Jon's 2022 March for Life Testimony

I was 17 years old when we made this decision.  I felt there was no possible way that I could raise a child.  I remember sitting in the abortion clinic, thinking to myself, “This isn't right.”  I never said anything to Della.  I just sat there saying nothing, feeling shame.  I hoped I was doing the right thing, not knowing the horrible regret from this decision.  

We went on with our lives and got married, but never talked about it.  I tried to forget about it, thinking it would eventually go away.  I was wrong.  I blamed myself for not standing up for my baby.  Inside, I felt shame, and I blamed myself for being a coward.  

But we never talked about it.  

Later in life I was baptized in the Catholic Church.  When I was baptized, the abortion, the loss of our beautiful child who I miss so much, was the one thing that I was ashamed of.  But I am so thankful to God for forgiving me for this terrible sin.  

If our story can save someone else from having an abortion, that would be so great.  Because, to this day, I still wonder what kind of person our child would have been.
That is why we are Silent No More.

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