I was not Given Another Choice from the Military OB Doctor

I had my two abortions when I was in the military in 1981 and 1982 at a private doctor's office in Boise, ID. During my first pregnancy, I went to the medical clinic on base. I found out that I was pregnant from a pregnancy test. Afterward, the OB doctor handed me a list of abortion doctors to contact for an abortion, and I was not given another choice from the military OB doctor. I called the abortion clinic from a telephone booth and scheduled a date for my abortion with the clinic. A friend of mine decided to drive me to the abortion clinic, and I felt terrified and nervous about my decision to have an abortion. I did not want to have an abortion, but I thought I did not have another choice, so I went to the abortion clinic that I had scheduled.

I remember walking alone into the clinic, and there wasn't anyone outside. It seemed so quiet and serene to me. I went up on the elevator to the third floor of the building. I opened the door and went in. It seemed peaceful, and the nurse took me back to the examination room, where she proceeded to inject me with a fluid to cause a miscarriage. 

The nurse told me to return the next day to have the unborn child removed from my womb. I became ill after the injection, and I did not want to return to the clinic, but I went back to the clinic the next day because I was starting to bleed heavily because of the previous procedure. I don't remember much afterward. 

After my abortion, I went into a deep depression, but no one cared to help me with my problems. During the past ten years, I found healing by confessing my sin of abortion to a Catholic Priest, who absolved me of my sin and helped me forgive myself and others for the abortions I had when I was younger. Now, I have become an advocate for the unborn children aborted because I no longer want to remain silent about the horrible after affects of abortion but to help the mothers who ignore the true facts about abortion.

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