She Never Told me About the Pregnancy

In 1978 my girlfriend got pregnant by me, I was 19 and she was 17. 

We got married in 1980 and after two weeks of being married she was feeling so guilty that she told me that she aborted our baby in 1978.

I was hurt and devastated since I was very pro-life and a lifelong catholic!!

I thought about divorcing her but decided to try to make the marriage work.
We eventually had 2 handsome boys, but the abortion issue always haunted our marriage.

Every time we would argue it stemmed from the abortion.

We eventually divorced after 16 years because of her secret abortion.

I presented my case to the catholic church and our marriage was annulled because of her deception and the fact that she had an abortion as a catholic.

I still go through pain daily but with God's healing power I am doing better.

I just felt that I needed to get this story out to the public and that's why I am silent no more!!!

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