Abortion Devastated the Core of My Being

Aryn Sylvester
Abortion is not the answer to Incest. It pains me every time I hear it said that abortions should be made available for cases of rape and incest. It was all over tv ads this last campaign season. Don’t vote for so and so because they think abortions are okay even in cases of rape and incest. 

How dare political ideologies exploit those in such precarious positions and assume they want abortions. Has anyone ever spoken to adults who were children dealing with incest that have gotten pregnant? 

Well, I can tell you firsthand that the incest I experience profoundly altered my life, but the abortion covered it all up creating lies and secrets that still exist today. Had my child been born the truth would have come to light sooner. But instead, I am seeing the ripple effects of generational incest and pedophilia proliferate secrets and lies and more death to this day.

I am profoundly grateful to organizations like Rachel’s Vineyard and Silent no More which have provided a path of healing and given me a voice. My daughter will never be forgotten. Her death has at least provided me a reason to heal.

I regret my forced abortion at the hands of my abuser. Even in cases of incest, if not more so, abortion devastated the core of my being and was not an answer but a silencing of an even bigger problem.

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