It's not Just a Medical Procedure

        In 2014 I had an abortion and where I got my abortion in Martinez, CA. The nurse showed me my aborted child l it broke me since I was raised in a very Christian home.

My mom even used to tell me not to have an abortion, but I didn’t listen because I was captive in fear. My baby’s father said that if I didn’t have an abortion he would kill me. I am no longer with him. 

However, I really felt like GOD wanted me to keep my baby. My baby would have been a preacher for the Lord. After I had my abortion, I lost my son when we were in a reunification through CPS. I know sin was the reason why I lost my other son, I was in the process of reunification with my son. I feel bad that I took away not only an experience of raising a child but I took away a brother or sister from my children and that’s why I am silent no more! 

I want to share my testimony to help other women to avoid the pain that I have dealt with for many years. It’s not just a medical procedure, but something that can affect your entire life.

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