Continued to Use Drugs to Mask the Pain

I had an abortion because I was a drug addict living at home with my Mom and Dad who were already taking care of my young daughter.  My Dad influenced me to have an abortion and took me to the abortion clinic. 

During the abortion procedure I felt scared, confused, and alone.  Immediately after the abortion I felt relieved that it was over, and I couldn't wait to get home.  As time went on after the abortion, I felt and experienced anger, rage, sadness, grief, regret, shame, remorse, and pain.  I continued to use drugs until I was 26 to mask the pain I was feeling.  

I am learning to find hope through EMDR therapy and traditional talk therapy with my beloved counselor.  After years of pain and sadness, I am finally learning to forgive myself and that's why I am silent no more.   

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