I was in 2008 when I had the procedure!!

I had an abortion shortly after graduating from college.  I was Miss Black Connecticut 2005 and a Cum Laude graduate and was embarrassed about being pregnant and becoming a single mother.  Before the procedure I knew I was killing life and asked the doctor if they could show me the baby before they discarded it.  After the abortion they showed me a bag of fluid.

I immediately regretted my choice and would pretend my teddy bears were my child.  I would carry them around like a baby and buckle them into my car when I drove.  I was slowly having a mental breakdown.  When my grandmother died, I fully broke down.  I lost my grandmother and my child.

I begin attending church again and prayed for forgiveness.  During one time, while the music was playing, I humbled myself and reached my hand to the sky asking for forgiveness for aborting the child that God blessed me with.  Even when the music stopped, my hands were in the air and I was crying.

I see now how selfish I was in 2008 when I had the procedure!!  Other people's opinion of me being a single mother was more important than the blessed child God had given me!  How dare I murder a life that was not mine to take.

With Black Lives Matter gaining momentum in the world I cannot withhold the importance of how important these unborn babies are and that is why I am silent no more!

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