I Regret Not Listening to the Protestors

I was young and in college living with the father of my aborted child. We were worried that we couldn't afford keeping the baby. I was really nervous and unsure of going through the procedure. I remember pro-life protesters being outside with warning signs not to go through it. I regret not listening. When we went inside, they kept telling me it will not take long.  You will be fine afterwards and you will be put to sleep. They put me to sleep but not completely because I was hearing the voices of the doctor and nurse doing the procedure. I also heard other girls in the room having the abortion too. I remember the doctor sucking out my baby from my womb as they put me to sleep. I wanted to cry because I felt the pulling and discomfort of something coming out. I try to erase that part of the procedure. They gave me instructions and medicine for pain. They didn't give me comfort or counseling support after the pain because I was crying with guilt. I asked God to forgive me and not do it again. 

As years went by, I regret of having an abortion and not knowing the gender of the baby. The relationship with the father was not that great but always trying to be the best girlfriend for him. We then got married had another child and kept it. We attended church and gave our hearts to Jesus to wash away our sins. Jesus healed my heart I forgave myself at a Women's Ministry at church. I no longer have to be Silent No More because God gave me Psalm 83:1. Now I give to the Sanctuary of Hope to help them facilitate homes to help ladies find alternative ways for abortion

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