I had no Support from Anyone to Keep the Baby

Hello, I had 2 abortions back in 1978 and 1979 when I was a teenager and both by the same father who is my husband now. The first abortion, I do not remember as much as the second. I do remember telling my best friend at the time and she said right away to get an abortion. 

The second time my boyfriend and I decided to have the baby and get married. when he told his family, his mother and sister decided to have a sit down and basically convinced me into choosing to have an abortion. Also, I had told other friends about being pregnant and everyone I told advised me to have an abortion. 

So, I panicked and gave in to the pressure put upon me. I had no support from anyone to keep the baby. And back then there were no protesters or prayer groups outside the abortion clinic. I remember lying on the table and feeling horrible and knowing that it was wrong and just wanting to get it over with. The attendant stood over me during the procedure dangling her necklace and telling me how shiny and pretty it is while my baby's life was being snuffed out. 

When I was in the recovery room It felt like I was in hell. I could not look at anyone I felt doomed. After that I buried my emotions, and never felt truly happy or joyous, like the bright light inside of me had been replaced with a dark empty space. 
Like, I had sacrificed my baby to please others. Only until 40 years later when I returned to my faith and finally confessed to a priest after hearing about project Rachel at my local parish did I begin my process of healing.

There are many women silently suffering and I want them to heal as I did and unburden themselves and Know that God will forgive them if they just ask Him. And that's why I am so very grateful for pro-life organizations like silent no more!

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