I was on the Table and God told me to Walk Out

My first three abortions were from a 24-year old male who stole my virginity and continued to get me pregnant and have abortions, I was trying to be saved from an abusive home.

My second abortion was from my abusive husband who I was trying to leave.
Actually, my third abortion I just remembered was from a fiancé who was too controlling and I was trying to break up with him.

My fourth abortion was from my ex-husband who was abusing me, but I ended up staying with him and having another son. Stayed married for 11 years and finally was able to leave him.

My fifth time I was on the table and God told me to walk out.  I did as He said.  I was homeless with a four-year old son.  I found Harvest Home in Venice, CA and lived there until she was born.  She is now a beautiful 21-year old who I believe saved my life.

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