Emotionally it was the Greatest Pain I've Every Felt

I had an abortion at 11 weeks I was given two pills to take at home. I was told by my friend (who is basically my mother) …and my husband’s mum that I needed to get an abortion as this was my 8th baby (all my children are loved and cared for by me and my husband).  They told me having another was silly and that it would look bad on us. I was in a very bad state of mind and I listened and had the abortion. 

The abortion itself didn’t hurt me physically, but emotionally it was the greatest pain I’ve ever felt … I regretted my decision the second I took the first pill but it was too late.  I didn’t have time to take the other anyway because the morning after I took the pill the baby came out. I felt my water break and then I looked in my underwear to see a tiny baby I could see the head, arms, legs feet and black dots where the eyes would be … I held the baby and said I was sorry … I have since realized that an abortion wasn’t right and I’d never do it again.

I’d tell others not to do so as well . I’m now 11 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby and Myself and my husband will love and cherish this baby... I would love to help people with maybe explaining that the abortion I had wasn’t what they told me it would be (they said I would just have a bad period). I didn’t have a bad period and I saw a baby!! They don’t prepare you for that. Yes, it’s my wrong doing and it’s me who had the abortion, I swallowed the tablets but if I didn’t listen to pressure of others I would not have done so.

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