Always Recovering from Sadness, but God Cured my Grief

I had an abortion 50 years ago when it was illegal to have an abortion in May, so my boyfriend flew me to NY. I had this abortion because my boyfriend did not want the baby and said, “we have to do something about it.” I did not have any self-esteem and did what I was told by the only person that I thought would take care of me. I now know that he had only concern for himself and was a selfish man. This is the only and last boyfriend I ever had…I had been so traumatized by this relationship…not to blame him for it all because I am a sinner, and I did not stand up for myself or my baby. He left me soon after.

It has been 50 years and now I have been healed by Jesus.  I did attend “surrendering the Secret Bible study” 3 times and it helped me a great deal to face my abortion and to learn that God loved me, however, I could not forgive myself. Jesus asked me during Mass and also after going to Adoration for unborn babies and their mothers, if I was contrite and then He said, “all I ask is a contrite heart”. 

I want you to know that I am a sinner, but I go to mass daily and Adoration weekly. I am a lay Carmelite and go to confession every 2 weeks. I am the chair of-the Respect for Life Committee, and we are running right now a nine-month Spiritual Adoption to pray for the safety of an unborn baby. We have Adoration for Life in October and Holy Hour for Life in January.

I love the Lord and I am always recovering from sadness, but God cured my grief. God has saved me from the depths of grieve that is endless and gave me new life and new life abundantly. Go to Jesus...He is seeking you and do not waste time because he loves you abundantly.

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