No Abortion is Ever Okay for Anyone at Anytime

I had an Abortion because a family member told me "not to come home " if I became pregnant.  I knew nothing about Abortion.  I remember my boyfriend's dad and boyfriend talking about me getting an Abortion. But I drove myself to the Clinic. I forged a signature. I was just a baby, 15 years old. I took the city bus there and back. At the Abortion clinic I don't remember much except I was supposed to return with that paper signed by a parent. So at least now I know that was being done. I remember the table, stirrups, and the suction sound. I don't think anyone talked to me at all. I was in a foreign country so I knew very little of the language there.

I took the bus home. Mom never asked any questions.  I bled a LOT. I mean a LOT. That was scary. I don't even remember breaking up with the boyfriend, the baby's Father.  I named her Heaven Leigh. But can't remember when.

Much much later, I began drinking and sleeping around.  I even thought Abortion was okay for some people for a while.  I have totally changed on that. No Abortion is ever okay for anyone at anytime.  I regret my Abortion.

I learned about an Abortion counseling class but did not stick with it.

Just a few years ago. I learned about Rachel's Vineyard. It helped me so tremendously!!! God is so good!! My second husband and I went together. Beautiful Retreat. I highly recommend.  This is why I am SILENT NO MORE!! God is so Merciful and loves us so much. I am not my Abortion. I am forgiven and God loves me. He wants to forgive you too.

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