Connie's 2023 March for Life Testimony

My name is Connie from St. Louis, Missouri. I coordinate what is known as Missouri Blacks for Life. Abortion is a racist and evil eugenic plan to wipe out anyone considered undesirable. My unborn child was eliminated and I am here to speak out again abortion.

At age sixteen as a high school student, I got pregnant – by my eighteen-year-old boyfriend.  Trying to keep up a “goody two-shoes” image, I did not want my parents to find out that I was having sex outside of marriage and I decided to have an abortion to hide my behavior.  My boyfriend came up with some of the money for an abortion and then I lied to my best friend for the rest of the money. 

At seventeen years old, I had an abortion in the city of New York, where you did not have to tell your parents and you did not have to have your parents’ permission to kill your unborn child. That abortion also killed who and what I was supposed to me.  It ruined my life. I was never the same again. I walked out to that sidewalk after the abortion a broken, crying, sobbing teenager. I immediately hated my boyfriend and I knew I would never, ever go through another abortion ever again.

At nineteen, I was pregnant again, because I had not heard about abstinence until marriage and I was not a Christian.  But, I did start reading a Bible and that Bible told me in the book of Philippians that God would supply all my needs.  I held onto that Bible scripture.  Nineteen and pregnant, I started going to a church where they taught us that Jesus forgives and heals.  And I accepted Christ as my Savior; He forgave me of all my sins, including the sin of abortion, while I was nineteen and pregnant!

Ladies and Gentlemen, abortion ruined my life, but Jesus forgives and heals.  Abortion may have ruined my life, but God restored my life and I will spend the rest of my life speaking out about how abortion hurts men and women, so that hopefully someone will listen and choose life for their unborn baby and never have to go through the horrible emotional damage of abortion.

Choose life! You will be glad you did!

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