It Left a Scar on Me for My Entire Life

Why I had an abortion when I was 16 and in high school and dating my boyfriend back then. I knew something wasn’t right with me or my body but didn’t understand it.  I was TERRIFIED.  This was back in 1981.  I was So Scared to talk to my mama because I really felt a hole in my stomach.  I was walking around outside and went into the house and she was sitting there. My Mom Never sat down.  I was crying Very Hard because I was supposed to be the good girl.  

My mom asked me POINT blank if I was PREGNANT?  I said I don’t know, I haven’t started my Period. She IMMEDIATELY called an Abortion Clinic.  I had Never even Heard of one.  I was SICK.  I really didn’t know if this is what I wanted or not.  I had no time to think about it.  We called my boyfriend and he came down.  He was at a loss too.  My Mom Said this is what I was doing and that was it.

The day of the procedure Me, my boyfriend and Mom went to this clinic. It was scary. All I remember is going in and then coming out HURTING VERY BAD. I was nauseous and Felt So Dirty and Drained Emotionally.  Me and My boyfriend Cried and Cried...weeks and weeks.  Anything would set our emotions off.  Eventually we Grew Apart after he graduated.  We dated off and on for another 3-4 years after I graduated from high school.  He would come by at night sometime, we had talked of marriage since 1981.  This was 1985.  I loved him so much.  I would do anything for his return Love.

Then Pregnancy #2 came along.  I was so Hopeful that he might want to settle down this time and be a family. He had changed a lot, still a Great Christian guy, but Loved dating others too.  When I told him I was pregnant again, he just said he would pay for it.  I was so Emotionally drained.  

The day of the abortion he left me at the clinic with my best friend and he went to see a girl while I had the Procedure.  It was an Awful Experience.  Not only was it Unwelcoming at the clinic and cold, the doctor was cold.

It left a Scar on me for my ENTIRE LIFE.  I Hurts So Bad to think of what I could have had. I never had any children of my own.  The Scar from these Abortions have shackled me since 1981... I am Silent No More.....Let The Love for The Unborn live on Through you for YOU or Adoption.  

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