People need Love and Life Skills Education

Age three molestation was in the churches. One brother also was 8 years older and expressed his abuse by his addition to self-pleasure. Dirty old men were no strangers either. 

I was feed corn syrup and canned milk from birth. This was the breast milk replacer of the early1960's. I had social communication, intellectual problems and emotional traumas. What did I possibly know about a child. Nothing. I struggled to find attention. Any kind was better than none. Integrity was zero and I was broken in so much of human understanding, I could not find it in me to know myself, not to mention a human child that I was afraid wouldn't like me either. I married after he raped me. I didn't call it rape until I learned what forced sex was about. Most sex in my life was forced. All I wanted was someone to talk to me. Then... sex was forced on me. After Charles Circle Clinic ended my pregnancy, I left him who I made marry me and the abortion opened the womb and I was pregnant again. I was told he didn't want no kid...get rid of it. My mom went with me. At that time, I didn't understand what a child was. 

I married again and wanted his qualities of social skills to be with the child. Instead he became a violent drunk. I kept his child. I knew nothing to raise it. I hooked up with a gentle good friend and we were pregnant in two weeks. We kept the child. We were pregnant again in 5 months after her birth. I wanted to be better and I was sure of stability with one who cared. I sought God and God came. I changed my religious beliefs. Once awake, I learned that God is the Creator. I learned to read and write and I became active to protect family from the traumatic forced separation of children from parents who care, and doing their best. We worked well as a team- Really well. Love was in our home, although not perfect...we were okay. I have learned right from wrong. Abortion is the result of sexual wildness. Choice is misdirected by youth. It is an act of God to bring children into this world. Culture is the abuser. It violates human needs. People need love and life skills education and careful training to establish a healthy happy quality of life and development of individual potential and happiness.

Government is the problem. Government schools taught me nothing of life skills. Today I have overcome many disabling challenges. Never perfect but sex in ignorance of consequences is wrong. Wrong of children to convince in ignorance. Wrong for women to abort a child because they want something else. Our world needs a God-Parent and that is what I aim to establish to be there for one girl, One on one, so she won't be alone and needing someone to help her reach her potential, as a woman, wife, mother and grandmother. I will reach out in her darkness and take her by the heart and mind and give her a better world to live in.

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