I Deeply Regret Having These Abortions

I had two abortions. The first one I was in high school in the summer before my senior year. I found out I was pregnant after my boyfriend and I broke up. A friend encouraged me to get an abortion and at that time in my life, I thought my baby was just a bunch of cells and an abortion was a routine way to take care of an unplanned pregnancy. 

The second abortion was a few years later, I was in a more committed relationship than the first. We were both Jewish and we were concerned about having a baby that would be labeled a “bastard”, and again, not realizing how (and the timing) the baby develops in the womb, thought it was just a clump of cells without a soul at the time. 

Now I am a mother of 3 children and through those pregnancies, I am aware of the growth of a baby in the womb and now more familiar with scripture, it says God knit us in the womb. I have become angry, hurt, and full of regret as I have been learning about the abortion industry and the misinformation given to us by religious groups, media, politicians, “healthcare”, etc.. 

I deeply regret having these abortions and would go back in time if I could to change the course?? and that’s why I am SILENT NO MORE!!!

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