Elsa's 2023 March for Life Testimony

Thank you for being here today thank you for fighting for the life of the child and the life of the mother and the father. I always felt that I knew right from wrong and that I always tried to do the right thing but then it happened… I found myself caught in a difficult spot and I thought having an abortion in order to keep my own promise of completing college and the fear of my family being ashamed of me for getting pregnant. 

But the good Lord had better plans and showed me that He loved me and had forgiven me. I realized though, that forgiving myself was the hardest. My ACTS retreat began my healing and I began to let others know how important it is to forgive those who hurt us and for what we did to destroy the lives of our children. Taking a class in 2016 called Surrendering the secret thru our AHGH ministry had brought be even closer to the Lord & given me the strength to share with others. 

I named my baby girl Rachel Grace Rose and she is with me everyday! ??
My journey continues and being involved in my Catholic faith has brought me closer to my Jesus. Being a part of Rachel’s Journey and Healing the Heart post abortion healing ministries is where I feel we can speak to every post abortive mother and father to seek healing, and experience God’s grace in a loving and redeeming way. I am blessed with 4 awesome adult children and 4 beautiful grandsons and I want all of them to live in a culture of life not death. And this is why I AM SILENT NO MORE!!

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