I Silently Baptized my two Aborted Babies

Before I married, I was living in Florida and I went to the beach and let the waves wash over me as I silently Baptized my two aborted babies.  I gave them Feminine Christian names (that I now cannot remember).  I felt that both babies were girls.  

My two live children were both boys.  One son was multi-handicapped and died before his 25th birthday.  My other son is now living as a transgender woman.  

If I had not returned to the Church, I would never understand the power and love of The DIVINE MERCY.   I know that, in fact, I was a very good mother to my sons.  These children were so desperately wanted and loved.  They taught me so very much about how precious life is.  Yet, I still realize that I killed my two little aborted babies.  Thank goodness for God’s Grace.

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