Immediately After the Abortion, I Felt Regret

I was a Sophomore in college and 20 years old when I had an abortion. I was in a committed relationship with a man I didn't even like very much. I had a lack of confidence and never felt that I could live up to my parents' expectations, having a boyfriend, even one I didn't like made me seem "normal", I thought. 
I felt that having a baby with the father would bring my life down, I felt certain that I would never graduate college, and my parents would be hugely embarrassed if one of their daughters got pregnant out of wedlock. 

Immediately after the abortion, I felt regret. I knew I had done a terrible thing. I really struggled with life after that, I failed classes and became withdrawn. It took me 9 years to finally complete my undergraduate degree. I was terribly depressed and lost. 

I have been married twice now and divorced both times. I became promiscuous and I drank way too much. I have had difficulty in jobs and have moved from place to place always trying to fit in and find the right place for me. I have a daughter with my second husband, who is just a wonderful man - but I failed the marriage. My daughter is 26 and I often come close to telling her about my abortion. I have not had the courage to tell her, it is so shameful. 

Forgiven and Set Free helped me to forgive myself and I have confessed to my priest. But there is not a day that I don't think of my child. I have prayed to know about her and it came to me one day in prayer, she is a she, and her name is Abigail. I want to talk about Abigail and I don't want to be silent anymore.   

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